Dawes - Don't Send Me Away Lyrics

You can send me a message if you don’t want to talk
And make sure I don’t interrupt
It might help you let it go
It’s hard for you, I know
To act like you’re not giving up

But don’t send me away
There’s nowhere else I’m going to
Don’t send me away
I know that’s what you want to do
Don’t send me away
Don’t send me away
Don’t send me away

You can send me a picture of the room you’re in
With your evening downtown view
The way the city spreads
When you’re laying in your bed
You can send it so I know what I can stand to lose

But don’t send me away
This is where I’m supposed to be
Don’t send me away
You don’t know what you do to me
Don’t send me away
Don’t send me away
Don’t send me away

I’m getting on the freeway
Your jacket’s in my car
Your ash is in my ashtray
And I’m there with you wherever you are

Don’t send me away
There’s nowhere else I’m going to
Don’t send me away
I know that’s what you want to do
Don’t send me away
Don’t send me away
Don’t send me away

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Dawes Don't Send Me Away Comments
  1. Davis Nickles

    Drummer is an absolute master musician.

  2. Pete Francisco

    All of the elements of great song writing. With what is on the mainstream radio now it is a pleasure to hear real music with real lyrics. Thank you for sharing your beautiful music, it's been years since I heard music like these guys make.

  3. Philip Vels

    Thankyou to Spotify for having me discover this band! It's my now my 2nd favourite artist I listen to! (Dawes comes close but doesn't surpass my #1 Favourite, Ryan Adams)

    Lincoln MacEachern

    Don't tell Mandy Moore.

  4. cgraugaard

    Come on, Taylor. That neck is just gross

  5. Nautilus 211

    what a jam

  6. Dixie Wolfe

    These guys are the shit. I can't get enough, I wake up signing their songs. Keep it up you guys are awesome.

  7. Depressed Kitten

    I love watching Griffin play. A master.

  8. jeff wynn

    Beautiful song... love it

  9. Wayne Starling

    I've only just discovered this group and it's blowing me away how good they are and how little know they are, at least in UK/Ireland. They should be huge, but then commercial success has no correlation with talent.

    Andrew M

    Exactly. The pigs in suits at Clear Channel have no clue, but yet they control the filthy garbage programming in the U.S. & condition people to like the slop they feed them. Meanwhile, here's Dawes making what would be a big hit, because the sound dynamics are hella GREAT, and the feeling is real & easy to identify with in a universal way, and it's super catchy goodness. I would thank Youtube, but if I do, I'm thanking all the ordinary people who protested when Google tried to steal the programming from the people upwards, to try to control it from them downwards which would have been an ugly disaster. Because of the people, we can hear this easily on Youtube by 'googling it' there. Thank Lorde for Pandora, public radio, and all the other sources of great indy music. I mean, this tune sounds like something Paul Carrack would turn into a big international hit, even some silly dude like Rod Stewart. Or old good ballad singers like Peter Gabriel, or Phil Collins, paging you guys to do it, so Dawes can make a pile of money. Anyway, Dawes has a career for real now, they are a great band that knows how to cut great songs, and their lyrics on other songs are mind blowing. So, I wish this was in the Top 40 in the U.S., but I'll settle for it making small waves on "college radio", Pandora, & public and internet radio.

    Drew Senko

    Same. I've been listening to them casually for like 10 years, and I always assumed that they were very famous. Recently I started really getting into the band, and I'm shocked that they're not more well-known.

  10. dkellums1

    Whoever worked the audio here threw a lot of bass into my headphones and I do appreciate it.

  11. TJ Isenberg

    Hey Taylor, lightly brush that neck with some steel wool buddy... Lol

    Angela Bullock

    How can he coax such a sweet tone from a guitar that looks so hard-driven? Must be magic...

  12. JM MS

    Great work

  13. Reggie Christian

    I heard this at a local Starbucks and couldn't stop playing it on Spotify. Good song.

  14. M. Phillips

    Love these guys.

  15. Sherrieluvs1d

    Saw them open for Hozier in July they were amazing

  16. ROCKAST //

    what a band.. you deserve so much more.

  17. Freddie Sorge

    yes Chris Stapleton and Grace Potter but love this also

  18. Sean Marshall

    My favorite song from my favorite band. And damn, they sound amazing in this session.

    Curtis Bowden

    its a great version

  19. Andy Kelly

    I feel that chorus in my stomach, makes me wish I could write like that. Much love. So good.

  20. Lori79

    I have to ask: who is that fifth guy in the vid? I keep seeing him, but I have no clue who he is


    @Drew Hrobar yeah, I figured that out after I saw another vid.... thanks for the reply though :)

  21. John burroughs.

    My favorite song from the new album.

    Philip Vels

    New 2018 album is out now :)

  22. Ed Chew

    Holy....could this get any better?!?

    Jacob Jeffries

    @Ed ward THE BEST.