Dawes - All Your Favorite Bands Lyrics

Late night drives and hot french fries and friends around the country
From Charlottesville to good old Santa Fe
When I think of you, you still got on that hat that says let's party
I hope that thing is never thrown away

I hope that life without a chaperone is what you thought it'd be
I hope your brother's El Camino runs forever
I hope the world sees the same person that you've always been to me
And may all your favorite bands stay together

Now I'm just waking up and I'm not thinking clearly so don't quote me
With one eye open I'm writing you this song
Ain't it funny how some people pop into your head so easily
I haven't seen you in there for so long

I hope that life without a chaperone is what you thought it'd be
I hope your brother's El Camino runs forever
I hope the world sees the same person that you always were to me
And may all your favorite bands stay together

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Dawes All Your Favorite Bands Comments
  1. TK VimSavage

    Absolute nostalgia... What better way to say "man I hope you're doing well"
    Rep the movement

  2. Greg Simmons

    Don't ask me why but this song makes me cry every time. Timeless ❤❤❤

  3. Brandon Nelson

    One of my good friends recently passed away. He was a musician out in Nashville, but before those days we played in a band together for many years in the Twin Cities. Before me moved out there we went to see Dawes in concert. I'd never seen them and only knew a handful of tunes, but I left a fan for sure. This song has been an incredible source of comfort right now and I don't know if the band will ever see this, but in case they do I want them to know how much this tune means to me and how much they're music meant to him. Also, they're officially never allowed to break up.

    Megan Spencer

    Brandon Nelson so sorry for your loss but I’m so glad you will always have this memory. Dawes puts on an incredible show! 💕

  4. bricklifter1

    I want to go back to the 80s, have friends around me, get tattoos and live like Jack Kerouac. I want to play music, build banjos and make love to a lot of women. I want to skip college, never own a t.v. and have a favorite bar. And I want all my favorite bands to stay together. Instead, I'm old before my time, stuck in a job I despise in a profession that eats your soul one day, one minute one grinding second at a time. IF YOURE IN YOUR 20S TO 30S TAKE MY ADVISE....DON'T CHASE STATUS OR SECURITY. FIND FRIENDS, LIVE LIFE, BECAUSE WHAT SOCIETY'S SELLING IS CLEVERLY MARKETED SLAVERY!

  5. MrRoberoni117

    Sometimes I think this song sounds like a fathers last words to his baby girl. She’s young, but not an actual baby, and her coming of age story started rough. And despite this he knows she’ll come out on the other side a better person.

  6. Sami 2K5

    Who else listened to this in music class

  7. Miranda Manning

    aw this is one of those really feel goo music vi- BRANDON FLOWERS agreiowhfjio

  8. Lincoln MacEachern

    Guy on the left at the beginning: dead ringer for Drew Doughty of the LA Kings.

  9. Lee Stanford

    Met my person at a Dawes show. This song is pretty important.

  10. Hal West


  11. Rob Schultz

    This song always brings me to tears. Love singing it loud, laughing and crying and loving life all at the same [email protected] Love and miss you Ruthey!

  12. Kathryn King

    super nice heart happies

  13. Anari Malek


  14. Payam Emrani

    This song is for everyone whose friends are in a Band. About them not being together for a year. About your Best Friend moving to San Francisco and you missing him.

  15. Alexandra Clark

    I saw this live in Oakland recently and it's even more amazing live. I love Dawes so much.

    Dave S

    Alexandra Clark 😎

  16. Bluthardt

    I saw this song live in Oakland as a warm-up for ELO.

    Dave S

    EngineerRebellionLeader awesome 😎

  17. Joel Guerrero

    Oddly enough Brandon Flowers of the Killers brought me here and honestly watching this video a year after falling in love with Dawes is just beautiful finality.

    Dave S

    Joel Guerrero cool

  18. Steve Comstock

    Can y'all not make me cry?

  19. David Daskal

    How can people dislike the thoughtfulness and joy in this video? This made me cry. Wow!

