Davis Jr., Sammy - The Girl From Ipanema Lyrics

Tall and tan and young and lovely
The girl from Ipanema goes walking and
When she passes, each one she passes goes, aah
When she walks she's like a samba that
Swings so cool and sways so gentle that
When she passes, each one she passes goes

Oh, but I watch her so sadly
How can I tell her, I love her
Yes I would give my heart gladly
But each day when she walks to the sea
She looks straight ahead, not at me
Tall, tan, young, lovely
The girl from Ipanema goes walking and
When she passes I smile but she doesn't see

Oh, but I watch her so sadly
How can I tell her, I love her
Yes I would give my heart gladly
But each day when she walks to the sea
She looks straight ahead, not at me
Tall and tan, young and lovely
The girl from Ipanema goes walking and
When she passes I smile
But she doesn't see, she ain't lookin' at me
It ain't me that she sees
She keeps walkin' and swingin', on the beach you see, oh
But she's walkin' down the beach
She swings like a samba

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Davis Jr., Sammy The Girl From Ipanema Comments
  1. TSC TSC

    Sammy's songs play even better today because of the times. Newer generations would love the upbeat and jazzy, swinging, sound. This is because everything is faster in music today. Though the voices are not nearly as good as this man's pipes!

  2. Karem Marquez

    Bela versão!🇧🇷

  3. Piera Bergamaschi


  4. Tasha Williams

    Y'all don't know nothing about this.

  5. jesus soto

    x1.25 <3

  6. Mark Banner

    ¡¡¡Gracias Sr Davis por tanto talento!!!

  7. musicandmovieguy55 reviewer

    Just a little side comment here: The rest of this great performance is still available on DVD if one looks for it and you really get to see Sammy at his best in full color with a great band, singing his heart out. Seeing him do this particular great number in its entirety, Not as you see it here - is very rare. Believe it or not - the Only place I have seen Sammy do it on film or DVD was during a very special episode of "I Dream of Jeannie" where the producers brilliantly (and I'm sure very costly) set up a wonderful episode involving him simultaneously performing a special concert for the Air Force brass at Cape Kennedy and at a swanky Miami Beach nightclub at the same time, using typical "I Dream of Jeannie" special effects and editing! The results are hysterical as well as very entertaining because we see Sammy at his very peak and get to see that very very rare performance of "The Girl From Ipanema" in his made up "apartment" as he rehearses it for a show. It is episode 23 from Season 2, appropriately entitled: "The Greatest Entertainer in the World". Worth a look if your a true SD fan...

  8. Tara Mg

    Well maybe she never looked his way because of the cat calling in the first verse

    Ryan Murtagh

    Tara Mg I wouldn’t call that cat calling. That right there is called singing the beat. Which Sammy was well known for doing and making up noises that fit into the beat.

  9. Pink Rose

    Will smith got me here

  10. Alan Fox

    this version more better.

  11. Linda Godsey

    Love this version...big band!

  12. masquenada8

    The candy man do it so gracefully!

  13. David Richardson

    Great performance

  14. Waldo Forsest

    He epitomized the word "cool"


    You're right. After Dean, Sammy's the man!

  15. Eduardo Cesar

    Uauuu Jazzzz/ Bosssa...

  16. lobecosc

    Now this version I like. Not the sped-up version from I Dream Of Jeannie, but still good.

  17. Louisa

    Sammy's Latin roots come into play here

  18. Walter Karch

    showing our ago ok im in :)

  19. miguel angel domenech

    Que gran artista

  20. michel j

    Now this is music.



  22. Azman S

    Great piece by the great crooner!

  23. AmandathePandaBooks

    this song has always given me chills! Franky, instrumentals, etc...

  24. triz carreno

    The girl from ipanima

    george moore

    +triz carreno Yes dear I agree:) ox

    george moore

    +triz carreno bonita/amor;)

  25. mireille tarrene

    pourquoi je n'ai pas ce soir T S F sur ma radio Etrechy Essonne

  26. slawhead

    I love this version... unfortunately it's a little different from the version available on iTunes. How can I get this exact version?

    Milton sabbag jr

    +slawhead Sammy sings with the Count Basie Orchestra and Quincy Jones arrangements!

  27. Lila Vasquez

    My eight year old son LOVES this song --- BUT he especially likes the way Sammy Davis Jr sings it ... 

  28. Tyso Treece

    já não e de hoje que mantemos nossos ídolos um pouco esquecidos , engraçado e que eles homenagearam a Praia mais famosa do mundo e no entanto há anos que não se houve aqueles que ajudaram a iluminar esta Cidade ,mais aqui vai uma para não se esquecer , dentre as vozes estão um grupo grande de músicos que ajudaram a manter esta Praia famosa mesmo com tanto contratempos ela ainda e a maior e mais linda do mundo

  29. Júlio de Lemos Cesar Pereira de Lemos

    One of the most talented artists of the USA. He sang & danced a lot!!!

  30. Alexavier So crazy

    amazing version

  31. Tom Sender

    nobody does anything better than Sammy

  32. MrPhane1

    Carlton sang it better

  33. BikiniBottomGirl

    Sad truth is because he was black. Same reason the genius of Ella Fitzgerald was never in the spotlight as much as other singer of the time. That's the 60's for ya....

