David Crowder Band - Oh, Happiness Lyrics

Oh, happiness
There is grace enough for us
And the whole human race

[Verse 1]
From the full streams
Of Your care
All who come
Begin again

Hard or friend
Rich or poor
All who need
Need fear no more

Such a thing to give away

[Verse 2]
All regrets
Let go, forget
There's something that
Mends all of that

Such a thing to give away

Sound the church bells
Let 'em ring
Let 'em ring
For everything can be redeemed
We can be redeemed
All of us

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David Crowder Band Oh, Happiness Comments
  1. Marcio Giuseppe Fortunato

    almost 10 years since the first time I heard this song and every time feels as good as the first time

  2. ELEJE


  3. FlyfunkyLady Uncovered


  4. FlyfunkyLady Uncovered


  5. FlyfunkyLady Uncovered


  6. Samuel Phillips

    That opening really bangs

  7. KrabFish

    Nostalgia! Underrated!!

  8. Tracer Bullet

    So darn catchy. One of my favorite worship albums

  9. Ian Fortuna

    No guilt in life no fear in death this is the power of Christ in me glory to God

  10. aquamage2.0

    I cant believe this song is so old, it so good tho

  11. ThatBoy Marcus

    I can remember this song from my Youth Retreat in 2010, it was awesome i was 14 had a great time with so many other kids around my age. I felt a lot more accepted then in school

  12. BigAlvideos101

    Happy International Happiness Day to anyone who happens to be reading this comment on March 20th, 2017!


    darn im late

  13. Em's AJMVS

    AYEEEEEEEEE THIS SONG IS SOOOOOO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)  <3 <3 <3 <3

  14. Jaydin Harp

    28 people hate happiness ig

    Gerald Maravanyika

    now its 32


    Gerald Maravanyika 31×

    Walk With Jesus

    42 sad people

  15. Naliat

    Am i the only one here that heard it at Nosoca Pines Ranch.

  16. Glaiza Gerez

    Great song for the happiest people on earth! Jesus believers!


    love this song!!!!! :D

  18. Anime Videos

    Been feeling sad so I wanted something to make me happy :)

  19. Doug Hens

    This is my repost I love god

  20. Doug Hens

    Repost if u love god like I do

  21. Emmanuel T

    very cool song

  22. TripleAAA

    lol it's so epic

  23. Patrick McCuistion

    Oh Happiness!

    This song is so uplifting!

  24. Kallistos

    Now that's stuck in my head...

  25. Noodlie

    Why do you think that, if I may ask? o:

  26. Greensky02

    This song rules. But honestly, believing in an almighty deity is the same thing as believing in Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy. Religion is a fancy word for cult.

  27. Margo Elizabeth

    This song is just so happy, I love it!!

  28. julia7560

    I love this song it 's so happy :))))) we sang this at christain camp but it was super fun!

  29. Cody Plaisance

    This song makes me happy at 1:38 in the morning!

  30. wildfire183

    Me too.

  31. ImTheHarlequinnn

    this song is not just catchey but i feel like god is the true message. It is not the band guys, its God

  32. Allysa Wallenberg

    How great is our GOD!?!?!

  33. CheeseAndCrackers79


  34. Alyssa Horton

    no matter what kind of day i have. i can always count on this song.. no.. this band. to make it an amazing day :)

  35. Rusty Grigorenko

    I love this song. Listen to after all holy, Iam a seed , oh my God, allely, and more songs that David crowder did. Still can't believe they. Quit. Why everyone loves this songs

  36. fart face

    i love this song so i got the album but i got all the songs in the album on my ipod but this is the one song that didnt get onto my ipod so i come on youtube everyday to lusten to this song ;)

  37. Dawson Contreras

    i almost cry when i hear this song. I LOVE YOU GOD

  38. Natasha Mares

    I don't go to church much but I Love This Song


    I'm loving this happy song.

  40. E .Atkin

    My teacher used this song at the end of her Christian play, my friends and I were totally rocking out. Love it, so catchy!

  41. Mark Woodson

    I work at Skyview Ranch (SVR) and when they play this song it's awesome ! |_()\/3 J3SUS p.s. Go 2 SKYViEw!!!

  42. Jenna Jula

    Like this if a week in review video from Big Lake Youth Camp took you here

  43. Kadesh DuBose

    Oh Sadness... they disbanded

    Oh Happiness... they are still on Youtube

  44. Heaven Roar

    give me happinessssss!!!!

  45. Elladarling

    too bad they quit :(

  46. Shane Stein

    Because of the techno-ish keyboard? It's a song about happiness...I think the music should have a happy tone to it :)

  47. nfl49ergirl5

    I cant take this song seriously.