  20. Simon Says

    playing the chicken :o)

  21. hell liness

    how cute is the last part with those kids.. ♥ and the way how he was smiling.. pure happiness!!!

  22. Rick Carson

    Thanks for this song...it just compelled me to reach out to my best friend in high school that i haven't seen or talked to in probably 35 years...made me sad and happy at the same time. My new favorite song. (I wonder if changing "always been to me" to "always were to me" was intentional. )

  23. J Ray

    Thanks to The Mark Agnesi Show and this song, I think you might just have a new fan.

  24. Blake Loa

    Maldito José Madero :( haha

    Iván Eduardo Núñez Cruz

    Así plagiador lo queremos al cabron xD

  25. Zach Hartman

    This song always makes me think of my friend Kirby

  26. Maryann Merritt

    First saw this band when they opened Aug 2nd 2018 for Jeff Lynnes Elo. Very impressed, loved this song especially. I'm 60 years old, am i too old to appreciate young bands? I think not cuz my fav bands are fading away with age.

    Dave S

    Maryann Merritt awesome

  27. Guillaume Bousquet

    The little guy at 3:33 makes me laugh every time.

  28. Ed EllMaxx

    Saw you all At MSG..Outstanding

    Dave S

    Ed EllMaxx cool 😎

  29. William Knell

    Fucking brilliant chicken solo, or what???

  30. Michael Norman

    ELO/Dawes concert brought me here, and i am SOOO glad! Awesome song, and band!

    Dave S

    Michael Norman awesome 😎

  31. bricklifter1

    I grew up in Charlottesville. I left there 27 years ago and I always thought of it as my home. Now I'm ashamed of my home because of what happened a year ago.

    Chris Trotter

    That wasn't people from your home.
    I moved to this area years ago...was horrified at was allowed to happen..as were friends of mine in CA, MI and FL

  32. Rusti Schnelle

    They opened for elo last week in denver and closed their set with this song... it was the most perfect way to introduce elo...

  33. Tom Michnay

    Saw you guys open up for ELO on your Birthday! Happy Belated Birthday! Your music reminds me of a cross between Jackson Browne and Don Henley. You have an amazing sound, unique harmonies, great sound, the guitars ring true, great drumming, beautiful piano melodies, and love the beard. You are fantastic. Glad your dream came true with Jeff Lynne! Congratulations! Keep the Music coming. And as Paul Rodgers from Bad Co. put it, "Live for the Music!"

  34. burkey426

    122 El Caminos broke down.

  35. Dave S

    Interesting 😎

  36. Kelly McCreight

    Saw y'all last night headlining ELO... VERY  impressed and look forward to more from you!

  37. Jonas Butler

    It's all love. It just has to be love.

  38. Patty Haley

    Thanksgiving 2016. My Husband introduced me to this song and we both cried like babies. Getting up there in years this really hits you about how fast your youth passes you by. Awesome Song and Video !!!!! Hope my Daddy's Chevy Runs Forever !

  39. Ale Torriggino

    This video makes me feel so warm inside. Been following them since North Hills and when Tay left the band this song got a sad, deeper meaning. Still one of their best jams

  40. Craig Tilstone

    Yep. This grown man actually cried at the end when those kids started singing. By the way, the new album? My goodness. Best thing I’ve heard all year.

  41. Chris A Carrillo

    I still point to the footage of this song from the show at Stubb's in Austin, January 2017.
    The kids in the choir part was truly Cool.
    Huge Huggz To All. - Chris mad mex

  42. fleurdemal

    What a great song!

  43. ThePowergoats

    I'm not crying.

  44. Sully Dunn

    Greetings from Pittsburgh PA!

  45. Grimlock 84

    The song the Eagles missed.

  46. James Cuddy

    love this video so much

  47. Quinton Fenske

    I’d seen and heard this before from somewhere and it’s truly one of the happiest and most endearing songs of all time. I just can’t remember where I heard it or how I found it.
    Truly a perfect song choice for the list. Well done.

