David Crowder Band - Make A Joyful Noise Lyrics

Make a joyful noise to the Lord
All the earth
Make a hoyful noise to the Lord
All the earth

The flowers of the field
Are cry'n to be heard
The trees of the forest
Are singing
And all of the mountains
With one voice
Are joining the chorus of this world

And I will not be silent
I will not be quiet anymore [2x]

Running through the forest
Dive into the lake
Bare feet on beaches white
Standing in the canyon
Painted hills around
The wind against my skin
Every ocean
Every sea
Every river
Every stream
Every mountain
Every tree
Every blade of grass will sing

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David Crowder Band Make A Joyful Noise Comments
  1. littad

    absolute favorite crowder song

  2. xscottx019

    David Crowder smokes pot when he writes his songs. Agreed? Nah... Just kidding. He is righteous,

  3. benjam226

    @monkeysrawesome original version on their 1999 indie release "All I Can Say". A newer version was on Passion's "The Road to One Day" from 200 or 2001 i think.

  4. benjam226

    @fansofbands Crowder has stated several times that he was influenced by DMB. I also recall an early blog on their website where they were in town for a DMB concert and at a record store and Boyd Tinsley (DMB's violinist) walked in and Mike Hogan (DC*B's voilinist) started freaking out with excitement and ended up giving Boyd a copy of one of DCB's earlier cd's.

  5. yellofury

    @yellofury sorry meant "Soul to Squeeze"

  6. yellofury

    personally I love the bassist going into "Bad Disease" by RHCP
    at the end
    awesome band
    were covering this song for church this Sunday

  7. fansofbands

    this sounds like something dave matthews would make up. cool little jam i will have to learn it. does anyone know if one of david crowders influences was dave matthews?

  8. burningTr33

    seriously i wanted a his hair for the longest time

  9. Kinshiro Shimochi

    Is this only on the Lime CD?

    Isaí Ruiz

    Kinshiro Shimochi no, it’s on all I can say

  10. kpopmusiclover1004

    yea.. so he can easily grab like chords that are like in 5 different frets.. haha.. But.. Yea.. i love this song.. ^_^

  11. littad

    his hands are so freakin huge, it's scary.

    btw, this is his best song by far and off of his best cd.

  12. prahudka

    Guess that would be the reason it says "Gibson" on it? Just thinking out loud.

  13. prahudka

    There is some guy who custom builds them in Texas. Google for "Crowdster" and that's the guy.

  14. LateNightLuke

    What kind of guitar is that?

  15. Dave Rawlins

    u gotta love the 4 on the floor drum beat, it carries the song...