David Crowder Band - SMS (Shine) Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Send me a sign
A hint, O whisper
Fill me with life
'Cause I am listening

Come break the quiet
Breathe your awakening
Bring me the light
'Cause I am fading

Surround me with the rush of angels' wings

[Chorus 1]
Shine Your light so I can see You
Pull me up, I need to be near You
Hold me, I need to feel loved
Can You overcome this heart that's overcome?

[Verse 2]
You sent a sign
The hint, O whisper
Human, divine
Everyone is listening

Death laid low
Quiet in the night is stirring

All around the rush of angels

O the wonder of the greatest love has come

[Chorus 2]
Shine Your light so all can see it
Lifted up, 'cause the whole world needs it
Love has come, what joy to hear it
He has overcome, He has overcome

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David Crowder Band SMS (Shine) Comments
  1. chris gentry

    Great song. Thank you yeshua

  2. Susan R Archbell

    Absolutely beautiful🌸

  3. Matt Peterson

    Stunning. A work of art.

  4. Joseph Kilgore

    Anyone else get emotional over Lite-Brite characters?

  5. Liliana Canozo

    I was between the ages of 7 and 9 when I heard this song. I remember caring more about the music video, and not understanding or thinking about the song.

    I've gone through a lot since then. This brings so much joy and crying to me now.

  6. Mystïç Lûna

    When my mom had a miscarriage of my little sister we didn’t even know if it was a girl or not God just told us now this music video reminds me of her everytime

  7. April Hoell

    I remember I had a radio (my sisters radio) in my bed a few months after my sister died, and I’d turn it on at night to fall asleep and I would listen to KLove. I woke up in the middle of the night because subconsciously it had caught my attention. I was just at peace and awe of who God is....it still brings that feeling to me now.

  8. Tanner Buford

    I just love this so much

  9. David Hill

    What a beautiful song!

  10. Batsonic Abie

    I first discovered this song years ago, in middle school. I was at a church competition called TNT (Top Nazarene Talent) and I was new to current Christian music, and this was one of the tunes that brought me the beauty of Christian music, started seeing what it's really like to be a Christian, even though I accepted Christ into my heart years before. And whenever I hear this song, i get a nostalgic feeling and look back on those days. God is good!

  11. Kitty Purrs

    thank you good steward

  12. angelica b

    I remember watching this with my brother when I was about 7 and it made me just cry and cry. Watching it today, I can understand how. It has such a deep meaning.

    mark wolf

    Oooh, i thought you said it made him cry.

  13. Elijah Tchilembe-Mpovie

    Eight years later, still one of my all time favorites

  14. Preston Frederick

    Send me a sign 
    A hint, a whisper
    Throw me a line
    'Cause I am listening

    Come break the quiet
    Breathe your awakening
    Bring me to light
    'Cause I am fainting

    Surround me with a rush of angels wings

    Shine Your light so I can see You
    Pull me up I need to be near You
    Hold me I need to feel love
    Can You overcome this heart that's overcome

    You sent a sign
    A hint a whisper
    Human divine
    Heaven is listening
    Death laid love quiet
    Yet in the night a stirring

    All around a rush of angels

    O the wonder of the greatest love has come

    Shine Your light so all can see it
    Lifted up 'cause the whole world needs it
    Love has come what joy to hear it
    He has overcome
    He has overcome

  15. Jesse Varner

    God has overcome......He has overcome .....so I will keep giving thanks. Passover is the feast of Christ overcoming death on the cross. It also goes back two thousand years B.C. around the time the people were warned to put the blood of the Lamb on their door posts, just before the Exodus of Egypt, and the angel of death passed by those who put the blood on their door posts. So, when we put the Blood of the Lamb on our hearts, the angel of death and hell will not touch us. Let us celebrate and encourage our fellow brethren to celebrate the day Christ wrestled and won the victory over death! Pesach.

  16. Smokey Mirror

    The Lord works in Strange Ways.

