Dawes - Side Effects Lyrics

If there was no word for love now
We'd see how strong it really is
We could find out what it looks like
Or if it ever did exist

'Cause every time you said you loved me
Seems like the point escaped us both
And the current interrupted
The moment that you spoke

Now there's a loophole in the theory
That I cannot figure out
'Cause if love was what they said it would be
Then you'd be here with me now

It's a loneliness perfected
It's how to laugh when you should cry
The side effects of broken promise
Becomes a way of getting by

So the next time that you see me
And our exchange feels somehow cheap
Know that I feel every word you're saying
But from just a few steps out of reach

Where the view is a little hazy
And the noise a little loud
'Cause if love was what they said it would be
Well then you'd be here with me now

If love was what they said it would be
Then you'd be here with me now

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Dawes Side Effects Comments
  1. Philip Vels

    Why does every Dawes song sound so good?

  2. Depressed Kitten

    I had no idea I was walking into an outro jam version. It took my breath away! 💚


    Any time I can see/hear them play ANYTHING live, I'm going to watch it (probably a lot more than once). I saw them when they came to Tallahassee and would love it if they ever came back.

  4. earthbyapril915

    The major problem with this video is that every time I try to listen to it while I do some other work, I never get to the other work. It's completely impossible to tear my eyes away from it. Though I've been to many a Dawes show, I've only heard this live once. This recording with the close-ups of the keyboard work is a special treasure now that Tay has moved on.


    I never heard why he left. What's the story there?

  5. Julian Stevens

    Great band, great songs and lyrics, cant stop playing them since i saw them in Birmingham U.K December 7th  2012 

  6. earthbyapril915

    Thank you, FUV for recording this and getting it out here for fans. I've returned here over and over to watch. What an awesome song! The way Tay is drawing his breath in at the end is very telling; they give 100% to every performance. 

  7. Luciano Grego

    Fantastica canzone ..... per sognare!!!

  8. Jan Brown

    I LOVE THIS BAND. I DON'T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO SAY. Their songs play in my head over and over. :)

  9. jessica rae

    wait I mean...........these dudes.

    great song though.

  10. jessica rae

    this is a great song if you don't look at this dude face....

  11. A C

    I agree 110%. There really is something about him, has been since the days of Simon Dawes. He's got something special, for certain.

  12. Chris Matthews

    you could film taylor with no sound and recreate his solo just from watching his face and movement. MUUUUUUUUUSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!

  13. Connor Gooding

    Taylor Goldsmith is unreal. Griffin, Wylie, and Tay are seriously talented players, but there is something supernatural about Taylor as a frontman and guitar player. He's a huge inspiration to my music right now.

  14. mtw1936

    This song is one if my favorites. It showcases the growing complexity of their songwriting, exhibits variety, good use of dynamic soft playing, and the parts of the different instruments are beautifully layered. Beatles-esque!!!

  15. Taylor Cummings


  16. Alex O'Brien

    weak amplification sound from stage

  17. marcustongue123

    As much as i love this band and the new album, i think this is the most weakest track on the album. It just don't have that something about that all the songs that come before it like most people, from a window seat, bear witness and even the slower songs like just my luck and something in common. I'm a massive fan of it all except this one. Going from From A Right Angle to the Reprise would of been so much better i think.

  18. Cody F


  19. earthbyapril915

    Despite imperfect audio, the instrumental complexity and beauty of what's going on toward the end of this song makes me want to cry. This band is incredible.

  20. slinger777

    these guys are great they opened for Bob Dylan the other night completely awesome however they had a much much better version of this song when I seen them at University of Buffalo 4/5/13

  21. Brendan Finn

    sxsw levels are pretty terrible

  22. Jacobus Joe James

    This is SOOOOOO awesome! Come on April 9!! Epic!

  23. Zion Rodman

    What do you mean?

  24. Jemappellemathieu

    i like them a lot, the song seemed to be good, but seriously wtf is wrong with this performance ? (especially the beginning)