Dax - Who Run It (Gherbo Remix) Lyrics

Ayy I don't give a fuck what nobody says, this my beat
I run it haha, it's Dax, real bars, yeah, no bullshit, you ready?

Nigga on top I can't stop now
Now when I ride, got the top down
Best in the game with a hot sound
Niggas compare me to Pac now
Ride on my wave and you might drown
Swerve in the lane like a cop now
Bitches be wantin' the pipe now
I gotta tell 'em to pipe down
Rapping like me is not likely
God on my side, watch him hype me
You niggas trash, a crisis
Don't want no beef, you scared, so type me
See me in person, won't fight me
Came in the game like some lighting
You niggas rapping 'bout shit
Tricking these kids, man it is frighting
Violent, never be heightening
Look around, all of the violence
Crime in America pilin'
Niggas be going to jail, they can't pay the bail, you niggas be lying
Had to come here and enlighten
Had to come give you the facts, trapping is wack
You might get a stack
Your daughter at home, your mama still crying
Blacks in America dying
Trump in office, he wildin'
Droppin these bars for fun, we going to war
But look at the timing, buying
They put me in chains, confined me
I'm rapping the real but can't get a deal
These niggas is not replying
Why the system be falsifying?
They say that I might be crazy
They say that my shit too real
The reason that they cannot play me
Industry cannot detain me
A cross of Pac and Baby
I've been to hell and back, that's why they say they cannot save me
Ain't poppin' no pills, I stay in the field
These niggas is fakes, they mad that I'm real
I see that you broke, don't know how that feel
You gave up your life by signin' a deal
Might shout out to Kaep for taking a kneel
Might shout out to Jag for rappin the real
My bars is guns, they can't conceal
These niggas dumb
Not a rapper, I be in my own division
Save the world by 2020, nigga I be on a mission
I just started and I'm right exactly where I had envisioned
Niggas blind, that's why I rap, to clear their motherfucking vision
Fucking on the game
Fucking on you bitches who've been fucking for the fame
I've be getting rich and dodging niggas who ain't changed
Tried to tell my shooters, had to read [?] out the chain
With a bitty lil name, lil nigga you ain't gang
You not, circle small, like a dot
Keep it tight 'cause people like to come and try and make you fall
I've seen it all, it's fine
They'll try and stop your shine
They snakes, still smile up in your face but talk that shit behind, behind

I seen it all baby, watch out for these snakes in the grass
They sayin' just enough to your face to keep you happy
That way in case you do make it, they can say they been there
Ayy DJ cut the beat, cut the beat
Hip hop is not dead and never left
It's just a book collectin' dust I found on the shelf
I don't care if you wanna read it or anybody else
'Cause I'll turn myself to Jesus and resurrect it myself

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Dax Who Run It (Gherbo Remix) Comments
  1. 1000 subs no vids

    It’s Dax

  2. 1000 subs no vids

    It’s Dax

  3. 2pac Shakur

    The old dax 🔥

  4. lil kalamaris

    Shit just shit💩

  5. DLB 4


  6. Klll Momo

    April 5th

  7. Daniel Wynn



    Oh yes some new shit this from my nigga

  9. Zachary Aslett

    Most these youngsters don’t even know where this beat came from SMFH! Know your Hip Hop History bc this is a Three 6 Mafia beat and over 20 years old! Three 6 Mafia, UGK, Slim Thug, and some other Texas rappers ran the underground Rap movement when most of the artists out now were either in diapers or in their fathers ballsacks still and they didn’t have YouTube or the internet just Hustled CD’s out on the streets! #Facts

  10. WAY TO Varun's ZonE

    Dessigner alike

  11. Real Jbmnt


  12. Parlae Smith

    'See me in person wont fight me' 🤔🤨🤔 but didnt Tor... nope nevermind

  13. Xzavier Hardin

    1:06 your welcome

  14. Joe Penick

    Dax is fuckin good dont get me wrong but did he really try to take this? Savage killed this shit

  15. MC Smooth Rapper


  16. Ho3z Mad

    You really good and I love your music but I can't compare you to pac

    MC Smooth Rapper

    You can't but I can

  17. Jacob Browy

    Hip hop didn’t die .... Dax just wasn’t born yet .... bars

  18. Damian dillon

    He should be bigger he better than most rappers nowadays

    Mumble Rapper: 1 Million+ views

    Dax and others like him:Under 1 Million views

    Like TF

  19. Sosa Reed

    Oh woke

  20. Malik Jackd

    This nigga suck yall niggas tripping

    MC Smooth Rapper

    You're absolutely lost............I dont know what time say to you because I know that you're gonna realize dax is a legend one day and its gonna hit you in the face like a bag of bricks

    Malik Jackd

    @MC Smooth Rapper i promise u it wont bruh sum ass my guy

    MC Smooth Rapper

    @Malik Jackd believe what you wish but you still a bitch ;(


    Bro you listen to 69 and you think we're tripping

  21. Danielle Clements

    Man the bars the lyrics took me on a ride it's good to bear a flow while ur driving clear urmind to

  22. David Jones

    That part about u being the greatest rapper alive I mean your good but Eminem is the goat always will be

  23. Elexus Brown

    I 100% agree. Theu have fricken 69 over here not making any sense but getting a ton of likes and record deals, and then people like Dax (who is rapping about real life stuff) not able to get a record deal. Its like they have us hidden under this sheet and wanna keep the real ones a secret. For ex. NF is real, Bizzle is real, and this guy right here is real. (Dax) Society can go fuck itself.

