Davis, Paul - Love Or Let Me Be Lonely Lyrics

Love me let me be lonely
Part time love I can find any day
So don't defy mother nature's way please
Make it mine, a love for to stay

I can live without love
If I wanted to in this lonely room
But I don't want to so I leave it up to you
To wash away my gloom

Oh, oh, oh, do, do, do...
You will or either you won't now
It's up to you I've had my say
So truly love do love me completely
Hey come on, come on come my way

Love me let me be lonely
Part time love I can find any day
So don't defy mother nature's way please
Make it mine, a love for to stay

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Davis, Paul Love Or Let Me Be Lonely Comments
  1. No Name

    A top 40 hit from September 1982.

  2. Anne Hammett

    Written by Skip Scarborough and Jerry Peters

  3. Sergio Rivera

    Paul Davis
    "Love Or Let Me Lonely"
    #40, 1982.

  4. Marshall Lancaster

    This is such a tasteful cover. It was barely a murmur on the pop charts, but what a song.

  5. sauquoit13456

    On this day in 1982 {July 10th} Paul Davis performed "Love or Let Me Be Lonely" on the Dick Clark ABC-TV Saturday-afternoon program, 'American Bandstand'...
    The following week the song entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #78, six weeks later it would peak at #40 {for 2 weeks} and it spent ten weeks on the Top 100...
    And it almost made the Top 10 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary Tracks chart, it peaked at #11...
    Between 1970 and 1982 the Mississippi native had fifteen records on the Hot Top 100 chart, two* made the Top 10, "I Go Crazy" {#7 for 3 weeks in 1978 and it stayed on the Top 100 for forty weeks} and "'65 Love Affair" {#6 for 2 weeks in 1982}...
    Sadly, Paul Lavon Davis passed away on April 22nd, 2008, one day after his 60th birthday {heart attack}...
    * He just missed having a third Top 10 record when his "Cool Night" peaked at #11 {for 2 weeks} on January 31st, 1982...

  6. Larry Jackson

    Great artists once in lifetime come along great song

  7. Larry Jackson

    Take me back to the 60s 70s 80s please a do over

  8. rexbitten

    I'm saddened to hear he's no longer with us but he left behind his music and that Voice.

  9. GL AnnapolisTeam

    Love the original by FOD but this version ain’t too shabby.

  10. Cheryl Starker

    Best version of this song. I love it!



  12. Don F.

    I had the honor of meeting Paul in Nashville in 1987. I was nobody but he took the time to talk to me for about 15 minutes. What a warm, humble and friendly man! He spoke with a soft, down home southern accent but sang like this, Wow! Paul, I will go on enjoying listening to you sing as long as I live. RIP brother, until I see you again.

  13. Andrew Boush

    All of his songs remind me of happy times.

  14. Dean Tolentino

    I can only imagine that he is doing great out there in the expansive universe of space and time. Love you Paul Davis.

  15. Debbiej Hensley

    great one

  16. Michael Moynihan

    * This is my daughter's favorite song. She asks us to play it everyday, over and over. She's not even 2 years old, yet!

  17. Liz S

    Musical genius! Hit after hit. Left us way
    too early.

  18. Denise Hedden

    Miss you Paul!RIP Paul!☆♡☆♡☆♡♡☆☆

  19. Irenee Shubert

    I was absentmindedly listening to this one and realized I actually liked the song.

  20. 徳永隆宏


  21. Marcos Adriano Chicatto

    Great song!!!

  22. Anna Oneal

    i just love listening to this man i know he's no longer here but his beautiful spirit lives forever this man never wrote from ego such sweet sweet music ! he a true angel in the universe

  23. The Road Warrior Brick house

    Paul was born in Meridian,Ms. Im from Louisville, Ms an hour north. Although I never knew him personally, I've talked to people who did. Paul was a laid back kinda guy. A quote his teachers in school said he'd be never amount to anything, boy did he fool them. Paul loved golf as much as music. Paul wrote from his true feelings on life. Paul was actually shot in Tn . I believe 1986, but died in Rush hospital 2008. RIP

  24. Stacey Shelton

    his best song love or let me be lonely Paul Davis r.I.p.

  25. Rene Larwa

    He was the Best! Miss him! RIP Paul Davis

  26. Rob Olgatree

    Campaign for Paul Davis to be inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
    ABBA is there and the Beasty Boys . . . . Why isnt Paul in there?

