Dawes - Just Beneath The Surface (Reprise) Lyrics

And when the singing is through
There's not much else I can do for you
Which might be more than what you'd want
But less than you'd expect

From a coded dream
From a final scene
Where all the heroes and villains intersect
And that lost feeling through the credits feels correct

Just beneath the surface, there's another one of her
The one I'm taking with me, the one that I prefer
After all her reasons, but right before she left
Just beneath the surface is where she will stay kept

Just beneath the surface
Just beneath the surface

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Dawes Just Beneath The Surface (Reprise) Comments
  1. Allan Jason Mburu


  2. Michelle Maier

    Thank you Seth. I wouldn’t have found this song by myself

  3. Bruno Braga

    I saw steve naked on the river today and came for the song

  4. Dave Smith

    After 30 years, that's right where you're kept my dear Becky.

  5. Sinister and Smug

    "Where were you?

  6. steve donahue

    that vocal harmony at the end is beautiful......i mean, American dad!

  7. Michelle Maier

    Makes me think of Toshi screaming a cliff apart. He had a lot to get off his chest.

  8. grandpa from the future

    Thank you american dad

  9. the2ohh6

    New meaning in the passing of my closest friend, idk how it just seems perfect

  10. Miss Winter

    My brother played this song for me, but I heard it on American Dad, too. Lol

  11. That Dude Tyrell

    hope you guys find more inspiration to keep making this amazing music

  12. That Dude Tyrell

    American Dad

  13. Toni Reese

    They really need to thank American Dad. Great Promotion

  14. butchbrittany

    That was a pretty good episode of American Dad. Definitely one of my favorites.

  15. goji

    What music genre is this?

    Branden Nunez

    According to wikipedia, it's indie folk, folk-rock, and indie rock. I also don't doubt it because this song was played in "American Dad!" The episode was called "Independent Movie." hint hint lol. In the episode, they also referenced a quote from the indie film "The Perks of Being a Wallflower."

  16. Ach Kind

    I cut the intro out and just left the part starting at 1:24 to listen to it for hours and hours to come

  17. night fiera

    American dad anyone?

  18. jamar Fitch

    American dad brought me here

  19. Brendan

    My favorite American dad episode

  20. Lupina Ligma17

    American dad brought me here

  21. tairy hestical

    i remember listening to this song at my old house. it's like listening to owl city., so nostalgic.

  22. Penny Dollenganger

    I cant not think of American Dad when I hear this song, what a good episode, along with great song choices. :')

  23. Vic SRT10

    American Dad was the reason I found out about this awesome song too!
    It's amazing how a tv cartoon show has the power to not only bring people together but also share good music !

  24. carson george

    Like if you come here from American dad

  25. Vic Lexandra

    American dad

  26. pining4apple

    I too am here because of American Dad

  27. Cherry Fizz


  28. Mark M

    The harmonies are transcendent... I need to find more like this! Any suggestions of lesser known stuff like this?

  29. Vogel Bert

    laying on the couch, watching american dad, heard this, instantly turned on computer looking for the song:D

  30. Alexander Heinonen

    Every comment is about American Dad haha!

  31. Átila Mendes

    My right hand brought me here

  32. Fish - Y

    being one of the most emotional 12 year olds ive ever met.... im nostalgic over anything that that anything better than would life has offer rite now..... :) sitting down watching american dad. no worrys. chillen.

    Cherry Fizz

    kreepE kroZER0 your 12 seriously where have you been I'm ten and I have a mental age of 21

  33. Sheldon Benjamin

    no disrespect to Dawes - but Seth McFarlane is a genius!

  34. Aaron Blews

    "We are born into this galaxy alone and we die alone"- snot


    Aaron Blews Donnie Darko

  35. SimplyLiz

    Why isn't it working?

  36. Red-RuM

    American Dad feels

  37. Jeff Bain

    Watched every episode of American Dad like 10 times. Never bothered looking up this song until now. I should have done this sooner.

    William Johnson

    Same here. I'm Black and I love this music. LOL. Has me missing the bon fires with folks out back living in Myrtle Beach.

    Goodbye Starman

    Jeff Bain me too


    Same for me

  38. Cherry Fizz

    American dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Daniel

    I hate indie kids and style, but I like this song :)

    Cherry Fizz

    Daniel I hate you

  40. Luas Quinodoz

    american dad fanboy

  41. Philipp Glanzmann


  42. The Cinema Cowboy

    Langley Falls: Where Innocence Lives.

  43. Fat boy

    The funny thing is that the American Dad episode parodying independent movies is better produced than most independent movies

    Andy Zhang



    Of course it is, American Dad is so far from being independent lol

  44. Look at Lil dude

    american dad*

  45. Durrake

    american dad literally made this song famous lmfao

  46. TexMex 420

    american dad brought me here ..yes I'm high.. yes its 4am .. yes I don't have a job.. but u know what? that's allllllll right

  47. Stuart Pickles

    who else is here because of a sticker on an apple?

  48. Christopher Gonzalez

    American dad brought me here

  49. Jake Kieniksberg

    American dad

  50. Terrance Williams

    American Dad brought me to this! Had to look it up!

  51. Alea Melendez

    such a peaceful song :)

  52. Breanne Pedersen

    yup, American Dad lol

  53. awsome mora247

    Bro who else came from American dad

  54. zee30000

    Thanks American Dad!