  17. Mordecai & Rigby

    Lyrics Anybody?

  18. Francois Theron

    love the vid....

  19. Flooded 09

    This never grows old♡

  20. Christopher Foote

    I have been told 13 times over the past 6 years I should not be alive. A stage 3 Esophageal cancer event followed 5 years later by a stage 4 head and neck event. Missing 51 parts....healthy as an ox now, new bride, new life. Raised the kids as a single father - God not only provides, but he caresses us in His unending love. It was not until I arrived at the "it is well with my soul Lord" point that I was able to truly fall in love with Christ and the wonder of our Father, Yahovah, in Heaven above. I am the living embodiment of the appropriation of God's Word manifesting itself in the flesh and providing unbelievable depths of healing in this body, mind and spirit. At Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Zion , Illinois and St. Peter's Hospital in Albany, NY I was able to see this song play out in real time, in real lives. What a blessing David Crowder has been to me, building Faith, showing there is so much more to life. The brutal man I once was, the man filled with racism, prejudice and fury vanished when I allowed Yeshua (Jesus) to step in and take control. God Bless all of you, CB

  21. Luis Techio

    Perfect ❤️

  22. Emma Smith

    I not an emomtial person but this got me love it

  23. Skoodle

    I remember my dad showing me this video so many years ago when I was around 9 and I cried. I'm 15 now, and the song just popped into my head, so I re-watched the video and I still cried. :(

    mark wolf

    This band brings back memories for me.

  24. Nick the Aspie Writer

    This song always gets me

  25. Ryan Burke

    This song truly speaks to me. Thank you David Crowder Band.

  26. Blah Blah

    My teacher showed us this.

  27. Rylee 2.0

    I just want to thank God for everything I would not be alive if it wasn't for him and his power and the music is just so powerful keep doing what you do 💙

  28. Robert Lemmon

    this song makes me think of my dad and all he did for me. gosh, was I a piece of shit to him.

    Siddharth Joshi

    Robert Lemmon I know that feel bro!

  29. alfredo mujica

    crowder lullabies brought me here, i use this with my baby son to help him go to sleep everynight, Thanks DC and God bless!

  30. Andii Rejino

    good song and I'm not even a Christian

  31. Jeremiah Yonemura

    I love it. Oh God I need You! This song is sad/happy.

  32. WarriorForChrist85

    Amazing Song :) Thank You, Jesus, For you have overcome
    The world :) Btw I Gave My Life Back to Jesus Today:)
    Please Pray for me that I will Be Strong In The Lord.

    Lucian Umbrarescu

    Just look to Christ ! No one can be strengthed if it is not Christ who does the strengthening. Seek to stick close to the Word and to the Savior whose work is uncomprehensible yet so big and so amazing ! Pray pray, for everything and have this prayer : Father, make me humble. I wanna do Your will not mine. Not my intentiona my ambitiona my atitudes my comfort to be fulfiled but your Will God !


    Amen and I will

    Lieutenant Walrus

    You know what's something that you need more than Jesus? Some fucking grammar lessons.

  33. ZekeTheGameFreak

    Just the words "He has overcome" make me tear up. Thank God that He has overcome sin, and death.


    ZekeTheGameFreak he has overcome for us, and he keeps overcoming all of his children

  34. AndrewDashMusic

    what does sms stand for?

    Lucian Umbrarescu

    "(S)end (M)e a (S)ign"

  35. Maxfli82

    I'm sorry but where does it say that David Crowder's wife died? I googled it and cannot find it anywhere. If true, it would make this video even more heartbreaking yet all the more beautiful than it is.

    Evan Reynolds

    +Maxfli82 You are right, his wife isn't dead. I don't know if this video or song was inspired by anyone's passing but if for sure wasn't David's wife. This was made in 2010, there are articles talking about his wife Toni being alive after DCB split up.

    Jeremiah Yonemura

    Crowder's wife is Tony. She is still alive as far as I know.

