Dawes - Roll With The Punches Lyrics

The separation was symmetrical
They both retreated to their sides
Drawing lists of demands
And muddy lines in the sand
Trying out their separate lives

Most of the damage was collateral
But still inspired some debate
All the principles of why all the people we love
Are the same as we also can hate

You just roll with the punches
Until you can't feel a thing
You just roll with the punches
Aww yeah

The separation was logistical
Deciding what belongs to whom
How dying love manifests
In a rug or a chest
The decorations of a room

Every promise was negotiable
Most of all the ones they made alone
When she finally forgave
What he'll take to his grave
Learning not to pick up the phone

You just roll with the punches
Until you can't feel a thing
You just roll with the punches
Aww yeah

He starts existing as a miracle
A man of static right behind your eyes
That you filter everything through
Without knowing you do
A past and future synthesized

You just roll with the punches
Until you can't feel a thing
You just roll with the punches
Aww yeah

You just roll with the punches
Until you can't feel a thing
You just roll with the punches
Aww yeah

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Dawes Roll With The Punches Comments
  1. R&P Gaming

    my math teacher introduced me to this song.

  2. GAMY

    Tom petty and the heartbreakers?

  3. Gilson Viana

    A Lyft driver introduced me to this song... felt in love!

    Andrew Schickler

    with the lift driver?

  4. B D

    returning to this song. Its still hitting me so hard! such a great song. great songwriting.

  5. Daniel Goodwin

    My marriage is in fucking turmoil and this song helps me cry.

  6. toasty

    I legit had to look up who Mandy Moore was

  7. Amber Spirit

    Oh Mandy

  8. Tommy Robert

    What a great song

  9. Ben Cavara

    Not a bad song. Not sure if these guys know this, but this is what John Denver did when he was angry and getting a divorce. He actually took a chainsaw and cut their bed in half.

  10. Ivan Kolić

    Rick Beato brought me here.

  11. sweagboi

    honestly like the beard and shorter hair better
    also you guys killed when you opened for ELO

  12. Mike O'Rourke

    whats with the old man chugging water in the kitchen??

  13. Mike O'Rourke


  14. Jamie Jobb

    Very very fine photo composition ... breaking down the duality of the song into shots.
    The band knows who framed this video so exquisitely. Photo credit? Editor?
    Or did Daniel Henry and Molly Ortiz do it all?

  15. oreallly

    fucking perfect song

  16. freak49

    Love that grindin' B3!!

  17. Drew Tube Family Fun

    Two of my favorite people

  18. BACON 1378

    Who else is here because of Dawes?

    Flying Carpets

    Me. I don't care about Mandy Moore personal life but I enjoy her taste in songwriters

  19. Brando The God

    this song needs way more views than it has👌 shits fire

  20. morgan evans

    u guys still write great stuff

  21. Patreeya

    Love Mandy. Love the song

  22. Jonzer Style

    Heard this song on Pandora over 6 months ago and I like it! Thumbs up. It resonates for me. Good job Dawes! I keep coming back to listen... Rolling with those punches...

  23. ralph p

    I love Mandy. Not her candy pop years but Coverage, Wild, and Amanda Leigh were really great. Now, ‘cause of her I get to know this band and they’re really great!!!

  24. Dominic's Channel

    Oh Long Johnson's Outro 🤔🤔🤔. Clash Royale

  25. becky irons

    get out while you stll can!!!!

  26. Levi Hopkins

    This song hit me really hard.

  27. FutPosesHD FPHD

    hey my last name is dawes ahah

  28. Anthony Knapp

    Brought here because Mr.Fruit dang this in a video. Pretty good

  29. Bill Fife

    3:15 is sickening! Does anyone really do this? What relationship is worth that? SMH.
    Good song anyway. Watched you guys on Front And Center great to hear some good new music!

  30. Nick Koinis Music

    I got to see these guys in Jackson earlier this year. It was definitely worth it!

  31. Aniruddh Ingle

    Nooooo Rebecca!!!! what r u doin !!!! Jack is a good guy.... Fucking Miguel

  32. Peter Hewel

    No actual guitars were harmed in the making of this video.

  33. MariVic P.Yin

    this has been on repeat all week 😍

  34. Shane Spencer

    3:28 - Mandy Moore sitting on a toilet doing her "number two"? I would love to see her hold a box of Tampax tampons! BTW, she's a huge Philadelphia sports fan!

  35. pasodiufwen

    Really outstanding…..thank you.

  36. Jenna Corley

    Guitar beginning on 2:56 is gold.

  37. Paul Meinart

    I like how their being civil and the worker bees are just business.

  38. Henrique

    kd os br:v

  39. Disney65Fan

    Never heard of this band till Mandy Moore is marrying the lead singer.....oh and she makes a cameo in this video

  40. DRock 95SE

    WTF is this???

  41. Depressed Kitten

    This song is amazing, this video is heart-breaking, Dawes is the best band ever. 💚

  42. Typersx1

    You guys suck

  43. 72earthwood

    I just roll with the punches, until i see them live again.

