David Gray - Kangaroo Lyrics

Don't pay no mind to it
Oh let it blow
Break you up inside
If you don't let it go
Jeez what are you like honey
I don't know

Recommended by my bank
And everybody in the tank
First of all I'd like to thank

This might take a while honey
Hey don't blink
Missing by a mile now we're
Here on the brink
Not a day goes by honey
I don't think

I could be your volunteer
We'll make the whole thing disappear
Saddle up we're outta here
You could be my olive branch
Lift me up above the stench
Walk me through the avalanche

Honey won't you be my flood
Nothing ever comes out good
Trouble in the neighbourhood
Conversations gone askew
And how do you make it fell like new
Kookaburra kangaroo
Will you won't you be my leach
Take it all and when I screech
Leave it there just outta reach
Take me to that burning bush
Give me something I can't crush
Lead me out into the hush

So far behind
So far behind
So far behind
So far behind

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David Gray Kangaroo Comments
  1. Gaurav Oberoi

    This whole album is just lovely. Timeless.

    Prashant Barua

    This is the only song I have heard from this album and liked it immediately. White Ladder is one of my all time favorite albums though. And I have got that on tape.

    Prashant Barua

    Now that you have mentioned I'm gonna give it a listen. Intrigued by the album cover already though. So yeah!

  2. Garrett [REDACTED]

    Love this song

    Garrett [REDACTED]

    Still do!