David Crowder Band - We Are Loved Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Velvet black night
Pierced with white
Stars waiting quiet
Wide listening sky

Stillness of air
Life hanging there
Out of despair
Rises a prayer

Can we take in Your light
So we can shine like You?
With all this weariness
Can we shine like You?
With this weariness

O we are loved
We are loved
And it's quite enough that
We are loved

We are loved
We are loved
And it's quite enough that
We are loved

If the whole world could feel like
If the whole world could feel like
We could love
We could love
'Cause we are loved

[Verse 2]
Surrounded in white
O purest bride
No lovelier sight
The church will rise

Take in Your light
To shine like You
Take this weariness
O we can shine like You


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David Crowder Band We Are Loved Comments
  1. Chad Lane

    He went solo but I miss David Crowder band

  2. Aoyoc


  3. RaponoWorks

    Finally able to listen to this on mobile? huh.

  4. Vaewyth Rede

    Nice stuff!

  5. Nicholas Frazier

    If I could give this song a million likes, I would.

  6. PuffinReviews

    I like this song great job!

  7. Michael Murzin

    DCB are loved

  8. Michael Murzin

    My favorite song :)

  9. SolomonFromStateFarm

    For some reason,on Xbox Youtube this song wont play for some reason

  10. Los Lapidos y Fuliosos

    I love this songs Greaat :D

  11. Los Lapidos y Fuliosos

    Really Reallye Greaat Song Congratulations :)

  12. BraydenFoxTV

    Great song! Saw them at WJ back a while ago and they were great!

  13. Mishteh

    even though you posted that comment a year ago.. not. fair. :)

  14. Mishteh

    i love all the songs on this album, they truly have the most amazing music!

  15. imaginexxx

    one of my favorite songs from this album :) just got it last week

  16. eferez57

    Dis-I-Like :D

  17. Victor Hastings G

    my favorite band...i love your music guys

  18. Amanda Seminara

    @doootuz And it's quite enough that we are loved! (:

  19. Shayne C.

    @ItsTheCoogi keep smiling,your loved(:

  20. his989


    I absolutely agree man. I do love how David Crowder Band is trying out different things, but I fell in love with him when I first heard the album Can You hear Us. :)

  21. Austin Riggs

    They're going to be at Winterjam 2011 this weekend!! XD Absolutely CANNOT wait for that XD!! I have been wanting to hear them in concert for almost a year now XD

  22. Austin Riggs

    They're going to be at Winterjam this weekend XD absolutely CANNOT wait for that XD!!!!

  23. Rachel Menkhus


  24. Veronica Wade

    WE ARE LOVED!!!!

  25. Dootuz


  26. Amahd Simon

    @technodavzero try google

  27. nez

    @ItsTheCoogi God spoke to you through the song :-]

  28. matttwhang

    hey umm from a quickoverview the chords sound like this-ish i think..:

    G#m E B D#m

    G#m B C#m E
    We are loved...
    B F# C#m E
    If the whole world...
    G#m B C#m E
    We could love...

    I'm sorry for the vague-ness and i have not the slightest clue wat's going on in the interlude, these earphones im using are dying on me
    hope this helps!

  29. jumpincrickets91

    love it !

  30. cmander

    I love this song! One of my new favorites!

  31. loveismineforever

    this is fuckin awesome

  32. Dootuz

    We are loved! WE ARE LOVED!

  33. Miss123Casey

    Could you send me the mp3 file I love this song ??!!!!!

  34. RyanO

    Sweet hookups. I still ordered the crazy preorder package they sold with vinyl and all. So it's good.

  35. RyanO

    You're out of luck. I just got a copy of the album, and 75% of the songs are this style.....

  36. Kyle Brown

    Sick song! I've never heard too many songs from David Crowder, but this one is SWEET

  37. Isaac Sung

    They're actually going to go a lot more loops/synth/electronica based on Church Music. It should be interesting to listen to regardless.

  38. mrsolystacy

    I love it! Fresh and new, in my opinion. I love the beats!!

  39. Landonb1994

    it is a little strange, but awesome... it almost sounds like an abercrombie song...like the one's that they play in thier store...nice piano at the beginning