David Crowder Band - All Around Me Lyrics

[Flyleaf cover]

[Verse 1]
My hands are searching for You
My arms are outstretched towards You
I feel You on my fingertips
My tongue dances behind my lips for You

This fire rising through my being
Burning, I'm not used to seeing You

I'm alive, I'm alive

I can feel you all around me
Thickening the air I'm breathing
Holding on to what I'm feeling
Savoring this heart that's healing

[Verse 2]
My hands float up above me
And You whisper You love me
And I begin to fade
Into our secret place

The music makes me sway
The angels singing say we are alone with You
I am alone and they are too with You

[Bridge 1]
And so I cry
The light is white
And I see You

I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive

[Bridge 2]
Take my hand, I give it to you
Now you own me, all I am
You said You would never leave me
I believe You, I believe

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David Crowder Band All Around Me Comments
  1. Chanhee is my Babyboy

    I heard this before the original because my dad listened to it 😶

  2. Bee Flat

    even the godless end up worshipping something

  3. kiyren chance

    Your voice is nice but there really no build up which made the impact of song bad and took out a lot of raw emotion without it the song felt pretty empty i couldnt even tell where in the song ypu where because ot all sound the same

  4. - superkodu93 -

    Why am i just finding this! This is fantastic! :D

  5. Sombrero Bear

    They used this piano intro on Detroit Become Human.

    Alexei Valentine

    Mr. Swole I think it fits perfectly for the game. So beautiful :’0

    It's Beau Yo

    THANK YOU,, I knew I'd heard that intro somewhere but I couldn't figure out where smh

  6. Johannes Faller


    It's a conspiracy

  7. Capybara Angel

    At first I thought that game Detroit: Become Human used the intro of this track as the main piano theme.

    Asian Subtitles

    came here for the same reason

  8. Alatus

    Nice slowed-down version

  9. Amira_Akiira

    *gross sobbing while thinking of Bertolt and Reiner's relationships and remembering what happens to Bertolt* I'm okay mum I swear on me life

  10. Joel Antrim

    I just heard this on Pandora. I said, "Is that Crowder doing Flyleaf?" This just made my night!

    Heath Boddie

    Joel Antrim I had the exact thought when I heard it on pandora

  11. Dottie Dot


  12. Angelia JLM

    NOOOO ... I like Flyleaf's better. I LOVE jumping up and down for Jesus.

  13. rebal180

    The chorus doesn't have the same impact as the original.


    rebal180 if ur a david crowder fan anything he does makes u excited!! For me i am more of a fan of this version that the flyleaf version

    Jeremy Whitmon

    ACHAYAN OFFICIAL I'm a big Crowder fan, but there isn't a chance that this is better than the original

  14. Mark Irish

    what kind of sad that in order for these musicians today, they can't think of anything new for music. majority of this song repeats a little portion of this song, Comptine d'un Autre été: L'Après-Midi from yann teirson. then the other half I haven't figured out. Now I am a musician myself, but I try not to take from other composers or sound like them because I feel like it. I want to be my own identity. David Crowder you let me down this time bud.

    Jayce Black

    well it is a cover of a song by flyleaf he wouldnt be able to call it original

  15. Matthew Foss

    this actually is the original. Flyleaf is the cover. They also covered Crowder's song How He Loves.

    MrPhelps & Co.

    Crowder didn't write this song or "How He Loves."


    +Matthew Foss Flyleaf released their self-titled album, which included the song All Around Me, in 2005. The David Crowder Band's cover is on their album Church Music, which was released in 2009.

    Dol Fijn

    It is FlyLeaf's original song. To bad you pagan piece of shit.

    Beyootea Bye Stephanie

    ???? have you considered therapy? you should consider therapy

  16. Chad Hogan

    I like the cover of this song!

  17. xXTheTrainKidXx

    Piano part sounds almost exactly like Yann Tiersen's "Rhyme of another summer" at first.


