Davies, Ray - Imaginary Man Lyrics

Is this really it?
Is this the final station
It's really been quite a trip

You know it's been great to watch the sights
Playing the edited highlights
And all the outtakes you did not see
Were only my unreality

I am, I am imaginary
I am, I am imaginary
I'm the imaginary man
Imaginary man, yes I am
Imaginary, imaginary

I was always in your head
To raise your expectations
And always let it be said

I offered my very best to you
Gave you my dreams to aspire to
Involved you in all my crazy schemes
And took you to places you'd never seen

Walked down to Preservation Hall
Looking for the old trad band
It was just a momentary glance

I saw my reflection in the glass
Watched as the world went flashing past
I knew the face but could not tell
Why I couldn't recognise myself

I am, I am imaginary
I am, I am imaginary
I'm the imaginary man
Imaginary man, yes I am
Imaginary, imaginary

I'm the imaginary man, imaginary man
Imaginary man, yes I am
Imaginary, imaginary
Imaginary man, imaginary man

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Davies, Ray Imaginary Man Comments
  1. P.J. Snow

    Always loved the Kinks, I think because Ray always wrote about the common man's condition and surroundings. Great to finally see a documentary about Ray and his great band the Kinks.

  2. Pete Rigan

    I want to paint.Kidding the Jam song.Unreleased.Kinks tribute.Oi!

  3. Pete Rigan

    villiage green is timeless.Best dissed l.p. that now proved right.

  4. Pete Rigan

    I want some kip,but afraid I won't wake up.Whatcha do?Not gonna let the bastards win

  5. Pete Rigan

    beyond comedy.Banned in the usa.Mods!

  6. Pete Rigan

    from north London to north quincy.usa.

  7. Pete Rigan

    the big sky.Nuff said.Wonderful fantasy.Sign from above.

  8. Pete Rigan

    it was the first pub I could drink illegally.lol

  9. Pete Rigan

    keep calm and carry on..lol

  10. Pete Rigan

    That's me kids!

  11. Christopher Packham

    If you don't know him already, please listen to prefab sprout and Paddy McAloon, their songwriter of talent comparable to Davies.

  12. Verónica Jiménez

    Queridísimo Ray Davies and The Kinks

  13. Luis Gomes

    Wow that's a beautiful documentary!!!

  14. Michael Sena

    I just have always loved the Kinks like the Beatles n the Rolling Stones. On n on

  15. Andrew Francis

    Better than other songwriter Ray Davies encapsulates what it means to be English.

  16. krabby 1964

    The Kink's being banned from the USA for 3 years really hurt their airplay over here. But now, who really gives a shite, because they are truly an English band. Just to give an example, Ray does not compromise using American words for British words just to boost sales in the States. Does anyone here know what a British Stone is, or how much it weighs? Hell no. But he won't take it out of the song. Living in England, a Stone is an exclusively British weight reference. These guys are better than the Rolling Stones or the Beatles. Plus, Mick, keith, Paul or John never wrote Waterloo Sunset, and I know how Ray feels when he performs it. It's very personal to us Limey's

  17. Eggesford Hall

    Good documentary this one. In october 2004 there was one made for ITV. I recorded it on vhs and watched it again and again. I bought all the albums of interest to me (something else, face to face, village green..) and was really into everything of that sort. He was singing of an England that was before the 60s, or surviving in the 60s. That was a period when the rot had set in i think. I wrote an album in one week, then another over the next 4 or 5 months. For fun i have recorded them into one album and put it on my youtube channel.

  18. Batt Mann

    Anyone who thumbs this down...................you catch my drift............nothing else needs to be said!

  19. Bernat Vids

    F n brilliant

  20. Marv Gordonski

    Ray Davies one of the greatest songwriters and most importantly lyricists of his generation. God Save the Kinks!

  21. Ivan Septa

    Good picture

  22. pretorious700

    London was a tad different in Samuel Johnson's day.

  23. 712dal

    That was a great documentary

  24. andrea22213

    Who is the woman singing 'Dead End Street?     Thanks

  25. Gypsy Faded

    Amazingly well done, thank you. Davies is the most underrated songwriter of our era. "Something other than a 25 minute guitar solo", indeed!

  26. William R

    You're a good man, Ray Davies. :0)

  27. Frankie Paradiso

    As quintessentially English as Earl Grey tea...

