David Crowder Band - Church Music - Dance Lyrics

Dance if you're wounded
Dance if you're torn into
Dance broken open
Dance with nothing to lose

Dance when you're wounded
Dance when you're torn into
Dance broken open
Dance with nothing to lose

(Oh!) Perfectly free
(Oh!) Dance if you wanna be
(Oh!) Perfectly free
(Oh!) Dance if you wanna be

Change the world
Change your soul
Fill it up
Here we go
Here we go

Oh His is a story that saves
Majestic feel
Feel it at a steady pace

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David Crowder Band Church Music - Dance Comments
  1. TJ Winston

    I love how he could make a sad song so happy. He literally says "If you're wounded, if you're broken DANCE. That's what I love about this song

  2. TheEVN7

    I hate religion
    But I love this song

  3. Jesse Varner

    Music for the assembly, quit slouchin' and get up and DANCE!!!!💜💜💜💜💜

  4. BryceBarz

    i dont get how this is church music, but i friggin love it


  5. Azariyah Yahozadak Yahozeph

    Glory to Our King Immanuel !  Jesus Won satan !  

  6. Praize Kraze® with Renee

    Using this in my Praize Kraze class! It's AWESOME!!!

  7. inquiring mind

    he sounds like justin timberlake!! how about a duet :  crowderlake !!

  8. Stranded Stardust

    One of ma faves!!!

  9. Psyco Josho

    <3 This song makes me move every time I hear it!

  10. Theresa Higby

    Oh, yeah!

  11. Tamás Fábián

    An album of this kind off music should exist...

    Cats Cough

    that would be awsome

  12. inquiring mind

    LOVE?LOVE? YES>>>LOVE THIS...thanks Mr. Crowder! You're amazing ...!

  13. GirlLinax01



    This is such an up beat fun song.I love it .

  15. R L

    Ahh! thank you! do you know the rest?

  16. nikhilck

    I am from India and love this...

  17. niseybrooks53

    my son came in to the house singing this, so of course, i just had to hear it!! Great song!!

  18. jkim809

    s-h-o-u-t shout it from your l-u-n-g-s oh we s-i-n-g-i-t-l-o-u-d

  19. Michael Beckwith

    Epic Awesomness
    I danced at this at Centri Fuge :D :D P:D ::D :D :D :D <3

  20. Punkmetalcore515

    great song, perfect for a dance party

  21. Stephen Tearoe

    1:20 just outa friggin nowhere,


    This would make tobyMac prud

  23. TyCatS44

    it reminds me of some funky daft punk!

  24. patty7beth

    The "thump thump" sounds you hear aren't the bass or drums ... it's the sounds of FIB church folks hitting the floor with stroke/cardiac arrest when they heard this.

  25. dash908

    texas produces so many great beards

  26. Jake Mariño

    Jesus turned that water, INTO FUNK!

  27. Sephirothxxxxxxxxxxx

    Yeah this song is frickin sweet!

  28. Nowelle S

    we need more good christian dance music!!!!!

  29. Andrew Taylor

    @MrKragera lol

  30. MrKragera

    @Flamesmark7 no they didnt

  31. Andrew Taylor

    1 person misclicked the dislike button :(

  32. LiinkFreek

    Does anybody know what the autotuned voice at the beginning is saying?

  33. Matthew Watts

    who peed in ur cherrios this morning?

  34. jnaroby

    Then David danced before the LORD with all his might! Wowza! Almost broke my neck boppin' to this one :D

  35. Jake Coleman

    the transition from birmingham to this song is amazing, were do these guys stop bein so crazy good

  36. Matthew Watts

    ur ridiculous but i love u anyway

  37. Matthew Watts

    @bstovall001 ur rediculous but i love u anyway

  38. devin chiero


  39. Nicholas Nail

    This is the best song for me. Its good dance music and its praise music at the same time. :D

  40. NovaOrionAstra

    @skkev You can praise God with any type of music. Even techno.

  41. Kevin Choi

    however don't get me wrong
    i love david Crowder
    the new songs from this album, How he Loves and Oh Happiness are great
    but just the album in general is too much techno for me

    what i loved about his other albums were very distinct from today's music and was truly just worship but this song especially just feels like a disco song and you guys mentioned it and focusing so much on the music and electornics that it's much easier to forget God and the essence of worship.

  42. Kevin Choi

    to be completely honest
    I don't really like this album
    i'm not accustomed to the techno styles of David Crowder's new album
    but little hints of techno like his old classic songs from the earlier albums i believe fit his voice and style much better
    There's also so much of the styles of hip hop from this generation of music that it doesn't feel like worship but just another good song
    its also much harder to play these songs at churchs while his old songs are the classics that are always loved

  43. c johns

    @heypiggy16 lol That must have *really* bugged you.

  44. c johns

    I *need* this on my Zune.

  45. Ryan Horne

    @YJ2009 yeah they will never tell. i sent them a tweet about it and all they replied was "top secret".... i just sat up all night listening to it until it made sense, then i typed what i thought into google search and found tons of other blogs that came to the same conclusion.

  46. YJ2009

    @heypiggy16 Thank you so much for the second half of the robot voice speech. The David Crowder band blog doesn't talk about the second part. Where did you find this out? Did you just lip read or listen closely at one of their concerts? (if it's a website, may I have the link?

  47. Ryan Horne

    For everyone wondering what he's saying into the talk box at the beginning (and throughout the song) this is it:
    s-h-o-u-t shout it from your l-u-n-g-s
    oh we s-i-n-g-i-t-l-o-u-d and
    Do hear me do you know we're dancing to the beat
    Oh we m-o-v-e-o-u-r feet to the (daaaaannnce)

  48. Nowelle S

    @gifoi this is a Christian band... dance... no matter what b/c we are saved by grace hallelujah... i'm perfectly free in Christ... woohoo!

  49. Ryukil

    Beginning sounds a little like Daft Punk.

  50. Stephanie Davis

    Arguably my favorite song on Church Music...love it! Dying to put this song in a mashup...

  51. Michael Devers

    it sounds like disco meets hip hop.

  52. WordRider


  53. mary spenz

    I'm gonna see them at a concert soon!!!!!!!! Yay!