Davis Jr., Sammy - Do I Hear A Waltz? Lyrics

Do I hear a waltz?
Very odd, but I hear a waltz
There isn't a band
And I don't understand
It at all

I can't hear a waltz
Oh, my Lord, there it goes again!
Why is nobody dancing in the street?
Can't they hear the beat?

Magical, mystical, miracle
Can it be?
Is it true?
Things are impossibly lyrical
Is it me?
No, it's you!

I do hear a waltz
I see you and I hear a waltz!
It's what I've been waiting for
All my to hear a waltz!

Do you hear a waltz?
Oh, my dear, don't you hear a waltz?
Such love Blue Danube-y music
How can you be

You must hear a waltz!
Even strangers are dancing now
An old lady is waltzing in her flat
Waltzing with her cat

Roses are dancing with peonies
Yes, it's true!
Don't you see?
Everything's suddenly Viennese
Can't be you!
Must be me!

Do I hear a waltz?
I want more than to hear a I want you to share it 'cause
Oh, boy, do I hear a waltz?

I hear a waltz!
I hear a waltz!

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Davis Jr., Sammy Do I Hear A Waltz? Comments
  1. Ruth Hildenbrandt

    this is sublime. thabks.

  2. mstrsims2

    thanks for posting. looking for various versions of this song.

  3. Jim Stark

    Sammy recorded this tune and "Take The Moment" from Do I Hear a Waltz on this 1965 LP.   The liner notes on the LP said that upon hearing this recording when it was released, Richard Rodgers sent a telegram to Sammy thanking him for his wonderful performance.   Indeed.