    MeLinda Bell

    He is now in the Mississippi Songwriter's Hall of Fame, and in great company, as you will see, if you check it out! http://www.msmusic.org/mississippi-songwriters.html

    The Yacht Rock Show

    Come hear Paul Davis on the Yacht Rock Show https://anchor.fm/theyachtrockshow/episodes/The-Yacht-Rock-Show-Nov-8-2019-YachtRockShow-w-Capt-Eddie-Ganz-e8smdu

  27. Ida Porche

    his music rocks, no one like him

  28. Susan Hertzberg

    your music is so enticing it brings me to a different level you are wonderful. luv you

  29. Stacey Shelton

    awesome song I love it

  30. fanmaxis3004

    i could swore this song is a bit older than 1980

    Dave C

    The Friends of Distinction released the song originally in 1970, and Paul Davis did a great cover of the original version in 1982. My preference leans slightly toward The Friends of Distinction version based on the obscurity of the group.

  31. Susan Hertzberg

    this song is so hypnotic and angelic you are so awesome

  32. Susan Hertzberg

    this song is so hypnotic and angelic you are so awesome

  33. Susan Hertzberg

    i luv you paul. your voice is magnificent

  34. Jose Mora

    RIP your music will live for ever

  35. Susan Hertzberg

    you are so beautiful

  36. Silky Sam'70

    I'd like to visit Pauls gravesite in Meridian,MS. and get a picture of his headstone just for keepsakes.

    Rob Olgatree

    https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/26198317/paul-lavon-davis#view-photo=42206053 <--- click on link for photo of it. He is buried in Magnolia Cemetery in Meridian,Mississippi.

  37. heartfulness

    Yes, Paul Davis had a beautiful heart, a transcendent voice, and was a musical genius.

  38. babyche Barrios

    His cover did justice to the friends of distinction

    Dave C

    I quite agree, although my preference leans slightly toward The Friends of Distinction version based on the obscurity of the group.

  39. Silky Sam'70

    RIP Paul.

  40. Brad Couture

    I am a Van Halen fan and love this song!

  41. Doobie1975

    as much as I've loved the original I was really impressed with how good Paul's version was and is just as great as the classic original, it's not very often where a cover version is as good or better as the original.

    Alex Riddick


  42. john q

    Great re-make of a classic

  43. Harry S. Anchan

    It is not every day I love a remake more than the original. But in this case, Paul's version has the edge! I love it more than the Friends of Distinction version.

    The Yacht Rock Show

    Harry S. Anchan same here! I play it on the Yacht Rock Show https://anchor.fm/theyachtrockshow/episodes/The-Yacht-Rock-Show-Nov-8-2019-YachtRockShow-w-Capt-Eddie-Ganz-e8smdu

  44. landyachtfan79

    "I could live without love if I wanted to in my lonely room. But I don't want to, so I'll leave it up to you to wash away my blues.............." Cover of the 1970 Friends of Distinction classic.

  45. jo cardwell

    I still can't get enough of his music. Hope to see you in Heaven Paul.

    The Yacht Rock Show

    jo cardwell tune in the Yacht Rock show and hear Pauls music and more! https://anchor.fm/theyachtrockshow/episodes/The-Yacht-Rock-Show-Nov-8-2019-YachtRockShow-w-Capt-Eddie-Ganz-e8smdu

  46. pinkie dillon

    this song reminds me of me wow

  47. GettnBooted

    I liked both versions this is a lil more soulful and bluesy but the other one is okay too.

  48. Maryjosaphina Kelly.Lynch

    nice song.

  49. Bruce Powell

    Man was a music genius, RIP.

    Harry S. Anchan

    Oh, no. I did not know he died. A sad ending, too, for a man who was, as you said, a musical genius. He was the last person to deserve such an ending. I hope the culprit is rotting in jail forever. I am sad.

    Fiona Head

    I didnt know he had died until about 2 months ago, am  deeply saddened by his death, i hope to see him in a different universe, I loved and still love his music today,,,, i love this song as well as cool night, i go crazy, sweet life and 65 love affair

    Emily Cigliano

    Please tell me how did he pass...I thought it was the big C.

    Fiona Head

    He died of a massive heartattack the day after his 60th birthday

  50. brad lewis

    Um...great version,however,The Friends Of Distinction wrote this.

  51. mbfavreau

    Heard the FOD version and the wiki article mentioned this one. Came here to hear it. It ain't no '65 Love Affair or Cool Night, (my fav PD tune) but cool to hear and a reminder to check out more of Paul's stuff. Thanks.

  52. Ruben Delgadillo

    The Friends of Distinction brought me here!

  53. John Green

    Oh wow, the first time that I heard this song was by the Fifth Dimension. Was this Paul's composition? Sounds great!! RIP Paul.