  28. Leonard Vaivada

    I was never a Beatles fan. Now I know why.

  29. Vienna TV

    very good thanks!

  30. wildcatter63

    FTW, it is now SIR Ray Davies. Long overdue, probably because it took this long to get him to accept it for his FANS, not himself (That's what got them to actually show up for their R&R HOF Induction)

  31. soapbxprod

    KINKS are the greatest British r and r band ever. Yardbirds and Zep tied for second

  32. Dreamwell

    As Kieth Richards did, Ray Davies stepped forward in the sixties to make art out of pop music, and we treated both men disgracefully. As the excellent Netflix film does for Kieth, this one shows a man who has emerged from that abuse with his hugely generous soul intact. Both these men are heroes for me because they exhibit such strength of character. Despite the evidence presented to the contrary, both have concluded their species is essentially benevolent and worthy of their art.

  33. kathirteen

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I'm a life-long Kinks fan!

  34. SomeGirls

    does this ever suck.

  35. Don Hornsby

    Just watching this for the first time - and smiling all the way through it. What a great production. The Kinks were, in my opinion, rivaled their peers like the Fab Four and the Stones. I loved them....but have found a lot of amazing gems among the work of the Davies Brothers and Company...

  36. Victor Haywood

    "On Being A Charlottesville Foodie"
    When we wait for Charlottesville city council to tell us what to do about our own racism, our racism has already devoured us.
    When we call relocation of one of the many Charlottesville racist statues to another park with a history steeped in segregation purposes, a step towards liberation and not simply a placation of white liberalism, our racism has already devoured us.
    When we are repeatedly trained to shut down the oppression, and we choose to still remain silent according to the vestiges of our white supremacy instead of our moral centers, our racism has already devoured us.
    When we are offered crumbs of poison and eat gluttonously and gratefully and invite others to the table of our demise in the guise of fellowship, saviourism, and charity, we deserve to be devoured.

  37. Barry Hall

    This is so great!

  38. Richard Day


  39. Grolf Clarsh

    Please help. What song is playing at 19:42-19:53? Thanks in advance.


    Big Sky...it's a great one.

    Grolf Clarsh

    @tvPBR thanks! This is great

  40. Robert Byers

    Enjoyable hearing about The kinks origins. The kinks had a few great songs but not enough to compete with the others in the Brit invasion. the social songs are dumb left wing stuff. Irrelevant to North America. The riffs are the point. Waterloo station is a very pretty song. Lola is a great rock song but please leave out any support for drag queens or transexuals or homosexuality. Don't ruin rock and roll with yucky things. Yuck.
    They didn't mention the great song victoria.
    Davis had the magic touch. he should talk about songwriting concepts. They need it today.

    Dave Bryan

    +Robert Byers rock music was never meant for you, sir. in fact, most music that you've enjoyed has likely been created by people who whole-heartedly despise your social and political disposition. unless you like country.

    Gene del Rio

    You are entitled to your opinion...no matter how stupid!  Many Kinks songs are social commentary that criticize the welfare state and by extension the left.  You clearly have not listened to the portfolio beyond a few hits!  Try Muswell Hillbillies.

    Robert Byers

    It wouldn't be a criticism of the welfare state but how its being done. its still labour lower class angst.
    in reality the Kinks show the solution. just get smarter and do a better job and come out of the lower class. Alwayus the left in britain was wrong because they blamed the bsmarter better people for keeping them down, or not sharing but all that was needed was a rising intelligence curve as it is today.
    brits are smarter today and so less left wing and less poor.

    Danny Dine

    I think Preservation Act 2 is very relevant to North America. Now more than back then.

  41. Andy Easton

    Wonderful, Ray Davies is among the greatest of all the British musicians. His insightful songs and sensitive guitar playing has brought joy to millions. God bless him!

  42. Augmuse

    Dave you are a legendary guitarist who still has what it takes to Rock n' Roll. Brother Ray still has the magic as well. Thanks Dave and Ray for 50+ of amazing playing, singing, writing, recording, and touring. You still have the goods. I hope you two original members from day one along with founder member Mick Avory will again preform as the Kinks. There is musical magic at work in that band. Think back to how you felt about music in say 1963/64 and channel that for this day and time. The new records that Ray and Dave have recently released are very good! I think many of the solo tunes are in the spirit of the Kinks sound. Those songs and ones written for a new Kinks record would fit nicely into a revived Kinks. I'm 60 years old now and I love music as much as I ever did. I love your work as a solo artist and that goes for the Kinks as well. I hope you see fit to bring the Kinks to us old fans and many new ones as well. I think you and your brother along with founder member drummer Mick Avory should bring the Kinks to life again. Not only for the 50+ Anniversary but to also embrace your solo careers. I see a new Kinks album as a bridge that pulls everything from the first Kinks album to now together. You have a body of work that is second to none.