  36. Kris Pistole

    Remember the good ole days before DC was a member of Duck Dynasty?

    Vaewyth Rede

    +Kris Pistole
    A true man grows himself a good beard!

  37. Gabriel777 Jesus

    "SMS (Shine)"

    [Verse 1]
    Send me a sign 
    A hint, O whisper 
    Fill me with life 
    'Cause I am listening 

    Come break the quiet 
    Breathe your awakening 
    Bring me the light 
    'Cause I am fading 

    Surround me with the rush of angels' wings 

    [Chorus 1]
    Shine Your light so I can see You 
    Pull me up, I need to be near You 
    Hold me, I need to feel loved 
    Can You overcome this heart that's overcome? 

    [Verse 2]
    You sent a sign 
    The hint, O whisper 
    Human, divine 
    Everyone is listening 

    Death laid low 
    Quiet in the night is stirring 

    All around the rush of angels 

    O the wonder of the greatest love has come 

    [Chorus 2]
    Shine Your light so all can see it 
    Lifted up, 'cause the whole world needs it 
    Love has come, what joy to hear it 
    He has overcome, He has overcome

  38. Kayla Holst

    This is truly amazing.

  39. abankse83

    I always wondered what happened to the wife in the lite-brite portion of the vid. Did she get sick? What of? Plot holes

  40. Anna Shay

    4 years ago this song met me in such a dark place. God used this song and video so magnificently to bring light and hope back into my life in an unspeakable way. Thank-you for being a part of that.
    Miss your band and I hope you all are doing well on your new journey's.

    Lieutenant Walrus

    God isn't real and 9/11 was an inside job

    chris gentry

    I was going through such a dark time and now rising above it. God used Jeremy camps and this song I'm not alright and it brought me through it. Jeremy and David always been my favorite Christian artist because the lyrics are so deep that it gives you a new hope and future. Really feel His presence when listening to this song.

    chris gentry

    @Lieutenant Walrus praying you see the light soon.

    Lieutenant Walrus

    @chris gentry praying you get hit by a car and slowly die only to never realize that god isn't real as your mind and vision fades to black

  41. Tay Bina

    lindo d mais

  42. SarahKellyKansas

    Can K-love play this please

    Ruby red

    +SarahKellyKansas Yes K-love should play this song!!!


    +SarahKellyKansas Go to their website and make a request. They used to play this song all the time when it first came out.

  43. Salim Rollog

    how did they make this

    Griffin Gamer

    There is a BTS somewhere

  44. MixDream95

    My gym teacher showed this to us (I have no idea why) but by the end of the video everyone was crying. Such a beautiful song that can be appreciated in some way by everyone. The video itself made it all the more memorable, I hope he's doing better now, I know how horrible it is to lose a loved one.

    parepidemos productions

    MixDream95 I'm so glad he showed the video and I hope he's doing better too

  45. Salim Rollog

    I like this wonder full sing it helps me relax because I got fired from a Christian camp and I was doing wonderful there and one day they took me into the office and said u are fired I was very sad but these songs help me and the camp has not told me why I was fired but that's ok thanks to this song


    Why did they fire you?

    Salim Rollog

    Because I was stupid and played with a lighter around kids and made too much noise at night with another peer apparently but I got in trouble for that but I just came back from that camp had a blast

    Azariyah Yahozadak Yahozeph

    @Salim Rollog God Bless you Salim Shalom Salem unto you my dear blessed friend Jesus loves you and God is not mad at you forgive them and move on to the new calling and opportunity coming your way today.

    Lieutenant Walrus

    Judging by your language skills, which I must say is on par with that of a 9 year old, I shall make the assumption than you're a moron. I'm glad they fired someone as irresponsible and stupid as you are; I have never had the pleasure of encountering someone so out of touch with logic and their sensibilities. So thank you (;

  46. DaNi ThE SaLiOr!

    I love this song

  47. Victoria's tv

    That is an amazing video. David Crowder is a creative genius and NOT Kanye. That video was incredible and very touching. I saw it for the first time today on tv and I can't stop watching it on Youtube. I had no idea that David's wife died. God bless you David Crowder.


    who is Kanye?