    Skye Divine

    You heard it because I sent it to you and said if and when I did this song was from me to you after you left to Japan and you said that has to be one of the nicest things to ever tell someone is that you hope their favorite bands stay together lol. Anyway. Yeh

    Quinton Fenske

    Skye Divine well we both forget things.

  48. damnyoustamos

    Video reported for man playing with his cock on camera.

  49. Geno Pitt

    Another great, and all too often timely, song. RIP Tom Petty, and likely the Heartbreakers, at least in their glory.

  50. Max Reed III

    This song is one of my favorites you guys have ever written. This lifted me up, and reminded me what matters in these dark times. Thank you.

  51. paul mitchell

    beautiful. hopefully there will be a return to this kind of form for your next album

  52. Viridiana Barrios Viramontes

    Dawes se ha convertido en una de mis bandas favoritas, Y este vídeo combina perfecto con la canción.Simplemente hermoso <3 Chicos venga a Guadalajara México.

  53. Alex Whitesel

    i just got chills

  54. prov31x

    Just went to a concert in which this band opened. It didn't take long for us, ( having not been familiar with them), to be thrilled that we found a new band that we very much like! Harmonies great, guitar solos great but wanted more, lyrics right up our alley, demeanor of the atmosphere was beautiful. Front man and singer, was so gracious and humble with the huge crowd. Connected with the audience beautifully. Most of all the band gave us a great night and we will be seeking them out to hear more.

  55. Pat McCann

    I'm hearing a lot of Neil Young in that lead guitar. Not a bad thing.

  56. Silverburstnelson

    Just saw this band live... Love them... Sad I didn't get to meet them cause this song truly moved me. Thank you Dawes for your amazing music.

  57. Barrie Dempsey

    Dawes...great band.

  58. John Evans

    The peaceful stillness,
    The gentle breeze through the trees,
    Love this fucking band

  59. SnoDawg

    Kinda has that Allman Brothers sound to it.

  60. contrafax

    Fuckers, this shit is my life. I should sue for Trade Mark Violations. (jk) Lovely song and damn it Jim and Jeff I still miss you lads. Jim is dead, Jeff out of reach behind a wall of hate that I can't cross.

  61. Chris Estep

    this song gives me goose bumps.

  62. Enis Penvy

    Bandon flowers is the best front man ever.

  63. KnoBrain3r

    How many more times can I hear this and "A Little Bit of Everything" and NOT have it bring a tear to my eye? Songwriting dosen't get any better than that in my book!

    Lincoln MacEachern

    These guys, Avetts, Jason Isbell; I think one of the reasons I love them all is that they're criminally under- rated.

  64. Monique Losson

    from Charlottesville to Santa Fe

  65. David Vassar

    RC Edwards of Turnpike Troubadours brought me here.

  66. Steven Rubeck

    For both of the Plummet brothers. Love you brother

  67. Kevin Winn

    Wow. This is already awesome (best video I've seen in a Long while). And then.... Someone added all the names of ppl singing... and it was ppl/bands I knew (!)And it was More Awesome...!!!*"and there was much rejoicing"*

  68. Karen Hughes

    I just love this song- no matter what...these guys came to me through Jordan Zevon's mention- and wow, what a steller addition to my playlists. It's definitely a blessing and a hope song.

  69. Lennon Richardson

    These guys make me think of 5 for Fighting :)

  70. Ryan Fisher

    "May all your favorite bands keep insurance" - Happy Inauguration 2017

  71. Goodnight Freeman

    such a cool, lyric driven band. definitely an inspiration for our music. keep it up!

  72. Brian Sniatkowski

    This must be the worst band since Journey. Combine Jackson Browne whining, with the worst of the Eagles and you have Dawes.


    I actually like this song... But that is the ultimate funniest jab on a band I've heard in ages!!!

  73. Alla Hopkinson

    Love it - reminds me of Jackson Browne

  74. Patty Haley

    Loved this song from the moment I heard it going to Ocean City. Can't get enough of it

  75. Douglas Patterson

    Last week I stepped away from my band. Toughest decision I've made in a long time. We've worked so hard to get to the point we're at now but there's a voice in my heart that is leading me another direction. They'll be getting a replacement.
    Here's to touring the country with my best friends. The late night drives, the hot french fries. The National Parks, you're my favorite band, and may you always stay together.

