Davis Jr., Sammy - Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow (Baretta's Theme) Lyrics

Don't go to bed with no price on your head
(Don't do it)
Don't do the crime if you can't do the time
(Don't do it)

Keep your eye on the sparrow
When the going gets narrow

(Don't do it)

Don't roll the dice if you can't pay the price
(Don't do it)
Don't run your feet down a dead-end street
(Don't do it)

Just keep your eye on the sparrow
When the going gets narrow

(Don't do it)

Don't do me dirt or you're gonna get hurt
(Don't do it)
Don't run away till you hear what I say
(Don't do it)

Keep your eye on the sparrow
When the going gets narrow

(Don't do it)

Ain't gonna fight with no thief in the night
(Well well well well well)

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Davis Jr., Sammy Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow (Baretta's Theme) Comments
  1. Dave Ledo


  2. Aunty Ro Knows

    Blast from the past. I remember watching the series but not the series itself. He had a bird... named Fred?

  3. Pro 4 Solution


  4. throughthefire

    Television crime show theme songs used to be the best! Baretta, Starsky and Hutch, Rockford Files, S.W.A.T., Mission Impossible, Hawaii Five-O, etc.


    @throughthefire Mannix,Streets of San Francisco,Cannon,etc.

  5. Omar Alvarez Vera

    ❤ serie y musica de mi infancia

  6. My name is Hawk

    The band killed it. Perfect song.

  7. diego mendez

    La primer serie de mi infancia inolvidable música de intro

  8. J Bro

    "Don't do me dirt or you're gonna get hurt!"

  9. John Pulaski

    .....Way better than the Shaft theme! R.I.P. Sammy!!!!👍🇺🇸👏

  10. J Bro

    Back when Star Wars was just one movie

  11. charles aniel

    x white collar criminal

  12. jojo dancer

    Oh shit..

    The beginning was used in Kris's Kross song " I missed the bus"

  13. brian henderson

    don't beat the meat on the toilet seat oh no no no don't do it.

  14. Greekpapi

    Any tune with cowbell has my supreme approval !!!

  15. qarmen sva

    Dublörün dilemması

  16. Bob J

    Dont do me dirt or your gonna get HURT!!!

  17. Howard Thomas

    I remember the ol grey ghost :)

  18. Tarius Shinobi

    Glad to be a 70's Kid!
    Great TV Shows, Films & Music!
    Baretta used to come on Wednesday Nights after The Bionic Woman & Before Starsky & Hutch on ABC in Los Angeles!
    Talk about a Great Line up!

  19. MrBrklyn212UndergroundHipHop


  20. kelly Hughes

    Coolness 😎

  21. Otto Aguilar

    baretta an his cacatua bird

  22. Ken Perk

    DON'T DO IT!

  23. tjs001

    was that Fred at :07?

  24. redskinjim

    the 70s were the greatest


    The HOTTEST intro on television!

  26. Joann Johnson

    Sammie Davis Jr did it with this 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  27. MegaRich1964

    Golden years....! ❤️

  28. kelly Hughes

    So Cool! 😎

  29. MrIzmogizmo

    Wow what a song, lots of soul, funk and feeling. Topclass. Love it.

  30. KostaF64

    In mid '70s in Buenos Aires every Tuesday night after "The Six Milion Dollar Man" on Canal 7

  31. Gerald ODonnell

    Good advice to stay out of JAIL!

  32. Vahan Nisanian

    According to Roman Polanski, it should be "Do the crime, don't do the time".

  33. Trend setta

    Loved that song since its introduction in the 70s!!!!!

    .....don't do it !

  34. Lisa Love

    Keep your eye on the sparrow

  35. boihardwareonyutube

    This is still the most rhythmic and funkiest theme song in tv history. Great memories of the 70’s even in 2019; gets a thumbs up. 👍🏾

    Lisa Love

    boihardwareonyutube the absolute best comment on this thread


    How bout the theme from Swat which I believe The Rhythm Heritage did also!!!

  36. dr.sasan ahadi

    Very nice


    Q talento de voz serie de culto

  38. Rick Suegreen

    This is about as killer theme as you can get. That percussion...... those vocals. That tune.......

  39. Felix Brown


  40. Michael Lucas

    Love this show - good memories

  41. Jean H Pierre

    Love it.....

  42. terry tyler

    12 dislikers dont have their 👀 s on the sparrow

    Aja Blue


  43. busywl69

    hell yeah

  44. dstol62

    Don't do the crime if you can't do the time....

  45. Pete Mago

    This is Tony Baretta's soul.

  46. Achilles Avendano

    Classic baby!!!!

  47. Sophie

    Anyone else here from MFM?

  48. sandinyourshoes

    Excellent vocals! I love how Sammy's voice rises with beautiful vibratto when he sings, "Keep your eye... On the sparrow." Listen to how he holds the word "eye" so well that you don't want it to ever end!




    MuscleHustle , the man knew how to get down!

  49. bill Slattery

    Judge finds Robert Blake innocent


    bill Slattery , case closed, but it's the jury who found him "not guilty."

  50. padavidsen

    Still got this on vinyl

  51. txmetalhead82xk

    Too fantastic!

  52. Susan Sexton

    Blessed to have been a child of the seventies!


    I know, right? Baretta, Starksy and Hutch, The Rookies, Barnaby Jones.

    Jarvis Gandy

    Susan Sexton yes right on I can dig it.

    Angel Diamond Star

    You are a beautiful woman, Susan! Thank you very much!!

