Dawn Golden - Still Life Lyrics

I held you in my arms just yesterday.
When you lie you always touch your hair
When you tell me that he wasn't there.
You called me when you woke up
And you stayed calm because I choked up
And maybe we're both fucked
Or maybe I'm just bad luck.

So I'll make up my bed
Try to get high
Try to forget what you said

Then I'll call you again.

Because I can't sleep.

I don't feel like I used to
And you don't look like you want to
And your skin crawls and my jaw clicks
It's not bad if you're used to it
Not broke if it can't be fixed
Not real if you question it
Not clean if we're still a mess
And we're still a mess.

You get sick so you quit school
And we're dead broke but it fits you
And it's not like it won't get you too.
I was just like you.

So I make up my bed
Try to get clean
Try to forget you instead

Then I call you again.

Because I can't sleep.

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Dawn Golden Still Life Comments
  1. Olivia Churchill

    This song made me realize I'm going to be alone forever

  2. J Bentham

    Back when shameless was an amazing show. First 6 seasons are amazing, they had to ruin it

  3. KG Vibes

    This has been my favorite song for the longest time. When it came on shameless my heart broke I was so happy

  4. Ke Xu

    Wonderful song. But I still can't find out what a 'Resonant Screen' really is as the lyrics says, does anyone know?

  5. Saad Ahsan

    Fiona a thot

  6. Jonny Marshall

    DOMINION brought me here.

  7. Mazola Palestine

    who came from shameless

  8. x_danig_x

    I’ve got soooo many songs from shameless wow

  9. DavidB2001

    Dominion 🌱💚

  10. Melanie M

    Watch Dominion

  11. Jesse Emily

    Here after watching dominion a few days ago, what an amazing song 💕

  12. N.S.T.

    Shoutouts for the people who were here before shameless! Fell in love with dawn golden about a year after the blow ep.

  13. spinsilo

    DOMINION brought me here.

  14. Higor Henrique

    Documentário Domuniom

  15. Zeon Galaxy

    Dominion <3.... for the animals. For the victims.

  16. Lado Pilzn

    Song still gives me goosebumps.. favorite scene from shameless ❤️

  17. chubby girl

    Dawn Golden = Houses

    Mind blown

  18. The Devil Himself

    Came from Dominion losers.

  19. Abigail Stafford

    definitly fucking to this

  20. Xelav

    DOMINION (2018)

  21. Daniel Rodrigues

    Pleasure to met you Suu :)

  22. Jessica Foong

    Dominion documentary brought me here

  23. vischeous

    Dominion brought me here.
    i was holding my tears in all time while watching the mov, but final got me

  24. Brawl Biscuits

    #DOMINION(2018), reason i'm here i guess.

  25. Catch me if you can


  26. Ba Swa

    This song is beautiful

  27. TheBlackjack182

    Shameless? Fuck no, DOMINION brought me here. Haven't watched it yet? Go take a look.

  28. theira

    I'm here because of Dominion..that movie left me speechless

  29. Mo Flow

    Slimey holeeee

  30. llamainvasion

    Dominion ❤️

  31. Janet Chanh

    Makes me think of how fucked up my head is from the person that was suppose to love me. But broke my heart.

  32. Complete NOMADness

    The terrible things I did to this song last night brought me here...wanting to relive every moment❤ hopefully will tonight.

  33. Chanoey333

    I'm here from the DOMINION documentary. A must-see - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jWe6Tx89GU&t=3293s

  34. тσвι lσυ fαngιrl


  35. zackattackly -_-

    Found this song because i like the band not some stupid ass show

  36. D .D

    About 30K of those views is me having this ish on repeat

  37. Brandon Morgan


  38. Tolga

    #Dominion <3

  39. Coleyobooster WFJC

    This is a work of art

  40. Spencer Olsen

    Heard this on Shameless. Love it!

  41. Noel Bell

    I've never seen Shameless, and I'm sure it's a great show, but I think you guys should show some appreciation to the artist of this song. Shameless found the song and used it, sure, but Dawn Golden is the brilliant artist who created it. :)

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  43. Te Long

    a lost soul is calling out from pain to get from the living a strong force of visage of voice and visual apparition of a departed soul to one those who feel and listen

  44. Siddharth Shahi

    Guys, check my Spotify playlist out. Got similar songs with chill/dark/low vibes! Updating it regularly.

