David Hasselhoff - Song Of The Night Lyrics

The light of day is fading, you're asleep beside me
I'd give my life if you would stay
But this is where you leave me, closing the door behind you
Upon the secret of your day

Song of the night
I'm facing a night of loneliness
Song of the night
I'm lost in the emptiness
We never share your midnight melody
'Cause she's with another man, instead of me
Song of the night
Oh help me to fight what lies ahead
I stand in my room and I look at an empty bed
I need her, I want her; I just can't take it
Oh what I would give, if you could make it
Be all right, song of the night

I will see you tomorrow, for one stolen moment
I'll be at peace, a part of you
Magic moments together, then the spell is broken
I'm in a dream that can't come true

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David Hasselhoff Song Of The Night Comments
  1. Keith Robertson

    The Hoff's a better singer than most the shite thats out there singing professionals today

  2. Shayla mole

    He so fineeeeeee❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. petra leeb

    Danke von ganzem ❤️ für das traumhafte romantisches Lied. Zählt auch zu meine lieblings Lieder. Hör ich rauf und runter 😉. David Hasselhoff du siehst traumhaft fesch aus.

  4. mrguystarr

    OMG.. first time hearing this song.. actually not bad.. catchy.

  5. Selvyn Quijada

    Michael Knight ?WTF?

  6. John Q Sample

    as much as i love this song...it gets stuck in my head all the time!

  7. Marilyn Albert

    He's awesome in every way.

  8. Mike C

    Like the girl

  9. alan chattel

    better stay micheal from knightrider!

  10. Dante Vilches

    THE MAN!

  11. nada emersic

    Bravo obožujem te.. 😍

  12. Maria Adamo

    Bollo numero tuo adesso

  13. WhatsThatChannel

    Hoff has a little bit of Englebert Humperdink in his vocals.

  14. WhatsThatChannel

    HOFF nails yet another HIT!

  15. Tania Bognar

    he is such a honey

  16. gabi Frank

    Ich höre David Hasselhoff so gerne engen und er ist auch ein guter schauspieler

    petra leeb

    Bist nicht allein. Er geht mir genauso.


    Don’t hassle the hoff!! He is a bad mofo

  18. Maria Adamo

    Ballla tu

  19. salim kaci 33

    Acteur k2000

  20. Jasmin Nitsche

    Pretty man

  21. Sofia M

    I love this song very much

  22. Sofia M

    He is so sweet,kind and pretty and he has got a perfect and beatifull voise

    Sofia M

    I love you David Hasselhoff

  23. kate davenporty

    can never get enough of this song! happy new year everyone <3

  24. Mike C

    I like that so much!!

  25. Chiara Diemmi

    Ti amo David ( I love you)

  26. Taurin Barrera

    kicking butt and takin' names, Dave!

  27. Taurin Barrera

    God I love this!

  28. Hans Meiser

    Sehr cool!!! Und irgendwie auch lustig 🤣 ❤️

  29. René Probst

    David is a very good men....he is the best

  30. Lianne

    This is fucking hilarious

  31. I Don’t know Or Care

    Honor Justice Reinhardt Reinhardt Reinhardt

  32. Dirk Bohlen

    das war noch gute hand geschriebene musik. super

  33. Silvia Schartmüller

    David Hasselhoff ! Du bist ein Traum deine Songs sind wunderschön ! 😉🤗🤗👍

  34. Lore Schueremans

    aai lek vo you and mi you and mi aai love you vol owes for ever loure schuremans zei my haerd you and mi beuflo jogmen aai love you vol owes for ever beuflo aais haer wan vo micht and baywatch lek doe you mi aai plaisen Kissg zo fijn aai buefol jogmen vo mi and you mi aai love you songs buefol owes Kissg doe you alon vo my want you nemen my lore xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    David has a beautiful, very nice voice and is so manly. I love him.

  36. Torsten Kost

    Ohne Worte, Stimme und Beat einfach genial!!

  37. Brett Koeshall

    David Hasselhoff with a mullet hair cut.

  38. XxCatalizadora04xX


  39. Kevin Kent

    He has Karaoke bar-level musical talent, which is to say he has very little musical talent.

  40. mattie montana

    but even though that i actually know is that criss angel knows him including carmen electra pamela Anderson and traci Bingham it's because i practically found out myself though and still

  41. mattie montana

    yeah well I'm a half German and david hasselhoff is a very good actor/singer i mean i have been watching the baywatch series in my hole intyre life but I've never seen season 12and 3 until i was 3yrs old

  42. L G

    Love this song.

  43. Monika Buir

    Er ist ein super Typ er hat eine ganz tolle Stimme

  44. FCU 8592

    The Hoff ist und bleibt einfach ne Legende.

  45. Julia Brown

    To me you are the best i listen to your songs everyday always evergreen to me

  46. Nicole Costa

    Lucia you dumb bitch ,you!

  47. Tünde Apostol

    ez a klip nagyon király

  48. Nassauischer Landsknecht

    A modern knight with a hammer brought me here.

  49. Pruegelhannes 123

    einfach cool

  50. Abraham Ali

    He looks and sounds serious in this video.

  51. canon123

    Von Jack White

  52. Turk

    what utter bollocks - when it comes to atrocious music hasselhoff's managed to make his entire "catalog" to be truly awful

  53. C Cylinder Music

    Feels like this was a song he was doing karaoke for

  54. Michael Moran

    Awful as awful gets.

    Turtle Person

    Michael Moran go die in a fire.

  55. Dummy

    new elvis?

