Dawes - Feed The Fire Lyrics

I used to dream I was a poster in a bedroom
Or the pictures that get cut out of the fancy magazines
Some tortured genius went to leave the planet too soon
Livin' on champagne in the back of limousines

Tryin' to feed the fire without really knowin' why
Tryin' to feed the fire while hopin' that it dies

Tradin' where I'm at for some future destination
Workin' for attention I'll eventually resent
Tyrin' to ignore some of the darker implications
Of smilin' for the camera with my hands in wet cement

Tryin' to feed the fire without really knowin' why
Tryin' to feed the fire while hopin' that it dies
Tryin' to feed the fire without really knowin' why
Tryin' to feed the fire while hopin' that it dies

There's someone in my reflection that's been hauntin' me my whole life
There's a world outside my window I can barely even hear
And I wonder to myself as I am straightenin' my bowtie
How could I look so perfect on the screen and so awful in the mirror?

Tryin' to feed the fire without really knowin' why
Tryin' to feed the fire while hopin' that it dies
Tryin' to feed the fire without really knowin' why
Tryin' to feed the fire while hopin' that it dies
Hopin' that it dies
Hopin' that it dies
Hopin' that it dies

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Dawes Feed The Fire Comments
  1. D'Andre Lewis

    This is the type of song that your working late grinding, while Everyone else is out partying.

  2. Wesley Applequist

    I'm a fan of well done lyric videos, and this goes way beyond that. The lyrics for the chorus were inspired by "Infinite Jest" too, which I would also urge you to check out (for those intimidated by the tome, even the audiobook is worth the time)

  3. Steely Dan

    Absolutely love this song but can’t get into any of there other stuff. Oh well....

    Ryan Thoma

    Dan fan here. Check out 'When the tequila runs out'. Much different than this tune, but still rad.

  4. George A. Goebel Jr.

    This sounds EXACTLY like Yacht Rock. I love it and want a whole album of this.

  5. dennis tucker

    It's a masterpiece without an interpreter...

  6. Steely Dan

    Awesome song, just discovered this band.

  7. Freddy Baltazar

    Favorite song this year!!!

  8. Megan Rose Sumruld

    This is literally one of the best songs I've ever heard

  9. Sweet & Savory Podcast •

    Music time travelers

  10. Mallory Schroeder

    my love for Dawes began one winter morning when I was at my place of employment. Nothing like waiting on a table, and you're having a really bad day, but Dawes says, Roll With The Punches.... talk about a life changer. Now, instead of getting pissed off, I just roll with the punches. I have even convinced the yoga studio next door to change their sign to say "Roll With the Punches." Does anybody have a number I could contact to book a live show. If not, it's ok, Ill just roll with the punches.

  11. redshift

    That 80's vibe

  12. tdm1995

    I can't believe there is not one mention of Todd Rundgren in the wiki page for this band. This band sounds excellent, but really -- if you want to be so Todd'ish, at least why not give him a cred in your wiki page. :-)

    Donka Shea

    I can assure you these guys don’t sound like Todd Rundgren. If you mean because he has a high voice, sure. I can’t stand Todd Rundgren. This song kicks ass.

  13. Harlem139Convent1

    Dude this song is really good, don’t know 2 much about this group, but they should have more likes really feeling this and I’m from Harlem!

    john jacques

    Harlem139Convent1, BROOKLYYYN!

  14. Harlem139Convent1

    Whole foods got me here, i like this though!!

    john jacques

    Harlem139Convent1, I shazam this walking out Whole Foods TODAY


    john jacques 💯💯💯💯

  15. brangelo spanks

    seen them open for elo, -this is a really good 70s vibe tune

    john jacques

    brangelo spanks, Is it really a 70's vibe? The movie scarface ran up in my head - that scene where he's dancing in the club

  16. E4T6

    Who's listening to this in 1976?
    I know I am.


    Agreed. Its got a 70's soft rock feel. I think its great

  17. Alek Johnson

    Excuse me, but is that "the lick" at 5:31 ?

  18. Lloyd Christmas

    Where's the likes?

