David Lee Roth - Skyscraper Lyrics

I can hear the sound
Of the North Star calling
Put your high beams on (stay on my wing)
I'm falling (falling, falling, falling)

And spinning and turning (and spinning and turning)
This is ultra-glide
The beginnings of great things
Cannot be seen by your naked eye

Crack the skies like lightning
Mama's little sonic boom
Is simply frightening
I'm a skyscraper

Float like a butterfly
Sting like a B-52
And a radar, a radar locks on you
No static

Can I reach it now?
I'm not up here often
God only knows
And He ain!t talkin'

Uh, uh, uh
Uh, uh, uh
Oh, oh, oh

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David Lee Roth Skyscraper Comments
  1. Mason Lawlor

    This is a fantastic album. Hot Dog and a Shake, Knucklebones, Just like Paradise, Stand Up, Bottom Line, and Damn Good which is one of Dave's all time best songs (VH or solo).

    Christopher Bako

    Damn good was Incredible

  2. Tony Blowmo

    Awesome album from beginning to end

  3. Jayson Raphael Murdock

    That opening riff! Great driving song

  4. Steve Amos

    I saw them live in Knoxville TN in support of this album, completely badass....

  5. snuka_ 420

    First time i had a beer was to this song CD...

    Richard Key

    Not a bad jumping off ( jumping in?)_point.
    So, did you like beer? Ever try any after that 1 st one?

  6. Diamond D

    Love this,!

  7. Mike Frank

    This band was firing on all cylinders.Billy and Steve still tear it up together.

  8. Marcus M

    The real deal. An exceptional band. Roth, Via, Sheehan & Bissonette. Damn!

  9. red03mitsu

    fabulous song from an awesome album

  10. Corey Paskins

    David Lee Roth. Enough said.

    Sebastian Stinnett

    Don't forget Steve Vai

    Tony Blowmo

    Sebastian Stinnett he’s bad ass bro