David Sneddon - Stop Living The Lie Lyrics

He sits alone at a table in a small cafe
Drowning his tears in a bottomless cup of coffee
And hes tumbling into his thoughts
His memories are all tied in knots
And who is going to save him
No one wants to know him

She stands alone in a place where no one knows her name
She catches them staring they turn around and vanish the frame
And shes nursing her head and her pride
She died long ago deep down inside
And who is going to save her
No one wants to know her

I cant believe that youd pull on a sleeve when you cry
You stick in the knife then give the kiss of life
Live the lie
And we all have a saviour
So do yourself a favour
Stop livin the lie

He sits alone and looks up to the eyes of an angel
She catches him staring and smiles the smile of an angel
And she asks him if this chair is free
He said yes will you sit here with me
No one would have saved him
We should all learn from them

Lie.... lie.... stop livin the lie

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David Sneddon Stop Living The Lie Comments
  1. BozzyDawg

    Awesome lesson in song writing ❣️

  2. marty mcfly

    Beautifully sung song ❤❤❤

  3. MinxLaura123 ASMR

    Hey there loved this song back in day

  4. Siobhan Daly

    This song is mint

  5. Mike jarrett

    I really liked this guy.

  6. G_Guy001

    Yep, still as beautiful as when it came out (and not forgetting "Don't Let Go" and "Best Of Order" which are just as great)

  7. slinkysfx Collins

    I met him the day a work n a super market n was speaking too David sneddon he is so nice


    I met him just chilling outside the venue he was about to perform in, which was right on my doorstep at the time haha

    Sarah Leake

    U lucky devils lol xxx

  8. Rosalind Mercer

    in 2002 I loved Fame Academy 1 Never missed it. Liked it better than Pop Idol. I bought the album because the acts were all good.

  9. Thomas Topp

    Remember being very ill in Hospital

  10. welshy x

    Loved this. 2018 anyone?

  11. Heather Ions

    Reminds me of being 13.

  12. r h

    You stop living the lie you bleedin idiot

  13. Anni Redfield

    This is way outta sync

  14. David james Thomson

    This boy makes a mint writing songs

    James Darbyshire

    I hope so he is amazing

  15. TheSisko1

    I remember him winning fame academy and thought he had bags of talent

  16. gren steel