David Crowder Band - God Almighty, None Compares Lyrics

Glory and honor, wisdom and power
Grace and fury, splendor and might
O You are splendor and might
Matchless beauty, endless light

[Pre-Chorus 1]
All heaven's ringing
All the angels are singing
All heaven's ringing
All the angels are singing

You are all I need
You're my everything
God almighty
God almighty

None compares to You
None compares to You
There is none like You
Holy, holy God almighty

[Pre-Chorus 2]
All heaven's ringing
All the angels are singing
All heaven's ringing
We join in the singing

You are all we need
You're our everything
No one greater
No one higher

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David Crowder Band God Almighty, None Compares Comments
  1. theyetidude

    Did Dave Murray and Adrian Smith from Iron Maiden fill in on the end part there?

    Joshua R. Deal

    theyetidude Believe it or not that was Jack shredding it up. They even covered Carol Of The Bells for a Christmas show, so you know they can shred. Who knew?

  2. Rachel Moreno

    Matchless beauty! No one greater! None compares to you! There is none like you!

  3. Roman b.

    i cant see you or taste you so neither are u

  4. pmaniac2

    Who says Christian music can't have epic guitar solos?

  5. nemo

    He still loves you, whether you believe in him or not <3

  6. .jjj

    Jesus isnt real

  7. xr kenny

    some people are just stuffed shirts, caught up in legalism not free in Jesus Christ

  8. GenerationInspired

    I saw them at a concert last year. Definitely one of my favorite bands.

  9. MsAppleofhiseye

    The Guitar Solo??? Pure .Awesomeness!

  10. Pwningmachine101

    Can't believe these guys broke up :(

  11. Punkmetalcore515

    @prototype102010 tell your friend not to be so judgemental, its a christian song, but that doesnt mean that only christians can listen to music like this, and it doest mean that its boring. take a look at skillet, theyre a christian band and they are among the most popular bands now. plus even secular people and atheists have to admit that despite it being a christian song, this song has without a doubt one epic solo. your friend NEEDS to hear it!

  12. The Third

    My friend says that this is a church song, so it's borring... he has never listend to it, only the lyrics.

  13. Punkmetalcore515

    why do two people not have a taste for rock?

  14. Punkmetalcore515

    This is my favorite song from david crowder band. the guitars are amazing, i love rock. pop and techno needs to disappear. because rock is the ultimate in music. pop is not even real music. and its a christain song. this song is one of my favorite songs of all time. rock shall never die! nor will god.

  15. YesuMashiaDisciple

    This really makes me wish I went to the concert...

  16. Kay Kay

    this is the BEST christian cd I heard in a while... I would buy it three times....crazy good

  17. Jessica Potts

    omiiiiiiiii gooooooooosssshhhh This song is meeeeeeelting meeee TvT

  18. Justinb94

    I just them live at the HIM conference in Hawaii!!!!!!!SO FREAKING AWESOME!!!

  19. shellina ryals

    Drums beats feel like MISSLES going off in my head...um....nice! Who said praise can't rock? Obviously not JESUS!

  20. MsAppleofhiseye

    Love this song, I can just imagine The Lord coming back to this!

  21. WrestleHouse

    "rate this song" i rate it a thumbs up!!

  22. Gevito236

    @offlineable lol I would expect this comment to be a highest rated one.

  23. Offlineable

    If someone ever tells me the David Crowder Band doesn't rock, then I will show them this song and rest my case.

  24. Jake Coleman

    i was jammin to this earlier, its makes the hair on the back of neck sand up!!

  25. The Third

    just last night i saw them live, and out of all of their songs is the best i herd. sadly due to dumb canadian law they cant sell the t shirts because there not made in canada... so why can we sell toyotas? any ways great song about to go buy the cd.

  26. Jonathon LaVaccare

    seriously one of the greatest songs ive ever heard !! musicly and lyricly

  27. GeorgiaTechPhenom

    What a song!

  28. c johns

    I wish there was a way to rate these things as supremely freaking rocking awesome!

  29. Marc Ong

    It gave me goosebumps. My ears felt like high-praising. :) None compares to HIM.

  30. Pepper Jack

    I like the lyrics but not the song.

  31. Bearkiller777

    PRAISE Jesus!! This is such a Powerful song! Thank you for posting......God Bless!!

  32. Chandler Moreau

    It was amazing!!!!!! I was on the mark side of the gold circle area about 4 rows up....... :)

  33. Archangel

    I like Steve3po

  34. Chandler Moreau

    That's sweet! I have tickets for their concert on thursday and can't wait!!!!!

  35. Archangel

    I saw them tonite, it was awesome

  36. Adrian Kim

    yesss i'm going to the concert tomorrow cna't waittttt

  37. Andrew Mai

    haha we got kutless down =D

  38. Author4Christ

    HAHAHHAH That's what I thought too when I first heard this song :D

  39. XL Sprayfoam Solutions

    AllI can say is "Shred on Jack buddy, shred on!" love the solo!!!!!

  40. OPiguy35

    amen brother. Add TFK, Kutless, and Skillet to the mix up...they should have ROCKBAND : Alternative

  41. RyanO

    YES! It's definitely the best off the new album!

  42. Jeffery Peppers

    Oh yeah. I already learned the 1st part on guitar!