Davis Jr., Sammy - Not For Me Lyrics

Ballads are being sung
But not for me
Church bells are being rung
But not for me
I am without love
But I don't doubt love can be
Warm and tender for some
But not for me
Poems are being read
But not for me
Prayers are being said
But not for me
I've never known love
Or been shown love, you see
And maybe there is such a thing
But not for me
So let all of your singers sing
But not for me
And let all of your church bells ring
But not for me
And if tomorrow
All your sorrows should be
Just like mine then you cry
But not for me
No, not me
Never for me

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Davis Jr., Sammy Not For Me Comments
  1. Veg4Ev

    Sammy the multi-talented entertainer of all time as well as an actor.

  2. Brookfield


  3. Daved Forkel

    Sammy 1 of Kind Performer!

  4. Susan Graham

    It's true Bobby Darin wrote it and record it first but Sammy Davis Jr KILLED IT with a voice that can't be beat or compare to young singers today.


    Well, to be honest, it's a bit of a rip off of Gershwin's "But Not For Me", a kind of 1960's take on it.

  5. realfunny7

    I had this album but lost it & many others when the basement flooded - this was the coolest song on that album - I 'm  66 & remember it well - Admiral King HS Lorain,Ohio '67

  6. ron covington

    Found out Bobby Darin wrote or co-wrote it and recorded it too.  His version is cool but Sammy's is so unique.  Not sure if this was a hit for Bobby Darin.

  7. medusa7ful

    I REMEMBER this song!!  We had a 45 rpm record of this song sanged by Mr. Sammie Davis, Jr.!! 

  8. Matthew Meaney

    I remember this from 1964. Last time I heard it on the radio is when I played in in 1976. I don't know why it was not a bigger record.

  9. Rupert Street

    What a great all round production.
    I bought this when it was originally released and fully expected it to be a worldwide hit, instead it sank like a stone. How come?