David Gray - A New Day At Midnight Lyrics

Oh my word ain’t never seen
Day so golden, Earth so green
Put my face into the stream
That I might see
What might have been

Oh my heart how time has flown
Feet that pass along the stone
I hardly recognized my home
All the paths had overgrown
The music and the laughter gone

‘Pon my soul ain’t never felt
So free of all the chains I built
All the pain and all the guilt
Vanished now beneath the silt
I’m striding ‘cross Orion’s belt

Oh my word I...
Oh my word I...
Oh my word I...

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David Gray A New Day At Midnight Comments
  1. Suhasini Sundaresan

    This song ❤️❤️🔥💯

  2. mark price

    White Ladder was my first DG CD and then this one--by then I was hooked..at least 10 CD'sD still love his music.

  3. Julie B

    I cannot, for the life of me, understand why this has no more likes than it does...

  4. MrSlickxx

    i bought this album, after listening to the other side, and gave it to my dad just after my mum died.He didnt think i had very good taste in music, till he heard it, and its very good he said with tears in his eyes.Hes gone now, but i still have the album, which now brings tears to my eyes.Thank you David...

  5. Andrea P74

    I first listened to this song while in bed with a former Dutch colleague who literally raped me all night long. It goes without saying that in the morning, when she kicked me out of her place, I flew with this cd in my pockets.

    Mike Hunt


  6. Glenn Bagley

    Six are dead in the water.

  7. Cash Back

    White Ladder was over-rated this is DG's best album. So Melodic and Atmospheric. Great to listen properly or just in the background last at night by faded light.

  8. Mark McK

    Sounds like something off a James Bond film. Can't think of which one though...

    John Davies


  9. rachel whitcombe

    Where has all the David Gray haircuts gone?

  10. michael mattice

    Sorrow never sounded so good.

  11. Kelly Courtney

    my favorite album of yours!

  12. BigAngrySwan

    How is this song not more popular? It's one of the best pop songs of the early 2000s.


    Just was introduced to David G's songs., within the last week. I am crazy about his music. David being adorable, makes the experience even sweeter.. Love how he dances with his head. I am obsessed!! Come to Philadelphia, Pa USA Can't wait to see you live!!

  14. Jerry Mills

    You are a true master sir, Brilliant, Genius, Genius

  15. Johnnyafc _

    Love Mr Bobble Head 👍🏻

  16. SLHbeats1996

    This song feels like a nice hot shower that consists of bittersweet thoughts.

  17. Garrett [REDACTED]

    I'm only sixteen and I've been only listening to David Gray's songs and they're calming and I feel either relaxed or feel like dancing. He's a Legendary singer.

    Tim Heathfield

    You have good taste Pepsi cola ! x

    Garrett [REDACTED]

    Thanks. You too! I'm 18, almost 19 now and I have his best of album. Still my favorite singer.

  18. MrEtheridg

    Naughty,but nice,no cakes allowed

  19. trip hammond

    david gray is a genius

  20. Ian Brooks

    This used to be my shaving song. What? You haven't got a shaving song? Do you just stand there?

    Dionysia Ex

    +Ian Brooks I don't shave Ian. Its a waste of resources.

    sparkdog 494

    Good stuff