Dawes - Right On Time Lyrics

Ohh ohh ohhh
Ohh ohh ohhh
Ohh ohh ohhh

If these walls could talk
I'd defer to the furniture
The piano, the table, the bed that we both sleep in
These constant, silent messengers

'Cause there's a story that's recorded in each fingerprint
That these disregarded artifacts collect
And if we boil down these documented memories
I have a feeling you should know what to expect

You were right on time
And out of nowhere
Right on time

Ohh ohh ohhh
And if they don't talk
I'll investigate a formula
Figures, equations, the details of our union
The edges of the nebula

At the end of such a long and worthy sacrifice
All that's left is to submit my full report
I'll have turned all of my hunches into certainties
And I will confirm what I already knew before

That you were right on time
And out of nowhere
Right on time

Ohh ohh ohhh

And as I stumble through the streets back from the alleyways
And everyone can see I'm bleeding through my shirt
And after describing all the shooter's details carefully,
And I start to realize just how badly I've been hurt

You were right on time
And out of nowhere
You were right on time

Right on time
And out of nowhere
Right on time

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Dawes Right On Time Comments
  1. mark mclendon

    more cowbell

  2. Big River

    It's like, Let's dance, after all this hard work. Nice

  3. CraggyIsland87

    Is that Don Henley's grandson on the kit?

    Sam Theis

    He's actually the singer's brother lol.

  4. Drew Senko

    I heard this song 7 days ago, and it has been HAUNTING me ever since. Spent the last week learning to sing and play it, and finally put the parts all together last night. I was so excited I played it like 7 times through along with the album recording. I love this song. I want to make music like this.

  5. Chad Martfeld

    i wish the editors could play music then it wouldnt focus on the wrong parts

  6. James Madison

    Looking at the Calendar for music in Seattle for an upcoming trip. So who's playing at the Showbox? Penn Cove Park and Santa Fe will see the show. Thanks.

  7. Oscar Velasco

    Agradezco a la vida por esencias de este tipo .... Love you Dawes

  8. Peanut Turner

    So record-perfect. They must practise a LOT. I just love hearing bands that can *really* play!!

  9. Ellen Miller

    Was so fortunate to see them live in Flagstaff, AZ at the Orpheum Theatre.  Love this band

  10. Alex Michaud

    Great song. I feel a Kansas vibe.

  11. Katherine Breckenridge

    Simply, love.

  12. Charlie5thumbs

    Song writing genius!

  13. MrCloudseeker

    Just heard, learned and played this tune last night with my band. Simple groove with great changes :)

    Drew Senko

    I heard this song 7 days ago. It's been in my head ever since--it's HAUNTING ME--so I've spent the last week learning to play and sing it on my own. So damn good.

  14. MrPeeBeeDeeBee

    I am so glad you guys are around... Run with the baton! Music is in good hands.

  15. eyesofcloud

    This is how rock & roll is supposed to sound. These guys are gems; you don't just find music like this anywhere.


    eyesofclou Wrong.

    I like Dawes, with that being said, this is easy listening. Nothing wrong with that. Intellectual " rock ", like Toad the Wet Sprocket. To say this is rock and roll is like saying Van Halen is death metal.

    Again, I like Dawes.

    Imagine going to a concert, and 15 tunes with this vibe , played back to back. Just imagine.

    Merv mango- The grape tornado

    littletone .

    Dawes shows are some of the best I’ve ever been to. They bang

    Drew Senko

    @littletone Can you recommend more music similar to this song? I feel like this song is a little out of the norm for Dawes, but I want to listen to more music that sounds like this.

  16. J Barksdale

    These dudes are so damn good its unreal, makes the shit the radio deems good glaringly clear that the radio and market prefer shit.


    +J Barksdale I love it when someone[you] can condense my thoughts into one,succinct sentence! Thank you Barksdale. Jack


    +J Barksdale I love it when someone[you] can condense my thoughts into one,succinct sentence! Thank you Barksdale. Jack


    +J Barksdale So true. Thank God for the internet!

  17. David Hughes

    Just heard this song for the first time today (9/27/15).  Well written and performed rock. As a veteran rock bassist dating back to the early 70s I switch from radio station to radio station as quickly as my fingerswill permit while I'm driving, seeking something that will hold my interest. I heard this song from the very beginning on WTMD (Towson, MD) and I gave my fingers a three-minute rest. Nicely done, Dawes. Catchy tune, excellent vocals, instruments played with restraint and style.

  18. dewetowie

    Dem boys are Dawesome!

  19. William Kelley

    Heard this group on the radio while coming back from a Navy football game today. Venue was live at Mountain Stage in WV. Nice harmonies on the songs they did First I'd heard of them.

  20. ish233

    Good song, but I'm just a bit petty on how more of the instruments can be used. They worked well to create an almost decaying delay after the lead guitar had some rest, but very slightly noticeable to the ear because the singled out artist's volume was so high. That's fine, but I guess this created that sound to have a big sound, and what I said previously...although I didn't listen to it on my head phones, just cell phone, maybe the headphones will pick up the other frequencies better. I'll I'm sayin' is if I see a two keys set up with pedals, I want to hear that too! As well what the other two strings are doing, but I did hear some of that. I guess that's what the job of backing is all about, but I personally feel it loses effective character to the listener. All in all good song, reminiscent of the 70's times music with the Neil Young style country feel. 

    Barak Hill

    @ish233 You're really going to comment on and critique sound being set up and run by professional musicians and engineers after just listening through your cell phone speaker? Come on, man. That's lazy and a little insulting.


    @Barak Hill I think you forgot to read the whole conversation I had with the other person.


    @Barak Hill On top of that, I was criticizing the usage of instruments in a manner that all instruments cannot be heard, which was countered by someone and said that it was used to effect a bigger sound. I know this, but sometimes it seems silly or it's just as pet peeve of mine that if a band has many instruments and some can't be heard. It might as well be air playing.


    @ish233 its not going to turn out well, when you comment on audio quality from cellphone speakers. Those things are nooot dynamic


    @Think890 I know, it's usually my laziness that I don't listen to it on speakers. I will say the quality of sound and even smaller scale output of cell phones have a colored equalization to boost up the sound; some more than others. The sound is pretty detectable but still loses the bass dramatically.  if I use a cell phone it's usually when I'm lying around like a fat cat and not wanting to turn on my computer. The laziness of WIFI huh ? I'm getting better.

  21. Aviv Schor