  19. Micah Van Bruggen

    So chill. Top down, open road vibes.

    john jacques

    Micah Van Bruggen, not now through - maybe in July

  20. G Gucci Pajamas dripin Tony Montana Wut

    Waits too long to sing

  21. Jp 327

    Guitar solo is reminiscent of jackie blue by ozark mountain daredevils


    And a great song Jackie blue. Now I'm going to find it. Thanks

  22. Joseph Mcclain

    Just heard this on S XM 15

  23. ArseneWenger

    Sounds like hall and oates and the guitar reminds me of doobie bros for some reason.

  24. Georgitte Singbiel

    Reminds me of Joni Mitchell. Laurel Canyon Days. Her song PEOPLES PARTIES comes to mind.

  25. mike plitnick

    Great tune !!


    Nice! I just heard this on Charlotte radio station 98.5. Tinge of... Hall & Oats. Hey, No complaining about "Hipsters Copying our 70s & 80s music gods..." We dont need them channelling more Beyonce. ...carry on.

    john jacques

    BEECHARMER101, Hey Beyonce sexyyyyy

  27. Mike Ortiz

    Evokes so much ...inspired piece!

  28. Video Studio Productions

    Watching them play this song live right now! There opening for ELO in Toronto!

    AU404A Blur

    that was a dope concert


    saw them open for ELO in Philly, crowd wasn't there to see them, but the band won 'em over anyway - good stuff

  29. Craig Buntenbach

    Wow! Saw them at ELO gig in Chicago on Aug. 15th. What a great unexpected surprise Give these guys some love.

  30. Jason Lance

    Heard them before ELO yesterday

  31. Patrick Sullivan

    Real, good music!

  32. rusty kangaroo

    Opened for ELO now I'm a fan!

  33. Georg Ruppert

    I heard this great tune for the first time on german‘s radio station Deutschlandfunk. It reminds me of Donald Fagen, Ace, Michael McDonald.




  34. Maryann Merritt

    Saw this awesome band 8/2/18 in Oakland when they opened for Jeff Lynne's Elo. Enjoyed them very much!

  35. Andy Ayala

    Hipster trying to sound like Jackson Browne,

  36. Judel100

    First heard this on the Federalist Radio Hour podcast. Lovely song!

  37. Adam Spiker

    This is a jam! Best song on the album!

  38. Ian Snyder

    YESSSSS!....I can relate
    ..luv it...well done guys!

  39. KrystalKBeauty

    Cannot stop listening to this song. It’s sooo good! Reminds me of why I fell in love with Dawes music to begin with!

    JJ Warren

    It is veryyy good! I'm just now finding them. :) / How long you been a fan?


    Jamel Best since about 2011 :)

  40. Brandon Moody

    why in the hell was this not the lead single

  41. Jamie Harrison

    Gary Lightbody just tweeted about you guys, had to check you out!

  42. Stijn de Jong

    I detest 1980's yacht rock.


    What could be better than sitting on a yacht in the 80s?

    Stijn de Jong

    Sitting on a yacht at any moment in time other than the 80s, duh.


    Stijn de Jong :-)

    Juan Gomez

    You detest it so much? Damn that's sad for you cause that's some great sounds the human ears can appreciate but clearly not yours, that's too bad 😏


    80s best decade in music and film. Economy wise no.

  43. Evan Hill

    How doesn't every one of these new songs have like 20k + views? I'll never understand..

    Kelsey Clark

    Evan Hill
    I'm thinking this is my favorite ......

    Lloyd Christmas

    So good


    Best Band out there today

  44. Derp McDerpson

    Dawes needs some more love

    Craig Buntenbach

    Saw them front ELO in Chicago. Awesome group.


    They could have 5 million+ views on every song and this statement would still be valid.

  45. Barrie Dempsey

    Great song. Always super strong melodies and lyrics. Inspirational.

  46. Drew Meadows

    Would be cool if Taylor did some guitar tab tutorial videos for new songs like he did in the past. Love this guitar riff too.

  47. Geoffrey Mills

    Great tune and riff!