  43. itkapatanka

    32.04; that song anyone?

    Glenn Page Music

    itkapatanka "I Go to Sleep."

    Steve Silverman

    I Go To Sleep

  44. dave stevens

    Ray Davies is not only a genius of monumental portions, but a good old English man. I'm 52 now, and I can relate times of my life to a Kinks song. One of the best songwriters who have ever lived. Once in a lifetime will you come across any one like him. god bless you Ray.


    dave stevens - correction: you mean monumental proportions, mate. I'm in total agreement with your post!!

  45. Robert Jordan

    Wonderful- thank you very much!

  46. Matthew Stetson

    Never agreed with the Kinks moving towards a faux metal sound. They will always be a great rock 'n roll band but I prefer the sound they produced when they did rock 'n roll like they did through Low Budget. You could say that trailblazing songs like You Really Got Me would point them in that metal direction. But Townshend didn't go down that road, did he? Dave has a lot to do with their sound. I give Dave alot of credit and so I'll place blame here too. As a fan I never worshipped the guitar gods and so I was always going to have issues even with a great rock 'n roll band like the Kinks. God Save the Kinks.

    Charles Copeland

    +matt helm "Punk" is the term you're looking for, not "metal". ;)

    Matthew Stetson

    +Charles Copeland Attitude, Pressure and David Watts live were nice representations of punk but Cliches of the World and the way they dressed up Really Got Me and All Day and All Of the Night live, while they're not metal, they're closer to it than punk. That's why RD feels comfortable working with Metallica on You Really Got Me. Rock n Roll Cities isn't metal but I think of it metal tinged and certainly not punk. Hard rock is the best description since Dave has always loved to play his guitar and play it loud. At this point musicians can speak of the notes and keys they play in but I'm not a musician. Admittedly, I'm more of a fan of stuff like Autumn Almanac, End Of the Season and Waterloo Sunset but I like their take on Rock n Roll too. I couldn't do without the Kinks. Smiley Face.


    Doesn't matter really. BOTH styles trace their roots back to Dave Davies and his guitar. And complete disregard of amp speakers...

  47. G-Raw

    Its a real goddamn shame that he & his brother still cant get along.


    When the s*&t hits the fan, they have stepped it up for eachother. Dave took Ray in after the breakdown and other times of desperate need, and Ray brought Dave home so HE could take care of his baby brother after the stroke. Most families have their moments, just theirs were on the front page with sex drugs and rock n roll fueling them...

  48. Babyhowdy233

    This was an outstanding documentary, THANKS so much for sharing it!!!!!

  49. Babyhowdy233

    Happy Birthday to one of The Fathers of Rock: the one and only Ray Davies!!

  50. Matthew Wright

    Best Rock documentary ever.

  51. keatsgipsy


  52. swankyblooze1

    Ray and the Kinks Always delivered amazing stories and music and love hearing the why and what for details.. Give me more please, and an ice cold beer.

  53. Madeleine Hague

    'Loved this documentary.  Ray is famous for being shy, but he seems relaxed and happy here.  God Save the Kinks!  God Save Ray Davies!

  54. Tony Seel

    I don't think it's arguable - RDD is one of the greatest song writers in RNR history.  It might be arguable who is the greatest, but you can probably guess who I believe to be #1 all-time.  Thanks for the songs, RDD.


    He's top 5, easily.

    P.J. Snow

    Most definitely I agree.

    wsl ving tsun

    Glimmer twins in my opinion

  55. David Preis

    I savored this one. Very intimate and cool.

  56. Matthew Wright

    I love Ray Davies!

  57. Renee H

    Loved this documentary as I always loved the Kinks! Thank you for sharing!

  58. Rakkasan 1/187

    MOM!... oops! I meant WOW! Thank you for the insightful documentary, and thank you for the art/music Ray !