  48. Jon

    This song is so uplifting! Just bought it on Itunes to support you guys!

  49. Catherine Joy

    I can't listen to this song without smiling<3(:

  50. SmileyCieCie97

    Put your hand over your mouth.
    1Make a wish...
    2Close your hand(fist) Over your heart for five seconds.
    3Put this on three videos and tomorrow will be the best day of your life!
    It really works ..(:

  51. xr kenny

    david crowder band rocks!!!! wish they hadn't broke up ;[

  52. FunziesGuy

    This song is soo underrated! This is my favorite song by david crowder band for sure.. Theyre all good but musically this one sounds best IMO

  53. pandaloves17

    this song always brings a smile to my face <3

  54. SmileyCieCie97

    enough for us and the whole human race! spread the lovesss....nd the happiness....and the grace :)

  55. Seth Forster

    true story

  56. Christine Carlson

    Rejoice ! Jesus is Alive !

  57. nerf5

    nine people didn't have enough happiness

  58. Hollie a.

    @tlealgirl it can't make u not

  59. Hollie a.

    @tlealgirl i meant to say in can't make u not smile, sorry

  60. Hollie a.

    this song can't make u not smile

  61. Hollie a.

    @MrRyans777 y? :D be

  62. FeistyPenguin

    I love this song! it makes me happy, so it's my morning song. :D

  63. JTvids

    i love this song it is the bomb the 8 dislikes need to like it :D

  64. Joy

    i've been looking for this song for 2 yrs! finally found it!!

  65. buckstone2

    People say I look like David Crowder. Decide for yourself and check out my channel. Subscribe if you like my series on getting discipline from Jesus.

  66. GenerationInspired

    I love this song. Christ is true happiness and joy.

  67. lauryn naomi

    Oh happiness everywhere ..I love DCB!!!!:-)

  68. somedudenamedmilan

    the worst part is 3:18

  69. cherieglam

    in coresponse to what I said praise the lord

  70. cherieglam

    I love this song seriously this song is on replay love the beat, the lyrics, it's all wonderful

  71. girls_run_the_world14

    Luv dis song sooooo much!!!



  73. VelvetNightmare313

    @dtdude123 a synthesizer? (electronic keyboardy thingy)

  74. dtdude123

    @dtdude123 we all are

  75. dtdude123

    i like the begining tune but dont know what it is (please help)

  76. dtdude123

    @Hex348 no im the son of jesus

  77. Hector Martinez

    Cant Wait To See Them Perform Live At Missouri ! :D LIKE If Your A Friend Of Jesus (:

  78. Esperanza Moonbeam

    sooo excited to see this live on sunday! it has to be epic!

  79. Liberty24

    @bjudd11 he is the world

  80. Jonathan Chang

    This song makes me feel inexplicably happy. :D

  81. Crystal Bontrager

    i love jesus.

  82. DefiantShoe

    @jaliegh55 i think there is a post on their website about it it's nothing dramatic they just want to move on in life

  83. Krissy D

    This song sounds like it should be on Castle Crashers!


    Hi Krissy

  84. jaliegh m

    @CapnLayton They Are? :( do you know why?

  85. YangmJC

    Why is it always at the top of, "Suggestions," " And I'm a moron,"??? Like seriously!!! Who cares???

  86. Alexander Williams

    @91videomaster You mean truth's like the world being flat? Or God having created every species at once?

  87. Punkmetalcore515

    this is the happiest song i have ever come across! its awesome

  88. mercicupajoe

    @thepartyfreak1990 did you go to sky ranch?

  89. mercicupajoe

    This is the best song in the World to wake up to! Jesus is the best way to start off your day!!:D

  90. Ti Ka

    I LOVE THIS SONG! Fills my heart with hope and joy! :D

  91. bjudd11

    @TheBeyblader74 XD!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!! THANKS

  92. its me with D

    for every atheist : if nothing could be endless , so whats about the truth? the truth hast no end... for example: 1+1= 2 , or i am a human !

  93. DreamsofMajesty

    For anyone who is looking for a biblical explanation of the gospel and salvation, I would highly recommend checking out the scribd website that is listed on my channel. The scripture references given on there make it very clear and easy to understand.

  94. Venomesmiller

    I love this song but in ur description u said hard or friend its hard or frail

  95. Your Grandma

    i dun trust about god but i think this song is great!

  96. LoveYouMore

    I think danny should get all 42 of your thumb ups =P

  97. Mike Hazen

    I LOVE this song!!!

  98. emtettle

    7 people didn't understand that there was enough grace for them. :-(