David Gray - Forgetting Lyrics

Crawling then walking
Then running and sweating

Lying and cheating
Aiding and abetting

Itching and scratching
Punching and hitting
Forgetting, Forgetting, Forgetting

Reminding rewinding
Removing regretting

Your smiles at the wake and
Your tears at the wedding
Forgetting, Forgetting, Forgetting
Forgetting, Forgetting, Forgetting

Spellbound and hellbound
And caught in the netting

A wiping it clean
A minute Armageddon
Forgetting, Forgetting, Forgetting
Forgetting, Forgetting, Forgetting
Forgetting, Forgetting, Forgetting

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David Gray Forgetting Comments
  1. Arthur Fernandes

    Ouvi a musica no filme que ta passando na globo, botei no Shazam e agr to aqui kkkkkkkkkkkkjjjjjjjjjjj

  2. Sar

    This is a small pearl in the world of music that hasn’t been appreciated enough

  3. muhammed akbar

    This is one of the best song I’ve heard in my lifetime. Thanks a lot David gray🙏🏻❤️

  4. Elle The Bat

    I don't know why I'm listening to this song it makes me cry even when I'm in a happy relationship and have found new great friends and never had a miscarriage like in the movie

  5. Bui Anh

    I found this song in a gay video <3 It was nice, but sad.

  6. billie eilish my avacodo


  7. Pirando X

    Escuchandolo en 2019

  8. Derrick McAdoo

    Yes, 'Forgotten', because I can't hear the Godamn lyrics half the time

  9. Alanna Mae

    Anna Kendrick ? Anyone?

  10. RushBlood op

    I love this song this song I dedicate to my loved ones.

  11. nicola thomson

    What to expect when your expecting

  12. Éva Lajos

    Beautiful song 😍👌💖

  13. Amanda Keyton

    Since I was 13 this song has always been my sad song it is just so beautiful. I think I have cried more to this song than any other, it has just gotten me through so much.

  14. honey kookie

    I came from a Loki vid

  15. Grace Royal

    Are there anymore songs like this? It's so quiet and beautiful

    N D

    Grace Royal
    A bunch!.....
    Flame Turns Blue
    Lead Me Upstairs
    Falling Down the Mountainside

  16. Bethanee Humes

    What to expect when you're expecting brought me here.

  17. Marky

    Beautiful 🎙🎶

  18. matí g

    I accidentally clicked this video and I'm not disappointed but I'm crying now

  19. Cassandra Schenck

    The most painfully beautiful song. 😭

  20. Maddi Henderson

    I'm doing a contemporary piece to this song for dance and it works with the music beautifully. So powerful

  21. RoyalCrown Gaming

    Rip Craig Sager and John Glenn

  22. RoyalCrown Gaming

    Love you little bros 😭

  23. RoyalCrown Gaming

    My brothers died when they both were born, I pray for guys I miss you 😭

    Elise Martocchio

    I'm so sorry,

  24. Maro Cream

    I came here cuz I watched miscarriage scene which Anna Kendrick played from "what to expect when U're expecting" .
    I love this song it makes me think about how much do I love my mom, dad and my sister.

    M Gh

    what a consequence ... exactly the same

    Conty Ciarsolo

    Maro Cream lol 😂 me too

    erin forgie

    Same lol

  25. Jordiss X

    Came here after. Glenn and Abrahams death....kill me

  26. Sarah Ndung'u


  27. Evroy Singh

    the pain is too much

  28. CarrotCruncher1984

    what a beautiful song

  29. sleep lord

    I miss all the people who died I miss you I'm crying right now I wanted you no I will never forget you ;-;

    to my grandparents and my kookum I love you people .
    but you broken my heart :(

  30. Selma BERRAMI

    My heart breaks a little When i hear this song .. it remember me Sad &bad memories I really miss those days when we were Friends .Now,I feel really destroyed like you missing from me .

  31. mark moses

    That string thread just makes everything. it ties it all together and takes a great song and makes it a true classic. So heavy in emotion. You feel like your falling into an inescapable abyss.

  32. NorthernDragon

    Feeling destroyed while listening to this song after ending a friendship of nearly 10 years.


    How do you feel now? I feel like my friendship with my best friend is ending and it feels like a part of me is dying. I don't know how I'll get through it. I'm heartbroken. I've never been heartbroken before. It hurts to breathe and I always thought people exaggerated when they used to say that. Now I understand. Does it get better?


    The question of "does it get better" depends on the person. It's different for everyone. Some people can turn the situation around with help from the right people, others aren't so lucky. Me? I can't say how I feel. I'm a different person. Not better than I used to be, not happy in the least, and with no more answers today than then. But that's just me. I've had a rough go of life when it comes to relationships of any kind with people who aren't family, and lately even that is changing. But anything can happen. If your friendship hasn't yet ended, then there's still a chance for you.


    Relationships are funny aren't they? Spent my whole life isolating myself so I wouldn't find myself in this situation and yet here I am. Thanks for your response. I wish you the best and I hope you find happiness or at least comfort. As for me and my friend, I don't know if things will ever be the same as they were before and that just hurts too much to think about.

    Thanks again for your response.

    Ruth Milsten

    It was 8 years for me. His name was Kenneth.

  33. Sam Dyer

    This guy should of been so much bigger in the world of music. His voice really is one of a kind

    Leila Burt

    Sam Dyer he is. search up babylon

  34. hisunny

    This is the song that you hear when ur heart is broken. You realize it's not the end of the world. Even though right now this second it feels like it.

  35. EKG 15

    David Gray is a very very talented singer and songwriter. He has been around for many years and had his moment in the spotlight. I haven't heard a lot from him recently but that doesn't mean I will forget his beautiful way of making someone reflect on their life. Very intimate way of making the song personal to the listener.