  24. Mason F

    This is like my favorite who run it remix

  25. @Savage

    (three six mafia remix)

  26. scoochie goon

    Isnt this a 3 six mafia remix?? Not g herbo???

  27. Victoria Appiagei

    good Cool Awesome hip-hop music

  28. Jennifer Flores

    Yourworthit.org 💕💕

  29. Shayla Wallace

    my mom said sit down

  30. bilal bentayeb

    Fire began from 2:17

  31. Cet

    beat cant wait so run it! bich :p

  32. unanimous tell the truth

    anonymous you 2pac ;)

  33. unanimous tell the truth


  34. Jtnewera 216

    This man is honestly inspiring 💯💯💯

  35. Sha'ul Maloney

    Fuck i needed a real remix... I got it

  36. Pablothegod27 Huhb

    Compared him to pac he trash no one is better than pac

  37. Your local Crusader


  38. Shivacadu


  39. angel ortiz

    Nigga looks like Designer 😂

  40. Sean Post

    The last part was cool but the rest is boo boo

  41. Nick Fedorff

    This dude is literally like 2Pac that's what he be compared to 2Pac a lot I guess

  42. Palace

    damn!!!! are those Birkenstocks?

  43. haiLAME Feletoa

    do a remix to any of sob x rbe songs

  44. Down League

    I like your rap....bro...lmao respect bro 300

  45. Dax

    My name is dax too!

  46. Brobel

    Who comparing u to pac dafuq

  47. Brandon Lee

    So when we getting a Joyner and Dax song

  48. big b

    the american desiigner

  49. Maj Baller

    Dax is the best rapper out right now

  50. 190 190

    Best rapper alive

  51. Maliko BSM BlackSheepMusik

    Maliko Who Run It Remix check me out yall

  52. Drew Norton

    This intro reminds me of Joyner lucas "i don't die" intro

  53. Maha N Fly TV

    Dax you run it in jail and I run it in club 🕺🏾🕺🏾

  54. frick

    This fire but it’s meaningful

  55. Valentin Bibbs

    Yoooooo 💪🏽

  56. Nick Diaz


  57. Martha Jane

    && still ??? Or nah? :)

  58. Lamontt’s Channel

    👏🏾 Let’s get it dax I was waiting for this Cole Bennett next?? Like if u have the same question

  59. devinheaven 7

    Looks like Desiigner with dreads


    You rap a lot like 2pac

  61. Ligitamate Gamer

    DAX runs this shit for the next few minutes of our lives💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  62. Rap4you


  63. Cory Ault

    Damn he go hard

  64. john reid

    he destroyed everyone la chat i love u baby 3 6 mafia but this boys bars take it

  65. Tabz

    This dude is ass it shows clearly

  66. Slow-ALIENS-AGAR Aliens-Agar

    dis nigga cringe asf

  67. TRYHKS

    Sry no hate but he singin rnb

  68. P Wee

    My.Nigga gettin it done...

  69. DannyDollaBaby

    He as a person is lame asl and he sound ok.. but lol..... ok 🤷🏻‍♂️

  70. H4XK3R

    purdy didi it better

  71. Lars Dijkstra

    Do people really compare him to Tupac?
    Just an honest question because I don't know, I never heard anybody compare him to Tupac besides Dax himself.

  72. HardWork Tnt


  73. Kcamp Sushi

    No one is fucking wit Dax

  74. Ywn Jacob

    this dude ass

  75. Tony Stock

    He's too corny and cocky he's not even that good lmfao

  76. Chris

    Dax making moves boiii🔥👌

  77. Daxton Keister

    Yooooo straight up Dax is my name it's crazy cause it's a rare name

  78. Aztec

    Why first I thought Dax = Famous Dex XDDDDD

  79. Fresh_Rota 1

    This aint even at 1mil yet this shit ass

  80. Playboi Production

    1:17-1:24 so funny

  81. Brandon Shellenberger

    This is Trash wtf

  82. Jaime

    Finally the boy Dax on WSHH coming up

  83. Lil Rubber

    I like slim Jesus better 😂

    U don't get it

  84. TNL Capo Lean

    He looks like LTG

  85. wok tok bok


  86. Solo Raf


  87. Michael Dawson

    Idk Joyner on top for realist rappers rn.

  88. Black Star

    Dis is so dope

  89. dens bernard

    no more remixes pls this beat gettin passed around more than blac chyna

  90. Antnoes


  91. Mateo Alar

    1400 Yea ,800 Yea
    1400 Yea ,800 Yea

  92. Ben-rlnd / Kaudex

    0:25 uhhm what ? ahahahha

  93. Frobie ENT

    this man look like desiigner 😂

  94. mama charles

    g herbo run it not you........