David Hasselhoff - Current Of Love Lyrics

Like a ship that's tossed out
On the ocean
We get caught up swimmin'
In the motion
Hearts were sailing, love was on
The right track
Got out so far that
We can't get back
But darlin' we can't
Let our hopes go down
It's tough to find out were
There's solid ground

You've gotta reach out
Take hold of my hand
You've gotta reach out
Till you're safe on dry land
You've gotta hold on
Baby never give up
You've gotta reach out
When you're caught in the current of love

Keep your eye out, search for
The horizon
Life's a struggle
Full of compromises
There'll be storms but we'll soon
See the sun shine
And I won't quit until I know
You're mine
If I can get you
In my arms tonight
We'll stay together
If you hold on tight

You've gotta reach out
Take hold of my hand
You've gotta reach out
Till you're safe on dry land
You've gotta hold on
Baby never give up
You've gotta reach out
When you're caught in the current of love

You've gotta reach out
Take hold of my hand
You've gotta reach out
Till you're safe on dry land

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David Hasselhoff Current Of Love Comments
  1. PhootPhetishPhilip !

    Wheres Jason Mamoa? Is that him on the bottom?

  2. PhootPhetishPhilip !

    How did they not use this in the remake film!?
    The end credits with this would've been sick

  3. Michele Petrone

    Sammer l love you!!!:-):-):-):-)

  4. Mixwid Man

    This is so bad and corny, it’s amazing.

    Mixwid Man

    Unless, of course, my father reads this, in which case he considers it a trash fire song.

  5. Lukas Sebesta

    (still) love this song !!!!!2019

  6. Christopher Adams

    The Hassel it took for me to find this.

  7. xxx yyy

    When did I become so old? I miss these years

  8. Gianluca Perri

    Tank you for music

  9. John Nord

    Good fun times the 90's were.Not like the insanity going on today.

  10. Miguelus Lopez 79


  11. Dirk Scholz

    Das waren die 90er Die wird uns keiner wieder geben ...... und die wird auch keiner Ersetzen

  12. Ros Narun L 'O Connell

    I love this song but cannot find it to buy as a download in ireland

  13. Brian Daggar

    I'm more of a David Hasselhoff fan.

  14. Shaun Watson

    throw up the lighters for the Hoff!

  15. Kicksaddict NY


  16. K Thomas

    Best song ever 🔥🎤

  17. Ros Narun L 'O Connell

    Thanks for this. It brings back memories of me as a young 10 or 11 year old singing this 😂. I was a huge baywatch fan. No wonder I figured out I was a lesbian. That and Xena warrior princess

  18. Jager Gerg

    I couldn’t find this on Utube for a while but now that I did you got reach out

  19. PornShoulders

    This might be the worst song ever performed 😂

  20. K Thomas

    Best song ever!

  21. 36minutesAgo

    How can you not love this?!

  22. Ismaël 1996 ❤️❤️

    1991-1994 ❤️❤️ en tant que Générique de fin de Baywatch c'était un beau souvenir

  23. wes lanz

    iv looked for this song for 24 years lol

  24. NikonChic 954

    Omg I remember putting the tape recorder to the TV speaker to just record this. 🤣

    PhootPhetishPhilip !

    Haha nice

  25. And A

    Always loved this tune...sounds so 80s, the chorus that is.. Especially the final one with all synths n guitars coming in

  26. G Findley

    All seasons on Amazon Prime now.

  27. American Paisa


  28. Vladi Perez

    I spent 25 years looking for this song.. thanks guys for such an amazing theme. A FAN FROM COLOMBIA SOUTH AMERICA..

  29. Lan Nguyen

    this rules

  30. mustang61

    I like this

  31. Nik Reece

    The 1990s...Take me back

    issa valentin

    Nik Reece me too!

  32. Stephanie Finnigan

    I love it and put me to sleep in my dreams tonight don't you agree childhood memories of Barney is and david hassleoff from 90s Baywatch and put me to sleep in my dreams

  33. Mauro Belli

    David Hasselhoff is a very important person

  34. Lukáš Sabela

    Moje dětství

  35. Lan Nguyen

    this is great

  36. Liam Middleton

    this is cringe

    Matthew Singh-Dosanjh

    No one cares what you think.

    Rick Walters

    Do better then! We are all waiting for YOUR album, tour, concert, etc! GL! Waiting....

    Justin Wilkins

    This song is Better then the shit music they call pop nowadays. Now that music is cringe if you can call that bollocks music.

    Hasselhoff Fan

    @Justin Wilkins Can't agree more with you! Wish that David Hasselhoff would do a new album with the same 90's music.

  37. Tim H

    Gotta love the Hoff. This never fails to pick me up.

  38. Jimmy Shaker

    this is the rare hard to find tv show version! album version is not as good! this is a Masterpiece! thanks for posting it!

  39. johnwillyn

    thanks a lot for that vercion!


    pleasure for me! :)

  40. Hasselhoff Fan

    Very cool and rare song! Thank you for uploading this! It´s also rare! We know this song was on David Hasselhoff´s album You are everything in 1993, but this song was in the end of Baywatch in 1991, so this is probably from 1991?

    Iolanda Zoriaco

    Un brano che trasmette energia, entusiasmo e ricorda le estati anni 90'.

    Hasselhoff Fan

    @Iolanda Zoriaco Could you write in English?

  41. Knock Out

    Thank you!

  42. Sharon Aquino

    Love it.

  43. Kristiyan Ivanchevski

    OMG Thats my lovely from Baywatch David Hasselhoff :)) Thank you Yankietsa ! :)

  44. zkielz goldberg

    thank u yankietsa. you have made my friday nite i having been looking 4 this version 4 ages it has bought back so many memories when i was 11 watching baywatch i miss the nineties everyday. we did'nt realize how good tv and life was then compare to now. take care yankistsa stay healthy. thank u


    Thank you too zkielz goldberg, same feelings, all the best :)

  45. Nik Reece

    Will anyone be on current of love this Valentine's day?

  46. Lan Nguyen

    i love this music

  47. IAmKamakura

    The version that I couldn't find for a long time!


    Yep :)The same was with me, but I found it and put it here. Great song good memories :) You can give Like :)


    Thank you Robert Hustwick ! :)