  53. Twisted Titan

    Straight banging

  54. Crypto Hunt

    Love it! The EPIC '70s!

  55. Chase Roush

    Is anyone else here because of Mitchell?

    Bill Adams

    ...eye on the sammich...

  56. Michael Markowski

    Best TV Show Theme Song......ever.

    Paul Graham

    Name of the Game was good too and Ironsides but yeah, this one is aces

  57. Guido Harmeling

    This music gave me goose-bumps when I was young back in the seventies.

  58. carrobin691

    One of the Rarest icon music hit Shows series of all Time classics
    ........How I miss this So much. **

  59. martha cecilia suarez jimenez

    La serie de mi infancia; que infancia..... T Baretta por las calles de S. Francisco E.U.A

    Pete Mago

    Baretta trabajaba in Los Angeles, CA.

  60. Bongo Dave

    I always loved this song. Sammy was a treat!

  61. Daniella de groote


  62. StevenC32

    Sammy Davis jr. can sing anything from the Candy Man to Mr. Bojangles to the Baretta theme song.

    Richard Bowley

    Plus dress up as a priest and roll around in a Ferrari with Dean Martin in "Cannonball Run."

  63. Daisy Jane

    Did Sammy do the original theme music for Baretta, or is this "just" a cover? I haven't heard it since childhood.

    Lisa Love

    Daisy Jane Sammy did it

    Aja Blue

    This is his song, the one and only Sammy Davis jr. ❤

  64. Elena Álvarez López


  65. bill Slattery

    I still think that Robert Blake is innocent he didnt kill his wife

    Jim McCracken


  66. ÅᑎƬwΛN ᗩNᗪƦΞϟƠИ

    keep your eeeeyyyyeeeeee on tha sammich! heart poundin! veins cloggin!


    (whispers) “Mitchell’s on the corner...”


  67. joe gausch

    definitely the shit...

  68. sandy david

    Absolutely loved Baretta.....this is what I was watching when the black out of 1977 happened. :) Loved growing up in the 70's

    Pete Mago

    Tony Baretta was THE man !!!!


    @StevenC32 Those were the days.


    @sandy david You were living in NYC when that happen? So was I. Interesting time to be living in NYC The blizzard of '77, the blackout of '77, and the Son of Sam murders of '77. Graffiti on the subway cars, high crime rate, bankruptcy, trash piling up due to the sanitation strikes. The XXX rated movie theaters Porn along 8th avenue. And Fun times.

    Peaches FromChicago

    Absolutely LOVED BARETTA 💛... Watched with my Dad

    Peaches FromChicago

    SteveC32 I didn't know Sammy did this piece.... DON'T DO IT!

  69. Daniella de groote

    so as said..ww3 is eniminend... pff we do not say we have legal licinse to kill.. james bond is A movie....... mais, qaund tu habite en france... le president dit......... on sight!

    Daniella de groote

    dito, have marchin order in postal at 15/7...aaYY...


    clarification please, who did this song originally is it merry clayton or is it sammy davis jr?

    Twisted Titan


    I don't know but this joint is the absolute shit

  71. QueenJoose LaMonica

    Hell yea! Itz one of my current ringtonez! 😂😂😂 Loved dat show and theme song back n da day! Sammy Davis Jr was and STILL IS DAT DUDE!! RIP

  72. Vic Bohy

    my best friend Morgan wrote this.. still fabulous

  73. Bill Cleveland

    Sam is the man! Son of a gun never ceased to reinvent himself.

  74. Mario Gonzalez

    masterpiece music horns and all the jingle jingles this is music you can't fuck with because it puts you into a deep dark hustling mode

    Mario Gonzalez

    this damn song makes me want to find my thin black quarter length leather jacket and hustle the Milwaukee streets. THE 70S when the beer was cold and the cars were fast

    David Roy

    “Deep dark hustling mode”
    Best comment ever written

  75. Keith Bartholomew

    I used to listen to this song on my way to bed when I was a kid. Thanks for this!

  76. Bristol69

    Great respect for Sammy and Robert

  77. Rob Nelson

    Memories. Memories. Thanks for posting!

    Vanessa Anderson


  78. The z742884

    The Greatest Entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. - and you can take that to the Bank

    mike santoro

    +James smitten Of AAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLL TIME !!!!!

    Bongo Dave

    I love that cat!

    Glenn F Jenkins

    Ouch you crazy cat 😛

  79. Jesus Cuadrado

    Good old days Baretta

  80. Taxi Talk NYC

    Brilliant !

  81. Ricardo Moreno

    Dont role the dice if cant pay the price


    Ricardo Moreno , great advice, especially when we're in the big city.

    Trend setta

    Don't do the crime if you ain't got the time ...


    Trend setta , great advice! However, too many guys blunder by never following it.

    Trend setta

    @sandinyourshoes Exactly .... GOD Bless Them ....


    Trend setta, this music makes me feel that many guys will reform when they do the time for the crime.

  82. Ricardo Moreno

    Dont do the crime if you cant the time

    Johnny Wadd

    Robert Blake did the crime but didn't have to do the time!


    +Johnny Wadd YESS good for Robert ;-)

    Ricardo Moreno

    He did pay the time

    Ricardo Moreno

    Thats right dont do the crime if you can't do the time


    @Johnny Wadd But he paid the price (civil case)

  83. Orlando Grijalva

    Beautiful 70's


    What a great decade for cop and detective dramas.