David Crowder Band - Can I Lie Lyrics

Can I lie here in Your arms
Can I lie here in Your arms
My only calm is You
Save me

Can I lie here in Your arms
Can I lie here in Your arms
My only thought is You
Save me

Can I lie here in Your arms
Can I lie here in Your arms
My happiness is You
Save me

Oh how lovely this place
To be with You
To be with You

Oh the brightness of Your face
Here with You
Here with You

Oh my only calm is You
Oh my only thought is You
Oh my happiness is You
Oh my happiness is You

To be with You
To be with You
Save me

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David Crowder Band Can I Lie Comments
  1. Andy Santi


  2. The 90's Boy

    the tune is like a worldly God love it

  3. ELEJE


  4. Brandon Healey

    One last final call to all who know me. At the end of a tough work life day I hear this to sleep just to remind me that God has me in his heart and no matter what I do He has me as my true father

  5. Andrew Grubb

    yeshua Ha Mashiach ??

  6. djn

    kinda weird. I like their other stuff a bit better. May have to listen to this again...

  7. TheZurinator

    My favorite part is after it hits 2:00 min mark :)
    "My happiness is you. To be with you."

  8. uKnow

    Oh I love this song :D I didn't think I liked this band but maybe i am thinking of another band is there another david crowder band? O_O" JESUS

  9. Susan Priddy

    Another great song from one of my favorite artists, David Crowder Band! XLNT album "Church Music", many other great songs on here....

  10. Connor Dwyer

    lub lub lub

  11. Dodger

    i like the new sound of david crowder band :)

  12. chobeeboy44

    Do you all remember the video of "B'wack" hitting the snare in the garage? I think this where he used the track. Cool effect B'wack!!

  13. Crystal Lo

    my happiness is you, God!

  14. Levente Karika

    This album rocks

  15. gerson5526

    the lyrics to this song are so simple yet so powerful, sure it kinda sounds like AVA effects but its still awesome! I cant wait to cover this on the drums and go all out like joheartssuperman mentioned. i do agree it should be more intense. cant wait, it will be up in january wen i get my new drum kit. love the meaning to this song!

  16. Taryn Chula

    this song has ministered to me so much through my divorce. Such lonely nights! to think that he is lying there with me... so comforting.

  17. Crystal Lo

    it may sound somewhat like angels and airwaves, but it completely has a different meaning!

  18. jumpincrickets91

    it does sound a lot like Angles and Airwaves...

  19. Ghosts Graves

    angels and airwaves went to church actually last sunday and prayed that god would talk to David and tell him to stop stealing their sound.. its a good song but it is just a rip off of Angels and Airwaves....