  56. Kef103

    Omg it's like someone detonated a can of ez cheese . "a nuclear ez cheese holocaust ."



    claire Robinson

    i like your music and show all your show and all your music.i wish i had cds on you sing all the music please.i am alway dreaming about seen david hasselhoff and kitt from fan claire robinson

  58. Dosenöffner Stefan

    the hoff ist der beste was für ein schönes Lied😃😃😃😃

  59. HClement1000

    Song of the Knight!

  60. Phanact

    my little pony brought me here

  61. Benjamin Machel

    He was the one and only

  62. mali code

    super greatest hits

  63. Judith Schoner

    David was great!

    Dukeofnuyork A1

    No....Hasselhoff IS great!!!!!!

  64. bogumila klimala

    piekna :)

  65. Pontiac transam

    ich liebe seine lieder

    petra leeb

    Ich auch. Und seine serien

  66. Reinhard Malocha

    wonderful song

  67. Karo G.

    Its Loveley ❤❤❤

  68. Kazzy Zekes

    wow. David you sing beautifully. Love your music!

  69. Daniela Brohn

    Da werden Errinnerungen, wieder wach! "David we love you"

  70. Zbigniew Ochnicki


  71. Nystagmus sumgatsyN

    Norm Macdonald.

  72. Ben Venegas

    I love this song

  73. Markus Schult

    This is my favourite "Hoff"-Song. The German cover comes from Andrea Jürgens. "Küsse der Nacht".

    hein blöd

    the german cover ?

    Lilli B

    das heißt nicht küsse der nacht , sondern nach so einer nacht

  74. klári geiszler

    He's right it does have a German feeling to it. It does sound as a German pop song accept for the fact that he sings it in English.

  75. Jack Pringle

    he looked so good

  76. kate davenporty

    can i sit down and sing along with this one Dave? :D

  77. kate davenporty

    is this like a spaghetti Western? Hoff looks normal but the woman looks ridiculously thin.Great song,gets stuck in your head all day.I never tire of it :) thanks so much for sharing :)

  78. Racing Man

    The Hoff is simply the BEST !!!!!!!!

  79. The-Kris555

    So very 80s xD

  80. de Krümelmonsta

    toller mann,tolle stimme und tolles lied....und dann klatschen die da so ne Schreckschraube rein!die passt doch mal rein gar nicht dazu-versaut das gesamte Video....

  81. kate davenporty

    the woman in this clip is anorexic,really send out the wrong mesage.I would much prefer to see a healthy woman.

    sara reeves

    +kate davenporty What an incredibly s**tty thing to say; you have no idea if that lady has any sort of a disorder. You should be ashamed for saying something like that about this woman.

    Steven Walker

    +sara reeves not at all,YOU are an incrediblyshitty fuckface of a person,would you call someone THIS thin healthy? FUCK YOU.

    kate davenporty

    +sara reeves hey lady do not pick on me for having compassion ad caring about women's health! i said what i said out of CONCERN,because i would like to see a healthy woman and this woman is CLEARLY underweight.YOU should be ashamed for picking on ME actually.


    +kate davenporty great, seems you like to justify your fetish as the norm :/

  82. kate davenporty

    who,i ask you,couldn't love him?

    Kelly Weingart

    nice suspenders Hoff

    Kelly Weingart

    Mitch Buchannon sings

    Kelly Weingart

    nice suspenders Michael

  83. kate davenporty

    simply lovely,Hoff is so dreamy.....

  84. kate davenporty

    dat mullet , dat mullet

  85. kervi lyhn

    hab einen Song vergessen the best is yet to come .auch wunderschön aber Song aus the night ist einer meiner Lieblings Songs .

  86. kervi lyhn

    hab 3 Lieblings Lieder von David hasselhoff .sing of the night Lady und September love.

  87. kervi lyhn

    Mann kann jemanden nicht lieben den mann überhaupt nicht kennt .du liebst vielleicht seine Musik .🎧🎤🎸🎼

  88. kervi lyhn

    Das War noch echte Musik und nicht der ganze scheiß von heute alles nur noch misst .

  89. kervi lyhn

    david hasselhoff ist rin toller Sänger und ich finde seine Lieder einfach wunderbar. 😀🙏💪💙👍👏👏

  90. EmilyElizabeth

    when the Germans love him so much that they have to have subtitles


    Hasselhoff became a meme in Germany if anything lol.

  91. EmilyElizabeth

    when the Germans love him so much that they have to have subtitles

    kate davenporty

    +EmilyElizabeth LOL

  92. Lucia Catarea

    wow ! I melt in his eyes !

  93. Burgstaller Gerald

    Habe david Hasselhoff schon live erlebt in kapfenberg vor 8 jahren einfach 
    Super stimmung. tolle Stimme.


    +Burgstaller Gerald David Hasselhoff ist der Mann!

    GERALD Burgstaller

    @terceldude Was soll das?


    @GERALD Burgstaller
    Bist du die gleiche Leute als ueben?

    GERALD Burgstaller

    @terceldude Lerne einmal richtig deutsch .


    @GERALD Burgstaller Nein. Bitte sei nicht eine Reich-Winger!

  94. pulmonary 40

    This is shit and it's not on a stick

  95. Spiritdove

    funny till that recent video popped up youtube I did not even know he sang. I only knew him from Knight Rider

  96. Nelda Lange

    Love this!!!  Both David and the "Song Of The Night".....are Very Beautiful!!!  Love from California!!!

    Johan Haverkate

    Poldersex de in utrecht centraal gelegen p

  97. woobiefuntime

    To my lady of the night . I owe u for helping me to develop my comic timing

  98. rps8622

    this is schlager.