    +xXTheTrainKidXx Man I haven't listened to my Yann Tiersen albums in year. u just inspired me to bust them out

    Matthew Billingsley

    +xXTheTrainKidXx Man, I was thinking the same thing!

    Dol Fijn

    Because they stole that. They are idiots.

    Beyootea Bye Stephanie

    that's because it is a typical musical progression used in a lot of modern music. sort of how basa Nova was popular and present in a large variety of music (and still is)

  18. DeAndra Miller

    I love how gentle his voice is. It goes with this song! Nice and peaceful! I also love John Cooper 's cover! Love the original singer too!

  19. priestboy329

    Music can speak to people in different ways. You see a love song and that's good for you but I don't see that at all I see an intimate moment with God. Respect others views you're the on drowning people with atheism. NOT EVERYONE IS AN ATHEIST. It makes me sick on how you're trying to take away what people feel in this songs with your own view. Have an open mind and stop hating on people for how they view this song.

  20. Deaddude2211

    Damn yes Flyleaf are Christians but doesn't make their music Christian. it isnt gospel music. People hear what they want from music. I hear nothing about God in this song ... I hear a love song. Music does not make people believe. Music pulls at what people already feel and believe. Shit must there be so must preaching about a song? Seldom i am brought to say something but fuck I am kind of sickened as an Atheist by how so many ppl seem to be shoving their view that this is all about god into the comments. can ppl just chill and like the damn song?

    Alex Valdez

    The singer explains in an interview that it definitely was God she wrote about. The song was written after her almost attempt to suicide she heard a voice clear as day speak to her and love on her. That broke her down and caused her to feel God fully and all around her for the first time. She gives God full credit for saving her life. Watch it sometime it's pretty cool dude. I was agnostic in the past but it took my dad almost dying to realize how real God is! I'm not hating on what u just said since music can't be saved therefore it's hard to say that music is Christian lol. But wanted to enlighten you be blessed.

    Jeremy Kern

    Thanks for the extra insight on this Alex.  I wasn't aware of the interview.

    Dol Fijn

    No she did not.

    David Patterson

    okay seriously guys just let this person enjoy this song. I'm sure people like you are the reason they are an athiest.

    Luna Everwood

    deaddude221 but the song is about God, the band said

  21. Mitchell Ferrer

    Sounds like Final Fantasy music.


    It sure does. Absolutely gorgeous.  :-)

    Sarah Luna

    haha yep

  22. DCEnigma


  23. ArcadeLyfe

    Same here. Otherwise I probably would have never heard of this version

  24. Aram Gyure

    I absolutely love this! Both versions are just amazing. Deep lyrics, sung with heartfelt emotion. I just love it :)

  25. Ashla Icebreaker

    Never mind, the original is a million times better -_-

  26. Lexy McCain

    I did this. If you give up anything in to spend more time with God, your life changes and you won't want it back. I'm giving up netflix and tv. Hoping to know him more.

  27. Ashla Icebreaker

    They just had to take the guitar away :( -_- But I like this cover

  28. Sheena Brooks

    Absolutely Beautiful.I caught this through Pandora...knew I recognized it :)

  29. Mercy Oluwole

    it is actually

  30. Adri_Faith

    luv it!:)

  31. Havemercyonme08

    Love this one better. Flyleaf is creepy. People say fly... not a Christian song. I try to see if its the say words but I don't think it is

  32. Echo of Snac

    Flyleaf also has a great acoustic version that is somewhere between the two you mentioned.

  33. The Third

    This gives me goose bumps, I love this version because it's mellow and more from the heart, or so it sounds... it's a worship style I think.

  34. Emily Rose

    How'd listening to it for a month go? :)

  35. LiDoLI

    Had no idea they covered this. So sick. That's awesome for flyleaf. :]

  36. estasonriendo2000


  37. Brittany Beeks

    it's so beautiful

  38. legacygal4eva

    *and biggest vocal inspiration. Flyleaf a version will always be my favorite, but this is so gorgeous.