  36. Hannah Johns

    this moment in the movie was so said{what to expect when your expecting}

    Elle The Bat

    I agree

  37. fab ennen

    a preare for angel to ........

  38. Maude Cloutier

    one of the best song i ever heard 

    Anggel Diaz Barreras

    Maude Cloutier ♤♡♡♡♡

  39. Indie Live

    Excactley the song I was searching for!

  40. sarah shockley

    This song is a good representation of going through a relationship with all the ups and downs and forgetting all of the bad so you can continue hoping that the love will prevail.

    Aga Non

    absolutnie tak, mam te same uczucia


    I think it’s about the opposite... forgetting a bad relationship

  41. Debora Dul

    I miss You, my sister.
    I love you very much.

    eddie good

    miss you too x

  42. Rodrigo Cardozo

    amazing song!

  43. Madalyn Zamorano

    the cords are Cm  E F#m D and Cm


    It's actually A instead of Cm.

    Madalyn Zamorano

    @KaiXinL My bad. lol :)


    Nah don't worry about it =) 

  44. Level Up

    My replay button is being abused.

  45. Anthony Scalfaro

    this song is too fuckin good

  46. Tomy Schoenfeld

    Love this song

  47. Claire Fleming

    I remember when this video only had 1,000 views :(

  48. Jazmin Selvy

    I miss ya Chloe, I'll never forget you as long as I live. I love you .

  49. Kathleen Hannavy

    gahh this song just reminds me of Rosie :(

  50. Katarina Csuti


  51. DramaMamma5014

    I heard this song in what to expect when your expecting and now IN LOVE :D

  52. Madi Bill

    It's in What to expect when your expecting (Rosie's miscarriage scene) it was played

  53. Alex Lord

    I cry at this song coz it reminds me of a film

  54. StephanieSalvatore

    I love how the piano is the intro. I love this song

  55. Isabelle Oborn

    This song is from whot to excerpt when your excerpting

  56. Noa Shchory

    thank you!!!:)

  57. thisistedwells

    wish I had written this, life complete...

  58. Maureen Lenehan

    A chord. E chord. F sharp chord. D chord.

  59. Noa Shchory

    anybody knows what the chords are? i love this song and i wish i could play it..

  60. John Williams

    ... & I'm not too proud or macho to admit that tears are rolling down my face whilst listening to Mr Gray...

  61. John Williams

    I am a 47 year old man whose heart wss broken 3 years ago by the love of his life.
    Looking back I guess I didn't always treat her like I should have... She wanted marriageb and children- I constantly rebuked her. I pay every day for it - can't move on. I wish I was 'forgetting' but I'm not.
    This song hurts real bad. I just want the pain of losing to go away. ..

  62. Holly Adkins

    ever since what to expect when ur expecting...i <3 this songnow :)

  63. Annen kanal

    I love this song, and the movie! It really was beautiful

  64. Mirky06

    Me too

  65. Georgia Colbeck

    i love this song i was really crying omg

  66. Paul Murphy

    Beautiful song from the quite underrated album Foundling. Raw emotion right here.

  67. Reana Artley

    The man's wonderful!

  68. Daniela Vasilescu

    Raul sent me this and I love it.

  69. skyler moss

    this is what i want at my funeral

  70. Gabby Kapel

    Beautiful song.

  71. David Officer

    :/ I'm so sorry.... I was born in 1991 and imagine myself and little than me? :(

    i guess they already are in paradise

  72. Paige Ireland

    I miss you, love...

  73. Julio V

    When I'm depressed. I always end up listening to this. Always.

  74. Dana Krychowski

    I am dancing to this piece this year and every time i do i start crying because of personal experience and the rest of the group are trying to help me get through it is basically the concept and we performed it at a competition already and they thought that this song and piece was amazing and so moving

  75. Yohan Ranasinghe

    yugeesha i love u...

  76. Samuel Binalla

    "What To Expect When You're Expecting"

  77. freya2308

    Movie? What movie?! He's great and unique even without being part of soundtracks and movies ... always has been.

  78. Christina Triggs

    perfect dance song

  79. Rashell M

    I love this song..

  80. sarah shockley

    I did not find this song from the movie I just typed in forgetting and listened to it and ever since then I have fallen in love with it

  81. Shaira Martinez

    this song evokes so much emotion through so little words, it makes me cry every time I hear it :'(

  82. shane aston


  83. ninnyxo

    A.J Cook in Bringing Ashley Home <3

  84. GFue

    you know what i mean. . . i think. irony? no? lol

  85. Miggy Andres-Bray


  86. Jonathan Michael

    Thank you for posting this, pastichiorocker.

  87. aprentice95

    My heart sank an tears formed at this part of the film and then when Rosie said "every time I look at your face it kills me"

  88. jarom ivins

    never forget

  89. GFue

    you're not alone then...

  90. scuzmunkie

    I just watched it today and bawled my eyes out!!

  91. YD H

    Ohh wowww... that song so sad, but it is good though... love the way he sing it, with his heart and soul...

  92. Elizabeeeeeth

    My dog just died..why am I listening to this..

  93. Mini Bones

    /watch?v=H6iZRNl5uE4 (at this to youtube.com)

    It's really an amazing & heartbreaking scene. ;*

  94. Mini Bones

    Amazing song... <3

    I also cried at this part of the movie. So heartbreaking (and great actors, so it looks amazing actually). ;'(

  95. GFue

    yeah...im like...dead now. :(

  96. stacy lovelace

    HOW IS THAT EPIC??!!?? :(

  97. plasmasolar

    I think I like this song, but I keep forgetting...