  59. Kevins Best: Subscribe

    INCREDIBLE documentary. Thanks for the upload. Davies is a living legend, brilliant songwriter and performer, and a genius.
    This taught me so much more about the man that I'd previously known and I'm a lifelong Kinks fan.

    paul rawes

    Kevins Best: Subscribe
    Possibly the finest rock biopic ever! Why the Hell didn't it receive a BAFTA?!

  60. Duke Mantee

    Wow. His oldest sister--who bought him his first guitar--died on his birthday. If that's not enough to create a tortured soul, I don't know what is.

    Jack Moyes

    Come dancing is my favourite Kinks song. Wrote about his sister and has beautiful lyrics.

  61. Don R. Mueller, Ph.D.

    Don't mess with Ray's team 7:35.

  62. mapav


  63. Gary Wulfing

    I don't like this,  I LOVE it!

  64. site4soaris

    Greatly influenced by the music of that time, as a teen, had their albums and covered their music with my band the Luvs. Jim Murray


    I learned a bunch of their 70's stuff (Jukebox Music, Rock and Roll Fantasy, and hell if I can remember) but the rest of my band wasn't going there.

  65. Stu Zimpelton

    so good and i believe i know what lola was about besides the tranny side lola represents the music industry and how the its a beautiful trap for young unknowing artist to sign a record deal but once you signed your ass away to a record deal that in reality gives away your music for the next 7 records you see that your lola is a man that has fucked you so what needs to be said is if you don't ask questions early on you may get a deal you don't like so to anyone who reads this and is about to get signed to any deal first thing you need to do is get a  music lawyer to make sure you win

  66. kat Mats

    Why were they banned from the US?

    robert McCabe

    Ray insulted the roadie unions.

  67. Snuggles McSquishbottom

    "Where are they going?  It's Ray Davies on Waterloo Bridge again."  That really shook me up a bit, the idea that genius can be looking people right in the face, presenting itself to them, yet they don't see.  I found it very telling that the one person who actually engaged with him on the street as he was doing his half-crazy act was an older woman.  I don't think it's because she recognized him, though maybe she did.  I really just felt acutely the new generation gap, the people now who are so shut up in themselves for a thousand different reasons, and people then who judged and gawped and jeered, but they looked, didn't they?  Generalizations, maybe, but this guy is such a sly old fox, I'm getting a million different meanings from just about everything he says.  Calling him a poet feels like an understatement. 

    Christopher Packham

    that is the most wonderful and poetic post i've read.

  68. Gabriel P.

    As a kid I listened to the kinks thoroughly and I thought honestly they were more up front and just had more rock'n roll in them then the Beatles. So I thought the Beatles were more for grown ups. As I got older and listened more and more to Ray specifically I became focused on the symmetry between vocal melody, words, and rock'n roll feel. Now I listen to songs like Waterloo Sunset, Sunny Afternoon, and I just can't believe the delivery, the style, and heart wrenching melody line. As a 14 year old, I heard a few Beatles songs which I thought were not completely manufactured, but very few. They were more Lennon folk stuff with lots of ooh's and aah's, but still very good. Back then I was into Slim Harpo, Mike Bloomfield, and Bobby Fuller.
    OK, in my opinion, Ray Davies should receive the Poet Laureate Award for England, if he hasn't received it already. Between his writing and Jeff Beck's amazing playing, I've kept a look to artful music within my parameters for many years.
    If you have time, and not a led ear, please listen to Waterloo Sunset one more time and tell me it's not therapeutic, and simply just let your own inspired heart beat with it.
    Thank You Ray.

    Kenton Priestley

    What you said.

  69. Alexander David

    im so influenced by you mr. ray davies

  70. HoorayTV21

    Is that George Bean with Lulu at 43:00 ?

  71. Creativeo88

    Would love to him play on the main stage outside the Town Hall at the Crouch End Festival in 2015.

  72. Creativeo88

    Great footage of Hornsey Town Hall.

  73. Lin Iwaskow

    Thanks for posting this documentary.  I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. ;)

  74. wungabunga


  75. tardis bob

    So good it almost does him justice. Many thanks for posting.

  76. Daniel Eyre

    This is an awful lot like the BBC's Kinkdon come about Dave Davies from a  few years ago.

  77. Tony Heppenstall

    Fabulous post,very appreciated

  78. shortwaveboy

    I love this documentary. Ray Davies is a brilliant artist and this documentary takes its time to tell his story the right way.

  79. Kate Rintye

    Thanks Curt for posting this!