  34. Ron Pahnke

    I heard he was quick draw with a gun, one of best in hollywood

  35. stuart freeman

    The greatest, all around entertainer, ever. And he was the best, at whatever he did.

  36. Andrew Thompson

    FYI Sammy was cubano, not boricua. He claimed to be from puerto rico because of the anti-cuban sentiment in the 60s

  37. Jeff McLean

    I hear you Nigel...Man Sammy was a one man wrecking crew..this guy was the real deal..more than a triple threat..he could sing, dance, act, and was funny as hell. I've always been a Dean fan..but the more I watch these videos the more I realize his talent

  38. Drew Karsanow

    I have the LP and the notes on the back say that this and Blues for Mr.Charlie were by Sammy's Pianist George Rhodes. The rest of the arrangements on the album are by Quincy Jones


    Drew Karsanow do the liner notes say who the sax player is soloing on this track?

  39. janine bryant

    Back when I was a child, my parents were in Las Vegas, and my dad, in the hotel where they were staying, came round a hallway corner in a hurry and bumped right into Sammy who was also in a hurry! My dad was embarrased beyond measure but said that Mr. Davis was totally gracious and kind. I miss Sammy Davis Jr. They don't make em like that anymore!

    Kent Jackson

    what a splendid entainrer.....

  40. George Vreeland Hill

    Sammy was amazing.
    His talent was great.
    I miss him.
    Sammy was class in every sense of the word.

    George Vreeland Hill

  41. Nigel Longhurst

    I've only just investigated the genius that was Sammy D.Jr. (Thanks to YouTube). Why on earth did he never get the credit or legendary status that Frank and rat-pack also-rans achieved? Brilliant impressionist, could tap-dance up vertical walls, had perfect comic timing - and sang at least as well (dare I say better?) than any of them...


    So true.

    jeff gray

    He is arguably the most talented of the bunch.

    Pink Rose

    Because he’s black 🤷🏾‍♀️

    Peter Gibbons

    America in his time...no other reason....not right but how it was.

  42. fernand gabrielli

    Wonderful arrangement, but by who???

  43. Marcus Ribeiro

    Sammy Davis will always be a show

  44. William Conn


  45. Michel machado da motta

    I am brazilian and love the Saamy voice.

  46. Emeka Onochie

    @jewelsthebarber Sammy was not half PR he was half cuban and was just afraid to say it because of the cuban backlash in those days

  47. kinshua

    He has a very nice rich voice. Very nice - especially with the big band.

  48. AmishRiot

    I wonder if they berried him with his glass eye. By now the coffin is just a skeleton and an eye rolling around.

  49. Phlincke

    Sammy has more class than a College

  50. pirb3

    aaAAAH!!....from1:39 feels I like wonna dance like Fred Astaire..with tophat, of course...

  51. fvrrljr

    Mr Bojangles ????
    Speechless Jaw Drops to floor in awe !!!!
    what a voice....
    Pure CLASS

  52. desertphilip

    @lamb7 Ha ha . Damn right!!

  53. Lamb 7

    Sammy and the Count's Orchestra.
    That's what I'm talkin' 'bout.

  54. kahnt

    I listened to almost all covers here on youtube to find out which version I grew up listening to. I don't even know who Sammy was but dang, I remember this version. An I loved it.

  55. muffin6617

    @caploveslockup Me too..I thought I was the only one.

  56. Ashley Nimoy

    i like tht everyone tht sings this song has there own version of it. all the songs i have heard are really great. :)

  57. Ashley Nimoy

    wow he sounds like a god lol. :)

  58. Carly Zywno

    You know what I love? How I can actually understand everything he says.

  59. SoHot77

    He was on Jeannie today. LOL One of my favorite episodes.

  60. ezabdullah

    Sammy Davis was supremely talented. Could he crowd please. One of the most complete multi-talented entertainers of all time. The orchestral arrangement here is one of the best I have heard.

  61. DEEFIR

    Ya GOTTA love that orchestration! Great pairing!

  62. Elite Athlete

    @mysteryMusician13 i was just about to ask if anyone if they knew when sammie sung this on a tv show, saved me the wait

  63. AAA001Z

    wonderful version

  64. zrocks2001

    he sang that beautifully
    what a beautiful song

  65. dartioli

    Muito legal essa versão de Garota de Ipanema, em inglês!
    From Brasil

  66. Godfather Creed

    sammys so amazing

  67. Stefania Cristoforo

    Sammy does have class. I agree.

  68. Gerald Mcdonald

    Just watched that episode of Jeanie. Kept rewinding to hear/see him perform this song. KOOL BABY.

  69. bladeguy7

    Sammy has class.

  70. Wanda Moreira

    amava Sammy, amava Sinatra, amava Tom Jobim, e amo Garota de Ipanema...para sempre...

  71. gittahfiend

    0:51Get it on(LOL)

  72. Elmo de Mambrino

    I´m looking for this version.

  73. Milton Clinkscales

    I miss you Sammy...

  74. begood2all

    Class! *****

  75. Stunatra

    One of the best versions of the song that I've heard. Love Count Basie and Sammy Davis Jr.