    Ruby Rwby

    +abankse83 kanye west lol


    +Ruby Rwby I repeat, WHO is Kanye West? Never heard of her ;)

    Ruby Rwby

    +abankse83 its the dude rapper he never really smiles he's with Kim kardashian or just look him up XD

    Jesse Varner

    Victoria's tv Crowder's wife didn't die. She was in a 2014- 2015, interview, well, around that time.

  48. Sam Teeuwsen

    Love it

  49. gabriel gonzales

    Great song and video it really makes you feel

  50. Emmanuel T

    I hope he is better now

  51. Lukas Schmidt

    DCB rules

  52. Joshua Lowe

    For those who don't know this song was made a few years ago for David's wife who passed away.

  53. Nathan Muirhead

    Oh wow. This is a pretty amazing music video. I certainly didn't expect the video to play out as it did and it was incredibly striking. Great work.

  54. Rodrigues H.

    This song & video is one of those timeless rare gems, always love to view videos that tells a good story even if it's in animated fashion! The most emotional scene that gets me all choked up is when his wife dies

  55. Tabitha Joy

    Cool Video!! :)

  56. 1BlueStarRising

    Awesome sprouting Ideas for music.
    Truly Wonderful Godly Musical Arts Performance :-)
    Blessings Always , Michael & Family


    Crowder! You are amazing. This video is equal parts amazing to look at, as well as beautiful in it's use of the song. Love it :D

  58. Jeremy Vaillancourt

    good song !

  59. Alex Seamon

    This song made me tear up I'm in love with it!

    Azariyah Yahozadak Yahozeph

    amen me too iam crying now because i feel the angels love and Gods Love its overcoming my heart ....i love it i love all you too peace and joy !

  60. GabeMilne0902

    Video is a rip off of heck no by maldroid :/
    Good song though.


    I looked up the video. "Rip off" is a strong term, and I really can't agree with you on that. This version is FAR more involved and has a lot more going on in the background... not to mention the fact that it's telling a story. It's definitely similar due to the lite brite, but that's really it. 

  61. GabeMilne0902

    Video is a rip off of heck no by maldroid :/
    Good song though.

  62. Joel DeJong

    I'm NOT crying! It's just something in my eye, I SWEAR!!!

  63. John Earley

    Very good people.... Nice job...

  64. Carl Robson

    How does this music video relate to the Trinity or even the song in any way?

    Pablo Zapata

    His wife died. And hes speaking to her and god at the same time

  65. Dream Master 336

    May everyone see the light!

  66. ibar_rider

    Made me a bit teary

  67. Bradley Dickey


  68. S.L. West

    Awesome animation. very innovative. 

  69. Nathaniel Lloyd

    The best way to introduce Christ to people who don't have a relationship with Him isn't by showing them physical evidence of his existence or by winning a religious debate, but by showing the world a love so unique and selfless that it can only be described as being GODLY.

    Lieutenant Walrus

    Love is a human concept, I can go on about the complexities and wonders of the plasma membrane; however, like love, the plasma membrane came into existence through the laws of the universe. I can explain why love isn't Godly, and why we are all just a probability screaming across space and time. But then I'd be wasting precious time that falls on deaf ears, suck a fat one my friend.