  55. MrRat Kin

    1.5 speed <3 <3

  56. Bohemian Bee

    American Dad does it again leading us to some really cool tunes.

  57. Im 18 inches longer than you

    american dad

  58. D. Jizzal

    American Dad >

  59. Spencer G

    I don't know what's better, the episode where Stan hears My Morning Jacket, or independent movie.

    Tina Simmons

    Spencer G I go for independent movie

    Nasier Akbar

    That's a good episode it wasn't too much

    Magnus Goy-Yun

    My Morning


    Spencer G Independent Movie is my fav of the two but they’re both great

  60. Isreal Diaz

    just now heard this on American Dad. amazing.

  61. Asexual Succubus

    I'm here because of American dad great song though

  62. RashidTheCooper

    we all got this from american dad... lol true

    Cherry Fizz

    I'm watching that episode again lol.

  63. Bruno Braga

    american dad

  64. Zero catch'em

    American dad brought me here

  65. Luke Butler

    yep, American Dad

  66. Luke Butler

    yep, American Dad

  67. Lakai Sharpe

    you guys are good people

  68. Red-RuM

    American Dad Independent Movie ftw!

  69. Pokemonplayer6928

    steve swimming kaned in a lake brought me here

    Bruno Braga

    hahaha me too

    Serena Morris

    Bahahaha! Me too

  70. Scranton Strangler


  71. Aluizio Rosa

    american dad :D

  72. Jesse Carter

    american dad....

  73. jurassic world adventure

    Aahh. Bliss

  74. Young_Reezzyy

    So...American dad has brought everyone here.

    Uriel Septim

    Looks like it. They obviously put it on show so they can get more recognition from musicians that don't as much attention as modern music these days.

    Allan Jason Mburu

    yep. yep yep yep

  75. Smn Dn

    I found this because of American Dad.. season 9, episode 6 :D

  76. ShadowLifeGames

    Independent Movie... Best episode ever


    Could not agree more

    Bruno Braga

    yes. The best ever

  77. hipshimmy

    I told my nephew a few years back that this show picks really cool music. I am glad I am not the only that looked up this song after the independent movie episode.


    Yea. This episode is my favorite. It hits you hard with the feels, but manages to make laugh at the same time with how stupid this episode is

  78. Will Larche

    Leave me in the corn with Toshi. Beat the mud effigy of my father. You can move this way or you can move that way. But emotional tourists never bother. #triDelt

    Stephen Gies

    And in the lobby!!!!

  79. IcyPeanuts

    This is actually the first time a cartoon or series or whatever led me to some great artists.

  80. rabuu2

    Thanxx "American Dad "!! for bringing me here :D

  81. Master of wackness

    This song truly helped me get through tough times so thank you so much for the mood cleanser

  82. 〔☹ℑỉƞχ Ƭḥє Ɱỉƞχ☻〕(Jinx The Minx)

    Steve: **Puts arm around Snot's shoulder**
    "That could be your dad right there. . . Cuu Caww"


    All about that Spartan 4 life bro

    Allan Jason Mburu

    omg i died at his musical cacaaaw

  83. Tarrea Tolbert

    I swear all of the good songs are on american dad

    Gil Daniels

    +Tarrea T carl broemel's carried away is a song from that show to. super good

    Ryan Weiskopf

    Tarrea Tolbert COLD BEVERAGE

  84. 22 Vision

    Thumbs up if when you hear this, you think of Steve Smith lying on his back in a river. 

    Raptor Nugget

    22 Vision I actually think of my ex but I appreciate the reference :)

    Penny Dollenganger

    yes, god bless.

    referkid the 3rd

    Haha ican see myself doing what steve doing in the river but with a blunt

    The Good Times

    @referkid the 3rd xD

  85. Uptown Scarlett

    American Dad Season 10 Episode 6

    Brad Blane

    @Uptown Scarlett Season 9 :)

  86. lumaz71

    much better than the opening version....

  87. Beast Mode

    " The only thing more natural then nature is feelings " - Steve Smith

  88. Ornella

    "After all her reasons, but right before she left. Just beneath the surface, is where she'll stay kept." This is such a marvelous song, and perfectly synchronizes with my emotions about a special someone of mine who passed away circa 4 years ago. I miss you, sweetheart. See you soon.

  89. musclesfromsomalia

    I love sad songs sometimes.

  90. Bongani Mtimkulu

    American Dad is the reason why i love this song.

  91. Keith Yo

    Amazing and way to short

  92. Jo Monchery

    Dude, American Dad, family guy, they have the. Best songs!!!!

    Thaspacegoat Æ

    Jo Monchery Except family guy is for literal retards.

  93. Yvonne Crys Woods

    I love the melody and lyrics

  94. Sparky

    Great. Thanks American Dad

  95. Steve Ertel



    I really like the music on American Dad, first on episode 'Independent Movie" and also on "Mistrel Krampus" you know... Family say it 1 2 3.. LOL!

    Saints Of November

    @CenCaliWISEGUY like my morning jacket omg

    Will Larche

    @CenCaliWISEGUY Krampus is fucking amazing. I'm gonna kill you Sheila!


    At 1:24 is when it gets really good.

    Uncle Milty


    Michael McCarthy

    At 3:15 is the worst part

  97. samhad36

    Thank you Dawes for the amazing song and thanks to American Dad for sharing it! Best season yet so far!

  98. kiera griggs

    can someone explain wat this song means but i still love it

  99. Ray Win

    yep american dad here also lol sorry