    Ruben Delgadillo

    Friends of Distinction John.


    Use google John. The 5th didn’t do this song.

  54. Lasse 1964

    just another beautiful song from magic year of 1982

    Emily Cigliano

    That was the year my soulmate finally got me to say "YES". Smartest move I've ever made.

  55. Abracadabra

    Beautiful voice and sensitive heart ❤️

  56. frankie hunter

    Yes, he was shy. Why are people shy? Some of the most beautiful (spiritually and phisycally) women and men are very shy? Is shyness inborn or do we get it in the childhood?

    frankie hunter

    @Rob Olgatree Yes,his whole work was timeless. 

    Emily Cigliano

    Hmmmm...Inborn is my guess.

    Ida Porche

    you are born that way, shy. just how a person is.

    Pamela Graves

    Shyness isn't necessarily the word, I feel it's more like introvert or extrovert. As far as being born that way or that happening to us along the way, I think it could be a little of both. He was an amazing artist and person. I'm so happy we still have his music and a part of him.

    Changeless Madness

    Pamela Graves Shyness and introversion are two completely different things, and have nothing to do with each other. Look it up for God's sake! Stop spewing slander and drivel!!!

  57. Reed Morris

    I had entirely forgot Paul Davis songs. When his songs came out, I was a teenager, and never even knew his name or anything about him. I am so thankful to Eric for sharing this mans talent. Without this presentation, I never would have even remembered his music. Several of his songs now rank in my top 20 songs. Best of all, after reading about Paul, he was a fine gentleman and father. Paul, someday we will meet in Paradise...say hello to the angels because I KNOW you are among them.

    Jocelyn Brown-James

    I am going to share my AMEN here. Love his body of work. Totally under-rated. I can listen to his songs all day. Leaves you feeling good and cared for. Gone too soon.

    Tommy Pauly

    That is how I feel. I hope the girl I've been seeing for the last 3 years loves me as much as I love her; If not, please let me know so my feelings for you can be spared I would be better off lonely than be strung along!!

  58. Robert Lynch

    A tremendous talent!

  59. cas3003

    What a song! Especially in the refrain at 0:34.
    This version, repeats it after  2:45 and I can't let it end.
    Best version ever!

    Debby Berg

    My only issue with this song is the tambourine is out of rhythm with the rest of the song-I heard it in my Skull Candy ear buds and now I can't ignore it. :(

    Carol Birdwell

    shut up stupid

  60. Solid State

    Gregg Allman's long lost twin brother.

  61. George Watson

    This man's ego (if he had one) truly resided in his ability to write beautiful music. I read that he was shy and didn't like performing and was more of a "home-body", hence his short performance career as he didn't like being on the road. I also read he had an autistic son, Jonathan, from his marriage (he was divorced) and that he was very devoted to him. This is another fine human being I wish I could have known. Rest in Peace brother.

    Kari K.

    George Watson He was born in and died in Meridian, Mississippi. I think (not sure) he lived in the area for most of his life while he was not recording or on tour. I've loved his music since I was a little girl; "'65 Love Affair" was one of the first songs I remember ever hearing in my life, and I STILL love it! Great guy, gone too soon, like so many.


    That's my impression of him also. So talented.

    Charley Lowe

    We will see him in heaven someday brother. 😉

    melinda taylor

    Respected and admiredhim so much.A true artist with humility...almost unheard of today.Great singer /songwriter.

    The Yacht Rock Show

    George Watson thanks for sharing .. check out my show the Yacht Rock Show I play his music and lots more like it: https://anchor.fm/theyachtrockshow/episodes/The-Yacht-Rock-Show-Nov-8-2019-YachtRockShow-w-Capt-Eddie-Ganz-e8smdu

  62. Jennifer Growden

    TALENT gone passing at 60 in 2008 ,song's from the heart , a wonderful writer and singer, he will alway's be in heart with those song's

  63. Francisco Javier Alvarez Gomez

    Davis. Me pusiste esta lírica en el momento preciso. Como para que me la dediquen. Cómo sabías!

  64. Bruce Powell

    Great cover of a great song from the master, not much heard anymore--miss the man and his music, and the era when good things seemed abundant.

  65. thebugman2007

    Love this song. Havent heard it in years. Thanks for posting. Brings back so many memories. Rip Paul.

  66. ben thayer


  67. Bryan Gadow

    Talk about a forgotten hit! Great stuff-heard this 1000 times on the radio in the early 80s (and thanks to YouTube I can hear it another 1000!)

