David Gray - We Could Fall In Love Again Tonight Lyrics

Could stay here forever
Where echoes return
There’s glory to gather
There’s money to burn
But I just can’t help from thinking
If I had you by my side
That we could fall in love again tonight

What kind of existence?
To want you so much
And only feel the distance
Each time when we touch
Been a lot of water flowing
Babe we could just let it slide
Then we could fall in love again tonight

I’ll be there in a minute
Baby just you sit tight
Then we could fall in love again
We could fall in love again
We could fall in love again

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David Gray We Could Fall In Love Again Tonight Comments
  1. Jen Stewart

    Would love to see Ed sheeran & David Gray do a duet it would be amazing

  2. OptimusXian Prime

    David Gray is one of the best TRUE ARTIST.

  3. Paul Gough

    Truly Amazing Artist.x

  4. whitelabrador1

    So sad.

  5. Tanny

    Beautiful voice!!!!

  6. Elena Maffettone

    the only one. LOVE U <3

  7. Magda Łukomska

    lubię !!!!!

  8. Doug Adams

    Davig Gray is one of only a very few artist that I would never fast forward past a song he's singing. He is that good!!!

  9. james Gathatwa

    This is what music is...true, raw and haunting.,, love it

  10. Dazz Deva

    good song ¡¡

  11. basmith82

    He cuts through to the soul every time he sings....sigh....i could sit and listen forever!

  12. Arielz Angel

    i always enjoy David Gray:)

  13. 522superhero

    magic... he was loved in Ireland b4 anyone knew about him... a legend

  14. michael rose

    ty man your music halp,s me so much ty

  15. Louis Valbuena

    Very sentimental song, it means a lot to me. Reflections of a special lady come to mind when I listen to these lyrics.

  16. JamesDonnelly

    If you like this song you might like the James Donnelly, 'Heartbeat' Music Video

  17. nmahoney86

    One of the most amazing voices I've ever heard!!

  18. Malini Naidu

    amazing voice live, sounds just like the studio version.

  19. TheHbjohnson

    I absolutely LOVE this vid. I want this guitar... He is, besides Mr. Zimmerman, and of course, Mr. Morrison, my favorite songwriter. It's sort of funny, though, because they are two of HIS fav. songwriters.. As a musician and songwriter myself, I can only listen and love what others have to offer... I've seen him 4 times now live, and I'm STILL amazed. GOD Bless this crazy man!!!! Peace and Love, Hil.

  20. Aaron Rettig

    You can't deny that his music is incredibly simple and primitive. But it's good if you like simple music. Most people prefer to listen to music that is easily comprehensible, and is focused around the lyrics, rather than the music itself. It's not an insult to call it simple.

  21. khaxan

    I could listen to this all day

  22. LittleLulubee

    Good songs don't have to be judged by the number of chords used, or the intricacy of the plucking patterns. This artist touches people's hearts because he's SOULFUL.

  23. Buddy Tyree

    @Ilovethisworld Other guitar playing guys can't say they wrote this.

  24. Amy M

    God I could marry your voice David Gray!!!!

  25. Shiloh Henderson

    I like davids recorded songs, but damb i love his live ones a hole lot more!

  26. TheHbjohnson

    just saw him in indy.. beautiful theater, beautiful people.... he did this song.. wonderful people.... thank you david!!!!!!!!!

  27. Tiffany Mally


  28. Amanda Thompson

    Just never tire listening to his music...His performances live are fantastic, talk about give 110%

  29. Chris Tidestrom

    @popinfreshrocks Baritone guitars are usually tuned a perfect fifth lower (A D G C E A), a perfect fourth lower (B E A D F♯ B), or a major third lower (C F B♭ E♭ G C). It's different for different baritone guitars. Google is a good tool to find out things like this, took me all about 30 seconds :)

  30. Chris Tidestrom

    This is an acoustic baritone guitar. Tuned a fifth below a regular guitar. Very cool. This one is the Tacoma Thunderhawk.

  31. elyagers

    @Ilovethisworld oh no perdoname, eres un chingon entonces... luego me dices donde comprar tus cd's maestro!

  32. elyagers

    @Ilovethisworld estas hecho un pendejo.

  33. ghostman515005

    @madchris294 agreed

  34. Jp Singson


  35. linaracine

    Love him, can listen to his CD's over and over again...

  36. lee goulden

    @flintworks not me iv been listening to him for over twenty years got all his stuff just enjoy it man no need to get so deep the man makes people happy one mans meat is another mans poison and all that .

  37. lee goulden

    i want this guitar sounds so sweet, david gray is genius fact.

  38. Todd Ceisner

    simply the best.

  39. gavinjamesaitken1

    awesome voice

  40. Empire895

    GREAT SONG!! Classic David Gray, can't wait until he tours again in the states.

  41. ajnib

    simply beautiful:-)

  42. strokebomb101

    i love ya david keep inspiring me dudee ur guitar is awesomeee