Dawes - I Can't Think About It Now Lyrics

If you’re just asking for a reason
Reasons are everywhere you look
The only difference between them
Are which you gave and which you took

Every smile with some dark anticipation
And dreams of back before it settled in their brows
I don’t remember when you first began to notice
But I can’t think about it now
I can’t think about it now

The latest singer’s latest single’s got me listening
For the pact between the writer and the star
This is how mythology is written
This is where the lawless jungles are

She’s just a singer living mostly after midnight
Pumping blood and money back into a town
And it all eventually betrays her
But I can’t think about it now
I can’t think about it now

So I guess it makes me wonder what I’m chasing
Like a dancer when she’s breaking in her shoes
Like sending men up to the moon just for the landing
Displaying power we don’t know how else to use

Sometimes it’s more than I can handle
Sometimes it’s all the joy I’ve found
And it’ll all end up on one side or the other
But I can’t think about it now

The decades that are hidden in the sidewalks
The narrative that naturally occurs
The everlasting wisdom of a sports bar
The poison that’s mistaken for a cure

All these backward glances putting me in danger
Of forgetting how to turn myself around
It’s just that time just keeps on slipping through my fingers
But I can’t think about it now
I can’t think about it now
I can’t think about it now

I can’t think about it now

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Dawes I Can't Think About It Now Comments
  1. Lucas Nichele

    That main guitar riff reminds me of Carly Simon's "You Know What to Do".

  2. Vicente Martinez

    Este solo de guitarra esta a la altura de sultans Of Swing, Impresionante !!!!

  3. Matt Kelly

    Man! They are channeling their inner Neil Young!

    Jack Tate

    Oh yeah.

  4. Devin S

    Dire straits reincarnation

  5. Tyler Smith

    Gem of a song!

  6. Vicente Martinez

    Si este solo hubiera sido en los 90, seria un clásico . Como Sultains of Swing

  7. Steve X

    Just discovered this the other day and can't get enough of it.

  8. Paul Stevens

    Does anyone know what the backup vocals say?


    Paul Stevens om


    “All is lost. I’m falling.” Has always been my take. I’d love to hear yours.

  9. Travis Mayfield

    The guitar solo is such a low key JAM! Amazing depth!

  10. jansenjanjaap

    Super song with a great guitar solo! Love it


    Sweet Vibe <> oh Yeah! ( somewhere between Bob Welch' ~ Ebony Eyes + BOC ~ Astronomy )

    Paul Klingele

    ...with a touch of Dire Straits (for this song)...

  12. Ortaiηe Ðeviaη

    That sounds like it's pretty cool - I wish I wasn't under mind control.


    Are you still under mind control?

  13. MrBorjovi

    just great! pure emotion

  14. Miles Baker

    Timeless track capable of evoking emotions deep within one's viscera.

    Jack Tate

    First Aid Kit.


    Crippling aids

  15. outbreakerwolf

    thats music!

  16. Iain Watson

    What a fantastic song.

  17. syngo13 syngo13

    Great band, great song. These guys have it going on.