  76. Austin Fink

    Brandon Flowers is perfect for this music video

  77. danillo Gonçalves

    3:30 that boy 😂😂😂

  78. Some guy


  79. Wally Wells


  80. Slap Stick

    Some nice bro music for you millennial caucozoids out there.

  81. iselgar elbal

    simply nice

  82. Scott Young

    Sounds like a Warren Zevon song, in the best kinda way.


    Good call! I was thinking how much I wouldve liked to hear Neil Young sing it.

    The Flying Scotsman

    I found these guys after their cover of desperados under the eaves. Hearing this song I was thinking the exact same thing.

  83. Kevin LaFaso

    maybe the greatest friendship song ever

  84. Kevin LaFaso

    46 thumbs down are they crazy

    Dee Hughes

    some douche named kenny up above thought he had to make a lame (but I'm sure he thought was witty and deep) comment about how he disliked it.

  85. poppanolan

    My 19 year old son moved away from home today...and this song brought tears of joy to me and mama as we were driving away from his new home!

    Great tune!

    maria camperson

    I felt the same way when my oldest daughter moved 11 hours away. I said these words to her. I'm not sure if she realized just how deeply it meant.


    It is a beautiful and somber moment watching them drive off. Especially when you know they are equipped to handled the world! Best wishes and Godspeed Maria

  86. Kevin LaFaso

    i can't like this song enough

  87. Julia Stege

    I love Dawes and I love Blake Mills (cute cameo) and I'm glad they didn't stay together (Simon Dawes). They're both great separately. A bit of irony here.

  88. Old Panama City Beach

    I know I should have something nice to say about this song...but, I can't think of any. It does get airplay. That's good...however, it doesn't improve the song...


    I'm confused. Do you like the song or dislike it then?

    Old Panama City Beach

    dislike it


    @Kenny Redd But.. it's a beautiful song

    Dee Hughes

    Kenny must be a trumper

    Old Panama City Beach

    Dee, you're highly intuitive...

  89. Joel

    That kicked ass

  90. StarryNight72

    This song seriously brought tears to my eyes. Brought back a flood of memories of the best friend I've ever had. (Only it was her brother's old Firebird). Miss her and those days more I could ever say, but you managed to write a song to say it for me.

  91. Iris

    I just came across this and it's so, so great.

  92. LairMistress

    HI from Seattle!  I just heard this song playing in Dan's Grocery in Belltown this afternoon (the first time I've heard it); and I like it even better in this video!  I'm a folksinger myself, and making my own song videos with both still photos and amateur video footage. ...

  93. SubjectDylan

    Saw these guys live nearly a year ago, they were opening for some guy my girlfriend wanted to see in concert. I was absolutely blown away, a few of the songs they played actually made me tear up a bit. Great fucking band.

  94. kewrock

    How come really good music doesn't get famous and constant airplay anymore? The urban pop culture fad is lasting way too long. Every day I see more and more douche bags with neck tattoos. Yes. I aspire to be working class poor for the rest of my life. We've been so dumbed down as a society, these poor fucks don't know any better.

    Bryce Chue

    +kewrock Agreed. I hate ghettocentricity, why would people want to be associated with the inner city?

    T. Logan Russell

    SXM27 The Spectrum

    Catie Anne

    +T. Logan Russell Enough said. That whole section of channels.

  95. Das_Cheese

    This video makes me happy

  96. Gwyn Jones

    Love this song. Thank you for wonderful lyrics and the tune

  97. Jonas Butler

    0:56 Rand Paul

  98. phantomcyrano

    Love this song, love this album, love this band (my favorite, so I hope they stay together) and now I love this video. The kids at the end were awesome. I hope that one day when they've grown old enough to have to let people go, and they come to understand the meaning of the words they sang, and they show this video to their own children, that all their favorite bands are still together too.