David Sneddon - I Love You Lyrics

You're like a little piece of heaven
You're lighting up an empty room
You're just a little bit of paper
But I I I
Love you

You're a smile that never fades
Even though mine sometimes do
And I know this is quite silly
But I I I
Love you

And here is something strange
I know you'll never change
You'll keep me safe from losing you
'Cause I love you-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-ooh...


I like to talk to you whenever
Don't need a reason - I don't feel blue
You're just keeping me together-er
And I I I
Love you

Well, I know the real you will be smiling
Look at the sentimental fool
Holding a photograph like a diamond
But you know I love you

And I'm losing time
I'm running out of time
So I hope this song will do-oo-ooh
To te-e-ell you
I love you...

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David Sneddon I Love You Comments
  1. BozzyDawg

    Awesome lesson in song writing ❣️

  2. marty mcfly

    Beautifully sung song ❤❤❤

  3. MinxLaura123 ASMR

    Hey there loved this song back in day

  4. Siobhan Daly

    This song is mint

  5. Mike jarrett

    I really liked this guy.

  6. G_Guy001

    Yep, still as beautiful as when it came out (and not forgetting "Don't Let Go" and "Best Of Order" which are just as great)

  7. slinkysfx Collins

    I met him the day a work n a super market n was speaking too David sneddon he is so nice


    I met him just chilling outside the venue he was about to perform in, which was right on my doorstep at the time haha

    Sarah Leake

    U lucky devils lol xxx

  8. Rosalind Mercer

    in 2002 I loved Fame Academy 1 Never missed it. Liked it better than Pop Idol. I bought the album because the acts were all good.

  9. Thomas Topp

    Remember being very ill in Hospital

  10. welshy x

    Loved this. 2018 anyone?

  11. Heather Ions

    Reminds me of being 13.

  12. r h

    You stop living the lie you bleedin idiot

  13. Anni Redfield

    This is way outta sync

  14. David james Thomson

    This boy makes a mint writing songs

    James Darbyshire

    I hope so he is amazing

  15. TheSisko1

    I remember him winning fame academy and thought he had bags of talent

  16. gren steel