  68. Daniel McGorray

    Agree, Paul is sadly missed, done everything from Nigel Ollsson first premiere lp
    in 1978, also wrote many tunes for Marie Osmond " Meet Me in Montana to Dan Seals
    "Bop", also sang with Marie.

  69. John Lancaster

    Might be his best track of many greats

  70. Dave Wollenberg

    Paul's final top 40 hit, peakin' at #40, 8-28-82. Bless you, Erik, for postin' it. Thanx! Have blessed weekend! RIP, brother Paul. See you in Heaven!

  71. Ms Alice

    great re-make of the Friends of Distinction hit from 1970...

  72. sauquoit13456

    On this day in 1970 {April 4th} the Friends of Distinction performed "Love or Let Me Be Lonely" on the late Dick Clark's 'American Bandstand'...
    One month earlier on March 7th it entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart; eventually it peaked at #6 and spent 13 weeks on the Top 100...
    It reached #13 on Billboard's Hot R&B Singles chart...
    Twelve years later in 1982 Paul Davis covered the song; his version peaked at #40...
    R.I.P. Mr. Clark {1929 - 2012}...

  73. Barbary Coast

    I forgot how much I loved this song. Thanks so much for posting it.

  74. Elizabeth Gandy

    Loved [email protected] age 16 in 1982 & still do 31 years later!!!!! Love it & thanks to Todd Michaels from Sat night 80s for playing it for me years ago like 7yrs ago!!!!! Paul Davis is sooo missed!!!!!

  75. John Lancaster

    Odd that it only hit no. 40. I heard this one quite a bit...a great track

  76. maurice daniels

    Great song. i miss these times

  77. modefan63

    my favorite paul davis song thanks miss him a lot

  78. tatumwa72

    Love or let me be lonely...my predicament
    Have to decide...
    Paul Davis what a voice and such feelings

  79. Tammy Berry

    I heard this song on my 70's & 80's tv music channel yesterday and just remembered to look for it here. Love it! I forgot about it too! If you have Dish Network, look for the Ambrosia music channel. Soooo good!

  80. Superbook4Eva

    This song entered the Top 40 and peaked at #40 30 years ago this month. I'd never heard it until it was played on last week's classic "American Top 40 - The '80s" show.

    Great version of the Friends of Distinction classic - it really works as a midtempo soft-rocker.

  81. Douggiie

    Love Love LOVE this song!

  82. sthom3521

    I love the bass guitar line in this song...awesome sound on a good audio system

  83. Ross Heisler

    Paul Davis was an awesome singer and song writer and he is missed!!!

  84. bohogal1

    Hi and thanks for posting this beautifully rendered remake by Paul Davis. His song, I Go Crazy, stayed with me during 1978 when I was living in my car in Houston, Texas. I think the authenticity of his emotion and his vocal brilliance cut through the fog I was in at the time. Thank you, Paul Davis, for being so honest with your emotions.

  85. Jose Leoncio Torres Murga

    Es una cancion que me trae tantos recuerdos. GOOD

  86. russel sharer

    5 lonely dislikes peoples.

  87. Elizabeth Gandy

    I was 16 in 1982 & loved this!!!!! Great song of my teens!!!!! Great music of my youth is a missed classic!!!!!!

  88. ItisMister2U

    Best Vocal of all time!! Priceless!!!

  89. Kim England

    Love it! Loved so many of his songs!

  90. Stan Gunn


  91. charlton myers

    @inhaltslos yes right after his 60th birthday

  92. Peter D.

    So so good , I can't help dancin' around the room!

  93. carouselgal

    I remember the original of this song from the 60s and of course this version. Paul Davis had a great voice and wonderful music. RIP Paul!

  94. Aaron Brouillard

    I forgot about this song - I had it taped from the radio on a cassette 29 years ago! I just found out here on YouTube this past week that Paul Davis had passed away - how sad - he was a great singer and had some pretty fantastic songs - including this one! Rest in peace Paul.....

  95. Elizabeth Gandy

    @castertunes1967 I hear you I was 16 when this came out in 1982 somehow being a teenager in the early 80s was great with great music!!!!

  96. Lisa Mills

    I never heard this version before... Great song! Thanks for posting it.

  97. Elizabeth Gandy

    I love this I was 16 yrs old in 1982 when I heard this & love it!!! Im 45 yrs old now and its priceless & still sounds great!!! How I miss Sat night 80s with Todd Michaels he used to play this for me!!! Great memories!!!!

  98. modefan63

    thanks eric i forgot about this gem. nobody in LA plAYESthis one any more. i miss paul sad i never saw him in concert.