  44. Vcent B59


  45. BeezoHow

    Song about divorce or similar breakups.
    Pretty accurate.

  46. john white

    The words and the music are riveting; the message is very real. I love it.

    john white

    I'm also one of the contractors. In the blue helmet...

  47. Ryan Anderson

    This song is amazing!

  48. Cams Fan

    Anyone here because of ohlongjohnson


    Cams Fan it's not this I tell u it's lenka

  49. President NoobStar



    carlos munoz it's not even this music it's lenka's

  50. Griffin Goldsmith

    My name is Griffin Goldsmith as well

  51. Aaron4Prez720

    Probably one of my favorite songs from the new album

  52. Eduardo Borges

    Brazil here

  53. Zooty

    i heard this on the radio on the way to physical therapy and have been obsessed since! Love the band!

  54. Noble Ekedede

    That's just the way it is
    Things will never be the same
    That's just the way it is
    Oh yea

    Still love the song though.

  55. SundayNewAnthem

    does Dawes remind you of Harry Chapin?

  56. Johnny Nowhere

    This tune is extremely well crafted. Kudos.

  57. vsq4



    i came here for oh long jhonson but i didn't find his outdo


    ShadowDude TDG the song is of lenka frost


    Just lenka i thinked ir was lenka frost

  58. Vitalija Budėnaitė

    I've just discovered this video! The song is one of my favourites quite for a while.The day of release - you've got the sense of humor :)

  59. J Pope

    Someone went to Myrtle Beach!!

    Depressed Kitten

    NEVER Underestimate the Power of a WOMAN

  60. Joe Bubz Musick Boston

    .... but I love this song. its great

  61. Joe Bubz Musick Boston

    Mandy OHHHHHHHHHH Mandy !!!
    ! in the style of (Spandex OHHHH Spandex!)

    Sophocles S


  62. Adam Tyree

    But staying on topic, this video is wonderful.

  63. Adam Tyree

    Alright guys. You gotta let me do the official video for "We're All Gonna Die."

  64. Jared Reyes

    Who else came from ohlongjohnson?


    Turtlebtd Rotmg it's not even this lol it's from lenka-roll with the punches

  65. Georgie Thumbs

    Give me a break with this shit, why the fuck would you write and record such boring crap?? Fucking assholes. Another lame ass band to dump on the ash heap.

  66. Tamro Kankava

    A good song ! but all the time, sitting and thinking whether they really destroyed all the things and how expensive they were and that were all the rest go to !!! .( eh

  67. Kim Stafford Lester

    This is real....Good I like.

  68. FlahChemie

    Came here because of Mandy but now I'm hooked. Great band!!

  69. Disney65Fan

    0:45 MANDY MOORE!?!?!?

    I never heard of this band only I know that Moore is dating the lead singer.

    Starla Millner

    That can not be your only post! If you don't Know the band or any of their songs- what r u posting for?

  70. Alvaro Egas

    wow released on Valentines, what a low punch to Ryan.

  71. cathicksartist

    Mandy Moore has overshadowed this band.

    Liz Sweetbrook

    cathicksartist how so?

  72. Drewb311

    what a shitty way to make a jab at Ryan Adams on the week his album comes out. low blow. not cool

    Jeremy Harvey

    Please read into things before making wild assumptions like this. The director had the idea after he had read of a German lad who quite literally cut everything in half after divorcing his wife whom he was married to for 12 years. He thought it was an interesting music video idea and he brought it to Dawes. Has nothing to do with Ryan or Mandy.

  73. Bo Andersen

    Love Dawes. Tx guys

  74. enJAE Borja

    ouch.. it hurts! :'( Oh mandy..

  75. Francisco Garcia Gutierrez

    im only here because of Mandy Moore, nice to see her again in a music video <3

  76. TheLop17

    Nice work, fellas. Enjoyed the tiny Tahoe show and will see you at the Fillmore.

  77. Bayu Aprilian

    I was here for Mandy, but now I fall in love with this song.

    Francisco Garcia Gutierrez

    same, lowkey stanning the song, i still need a new MM album

    Austyn Doty

    Keep listening to them. You'll love it

    Liz Sweetbrook

    I think we all came for Mandy.

    Sinned Pereyra

    L O L!!! same here bro!

  78. Aiur

    Dawes the God

  79. Robert Ledet

    great video, one of my favorites on the new album too!

  80. David Edwards-Werhan

    Ironic....just listened to Ryan Adams new album (out today on NPR first listen) which seems to be all about his divorce with Mandy and then this video with Mandy pretty much acting it out comes out today too. Anyway, great song!

    Ben Aaron

    David Edwards-Werhan - interesting!

  81. MonKyXz 96

    wooow beautiful

  82. Matt Torres

    Love it! We're All Gonna Live and a music video all on Valentine's Day!

  83. bill mullarky

    cool dawes