  45. Mr. ShaClaK cLaK

    Shameless didn't bring me here!!!!! Thanks Pandora!!!!!

  46. Alysea Sperber

    Here. Let’s not talk about tv and talk about how amazing this song is.

  47. shiki olokaus

    finally found it! i love this, so much feelings

  48. Kristin Garcia

    Perfect song for a gloomy, rainy day

  49. Dominique Clark

    can't get enough of this shit!!!! god damnit SHAMELESS!!

  50. Alphord Woodworking

    I'm in love with fiona

  51. Alysea Sperber

    Am I the only one that’s not here from a show, and just got blessed to find this song?

  52. Ethan Webster

    greatest song ever made

  53. cris sanchez

    taking a shit listening to this song epic

  54. Moneybagg

    This is one of the songs that make you look in to the void and think about life.

  55. Sharon Grene

    This song brought me to Shameless! <3

  56. Kung-Fu KENNY

    If you like this song you should listen to the whole album Still Life it's incredible

  57. talha sunny

    shameless brought me here

  58. Allie Smith

    Sam edit... don’t judge me

  59. BurningStoners

    Why does this shit fuck me up so much..

  60. Jarek Bolanos

    Loovvveee shameless but I actually heard this song for the first time from The Magicians!! Amazing show👌🏼😩

  61. HmongHeroo

    Ah, coming back to this is always refreshing ( one of the all time favorites). So glad I investigated the other tracks after listening and finding "Brief Encounter" on Spotify discover

  62. Matrix Dropout

    You need to let people HEAR your tuned before they're gonna buy it. 😞

  63. Gizem Monaghan

    Shameless :')

  64. BIG NUT

    gallavich forever.

  65. J Hope

    I'm addicted I've watched all 7 seasons 5 times and I'm 13

  66. Dominique Clark


  67. Samantha S

    In what scene was that on shameless? what was happening?

    Amine Ferhat

    Season 5 ep 6

  68. Coleyobooster WFJC

    I've been a Dawn Golden fan for years and have no idea what shameless is.

  69. umjackiie

    ugh i miss gallavich

  70. Jen Reilly

    They are soul mates they are shameless

  71. Jen Reilly

    gallevich true love forever

  72. Jul Jul

    you did okay mickey

  73. Faisal Zbida Pol

    Someone can tell me the chapter and season of this song on shameless? Thanks!


    Faisal Zbida Pol season 5 I think, I forgot what episode. I think towards the end of the season

    nilay erdir

    S05 E06 51:00

  74. george sanchez

    Fiona is such a whore..

  75. April S

    Perfect. Weird. Sad. Lonely. Lost. Happy. Song gives me so many emotions. Perfect fit for the selected scene in Shameless.

  76. george sanchez

    Stop scrolling before you read spoilers..

  77. MissMjWilson

    This song is beautiful. ..

  78. Eleanor Davidson


  79. Emily Noir

    you woke up ready to fight me. you can throw as many punches as you want, but I won't play. you can push me away but we both know the connection won't let us go. swallow me whole.

  80. Austin Armstrong

    I love all the shameless songs

  81. Fl34z Mckenzie


  82. Trinity Brown

    This makes me think of my friend so much.

  83. Aaron Matarazzo

    That weird moment when you wish this song should be more known but also not because you don't want it to become mainstream...

  84. boosted3v S197

    Who's here because of shameless? That whole series really hits home. It gives me comfort in a weird way knowing that I'm not the only fucked up individual. Maybe a normal life isn't meant for everyone.

  85. Everette Cosen

    I never heard of shameless until I heard this song. so amazing

  86. verito831l

    I heard Discoloration in one of the Shameless episodes and WOW, I am totally obsessed!

  87. Catina Cruz

    Shameless!!! Such a sad song.

  88. Alli Kay

    Shameless brought me here. What a beautiful song. I love it.

  89. Linnear Shaheed

    shameless brought me here

  90. elizabeth

    i thought this was troye omg

  91. Chosen Levi



    Who else is listening to this in 2035?

  93. Reni Pavlova

    Here because Shameless hehe. Great show with great soundtracks.

    Darren Hippner

    Dexter Toreillo = class 1 a of flickering hall

  94. Yelram Starchild


  95. Jai Noodles

    Shameless sent me here

  96. Orhan Tuna

    Shameless... ❤