    BakerStreet Bear

    Hmmmm. Yeah...hopefully Nathaniel will realize his blanket statement is just that, and doesn't apply in all cases. It's one of those simplistic Christian cliches like "you should NEVER use fear as a tactic when evangelizing"... it's stupid. Some people respond well to fire and brimstone, and there are a multitude of examples in the Bible of Jesus using the fear of hell while preaching, nevermind John the Baptist or the OT prophets. And the Apostle Paul uses apologetics extensively, Nathaniel...I would consider that before saying people can only be "loved into heaven" but can't be "debated into heaven."
    Because as we can see, Lieutenant Walrus didn't think much of your comment lol
    Granted, he's a nihilistic SOB who has fallen for the ridiculous notion that science explains everything, and explains away God, as if because there are laws in the universe that presupposes no one put them in place, and that the usurpation of God's throne by self-loving, self-aggrandizing, evil pieces of trash like Neitzche and Marx and Freud was actually legitimate... but he would probably need a mix of intellectual debates and hugs and stints of loneliness and hopelessness before being willing to entertain the idea that there is great coherence in the Christian faith and great evidence for the resurrection and he should stop falling for the Marxist propaganda he learned in college, assuming he went, and that men from RZIM and men like CS Lewis and GK Chesterton and Tolkien are far superior in intelligence than his Commie sociology professor ever was.
    God loves you buddy.

    Russell Comer

    @Lieutenant Walrus Your confused with lust, but you don't seem to reach far, then again your just human. What came first, chicken or egg?

    Lieutenant Walrus

    @Russell Comer You're confused with your own use of the words "your" and "you're"

    Russell Comer

    @Lieutenant Walrus True, though it's a struggle with me as well.
    Many are addicted to porn, and confuse what love is.

  70. CRA5HOV3RID3

    I first saw this in church in army basic training 12' loved it since.

  71. Hannah Gates

    Amazing! I cried, I'm pretty sensitive when when it comes to these things. ;)

  72. Brandyn Pryce

    This is just so cool!

  73. Mya Andjello

    I looove this song :)

  74. Benedetta Vitali

    WOW, Awesome!!!!! That God bless you!!!

  75. Sergio Roqueni

    Ya that is a good song

  76. Jae Jae ♥

    God is awesome!!!

  77. chaos N'order

    Omg this is the most amazing music video ever! !!! I love this. It is sad in the end tho :( bit still so creative.

  78. Nick Arndt

    This is amazing.  God is good.

  79. Stephanie Smoluk

    Feel like i can get goose bumps listening and watching this video.

  80. shy_ghost777

    Just one question how did the wife die in the video??

  81. shy_ghost777

    A beautiful song tears are rolling down my cheeks!!!

  82. Yolanda Linan

    I see the piano playing by its self

  83. Jeff C

    Amen to that!

  84. 15jx herrrera

    OMG i love you so much for saying that XD!!!

  85. 15jx herrrera

    HOLY CRAP! i just noticed they based there design of the little animated people off Megaman! :O......AWESOME!!! X3

  86. Genesis Robles

    yeah, I think the one on the album is the one they use to play on the radio

  87. Jeremy Steimel

    Even through all our hard time this year with Brynleigh, we can still praise God for his beautiful work. We have learned so much and witnessed the hand of God many times. THANK YOU!!!

  88. Jeremy Steimel

    I love this song! It fits my daughter so well. She was born with half a heart. She's had one open heart surgery already, and now we are waiting on the heart transplant list. But she has touched so many lives in her 6 months of life. She shines so bright! Everyone we have met, all the Dr.s, Nurses, families, friends, everyone falls in love with her instantly. Praise God for giving the world such a beautiful little angel.

  89. DarkReaper076

    David Crowder

  90. DarkReaper076

    I saw this music video at my school in Religion class

  91. Patrick McCuistion

    This made me cry.........

    Awesome song! This deserves more recognition.

  92. track770

    This song.... It's more than amazing. It makes me think how much I need to be there for people... No matter who they are.

  93. John Estillore

    This Video is AMAZING

  94. Micaiah Teng

    I really like the harmony here. Anyone know who does it?

  95. Daniel A

    I still have my light bright somewhere up in my closet. I used to play with it all the time when I was little.

  96. tommyo78

    why would anyone make a music video ever again after this?

  97. Harrison Koonts

    i used to have a light bright! i dont know what happened to it though lol

  98. Zak McAllister

    Anyone else notice the pot at 0:01?