Davies, Ray - One More Time Lyrics

I was walking on the coast road
When the harbour came in view
It was there I saw the hilltop
That I used to walk with you

We'd sing of the old country
Now it's such a lonesome climb
Our world faded once when you were mine

Why is true love so difficult to find
Wish you were here to see it with me
One more time
Wish you were here to sing it with me
One more time

Those economic vultures
Stole our dreams and told us tales
Then they towed away our culture
To their depot in south Wales

Corporations get the tax breaks
While the city gets the crime
The profit's going somewhere
But it isn't yours or mine

Still we blindly trust in the divine
Let's sing for the old country
Come on, one more time
Let's sing it loud with feeling
Come on, one more time

You know I must be leaving
And I know you've got to stay
But you know that I'll be grieving
When you're so far away

And if this should be the last time
I should ever see your face
Let's part with no hard feeling
And a positive embrace

And I will speak well of you
When they ask when you were mine
Till then the jet stream up above
Shows us the warning signs

Till we meet again bravely walk the line
Let's sing it loud with feeling
Come on, one more time
Let's sing for the old country
Come on, one more, one more time

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Davies, Ray One More Time Comments
  1. Josesón Ramírez

    Recuerda esta canción a The Weavers o The Almanac Singers.

    Christine Anne

    thank you.

  2. flatop47

    The Great Mr Davies ...Sounds Great J/B

    Christine Anne

    yes to be sir ray now! remixed as the production was a bit lacklustre on this album.

  3. Lorenzocrown

    Nice Ballad from Davies, lovely Share.

    Christine Anne

    thanks Lorenzo,still a great writer is ray.

  4. Jory Corvid

    Ray Ray Ray 💜

    Christine Anne


  5. alchada

    HIGHLY pleasurable and enjoyable .........

    Christine Anne

    one of a kind is our ray al, have a good new year,cheers.

  6. jacob6657

    I second to Tiger's words. I wasn't familiar with this song either.

    Christine Anne

    ray and kink's records are wrongly overshadowed by their sixties success, since the sixties both davies' brothers have continued to produce great music and concerts, glad you like it Jacob.

  7. MixerRog

    Neat song, Thanks for posting it!  Rog

    Christine Anne

    there's loads of these gems in ray's cannon, one day they may get the credit they deserve,thanks rog.

  8. WonderBricks

    Very nice!!! Thumbs up!!! :-))

    Christine Anne

    thank you Diana.

  9. Erika Wallner

    Thank you for your super remix and all the best for the new year

    Christine Anne

    thanks Erika,best wishes to you.

  10. 783nata

    Superb video and unreal beautiful song! I love! Thank you, Dear Jane and Brian! Happy start of the year and a good day! Hugs and kisses!

    Christine Anne

    glad you like Natasha,all the best to you,jane and brian.

  11. Arex

    Wonderful song Brian,Happy Week:)

    Christine Anne

    cheers arex,take care,jane and brian.

  12. Horst König

    ein toller Song

    Christine Anne

    thanks horst.


    👍👍👍👍. LIKED ☺👍👍👍👍. this wonderful edition Brilliant upload, have a fabulous time ☺👍👍👍👍. Heart hugs and smiles from renate ♫ ♪ ~♥~. NICE DAY

    Christine Anne

    morning renate,thanks for nice comment,take care,jane and brian.

  14. Tiger Rogers

    Thanks for posting these excellent songs from Ray Davies! I'm getting an education here! This is superb! Cheers Tiger.

    Christine Anne

    this is a great solo album tiger,new one out from both ray and dave soon!  jane and brian.

  15. nipstertunes

    Wonderful song from a Great album, Jane and Brian. I play it often. Thank You! Cheers and Thumbs Up!

    Christine Anne

    we play it too jim. those ray and dave new albums out soon now after the delay last year!  going to remix some more of these,cheers,jane and brian.

  16. Flaviagro

    Very nice I like very much

    Christine Anne

    thank you,all the best to you.