  39. legacygal4eva

    Lacey from Flyleaf is my hero and Bo

  40. sVII7

    Flyleafs All Around Me doesnt have screaming in it

  41. Jason Fu

    Maybe, but it's a little suspicious that they are note for note...

  42. kolkoleh

    They're extremely simple measures, mind you... The guy who sang this probably had no idea.

  43. Jason Fu

    Hm.... the first two measures of the piano intro seem to be lifted from "Comptine d'un autre été: l'après midi" by Yann Tiersen. Search "The Piano - Amazing Short."

  44. Anna Winslow

    does this sound like comptine d'un autre etre, l'apres-midi by yann tiersen to anyone else because IT DOES TO ME.

  45. velonica037

    Ooh! Cool! David did a cover! I love both versions!! (:

  46. Kristine C

    oh my god beautiful spidnpisdncp chills

  47. Juan Gonzalez

    Great cover God bless!

  48. Erin

    this song is a worship song to God, other songs that have Christian meanings may not be a worship song at all, just a secular song with christian meanings... I've come across songs that feel dead so just because it has christian meanings doesn't make it Christian, but this one was meant and written about God, and I'm sorry that you feel that way.

  49. Donald Crump

    @Greer McGeough you might not want to go back.

  50. Andrew Carpenter

    this is a great song, for me it really grips me, dont get me wrong Fly Leaf is an awesome band but i like how David Crowder did a softer version. It makes it a great song for a group that doesnt like so much of for say screaming.. Thanks David Crowder band

  51. 12 year old me was not good at picking usernames

    it so much softer I used to not like it but I love it I love how in this music you can switch and cover each others songs so easily

  52. PureDescendedSoul

    What an amazing singer! When I was listening to this, all I thought All Around Me was a great feeling for me when I think about God. (^з^)--3

  53. MrRevelations00

    This, in a nutshell, is...amazing!

  54. Hunter Owen

    I love this song so much! There's something so powerful in listening to a group sing a song with true conviction and love for God. I don't care a poop about genre, for me its all about the heart, and in this song you can see their's, thanks for posting this :)

  55. theyknowme111

    Why does EVERY SONG that's remotely close to something in Christianity have to be brought up? Can't you all just enjoy the music?


    theyknowme111 that's how I enjoy music

  56. Dylan Wenger

    @1Cecil1Spivey1 I agree with your last comment to a point also. That may be but I think it's a really great gift being able to produce secular/christian music. It's gets people who wouldn't regularly listen to christian music to listen to it, instead of listening to pure secular music, if you understand what I'm saying. But I do agree with you. I may be thinking too far into it.

  57. Amandat170

    Great cover. The background piano part sounds like Adele's Hometown Glory.

  58. Heather Taylor

    I know so many people are saying in the comments how Flyleaf did it better, but I can't get enough of DCB's cover. When I (this is me, personally) hear Flyleaf sing it, I don't hear it being about God, but when DCB does it... it just feels like there's MORE to it. This is the version that I resonate the most with.

  59. The Third

    I prefer this version only because it's more soft, slower and more... congregational worship. I could see my church playing this song compared to the flyleaf original version, but i do enjoy both, just this one feels more... personal i guess?

  60. liljoneeb

    @NeverMindLover im sorry but arguing isnt ministering please dont call it as such

  61. Cece Calvin

    @ZombieSlayer1942 actually it's flyleaf's song...

  62. Dylan Wenger

    I like the original, but I like the softer version this is, easier to worship to, but the original is what I jam/workout to lol, both are great

  63. Victoria Snow

    flyleaf's version is way better....

  64. Richard Todd

    @ZombieSlayer1942 To each their own, cause I do not share the view of this being better, I just don't hear the heart behind it, and I like the build that the flyleaf versions has, where as this is more along just a singular plane all the way thru it.

  65. Richard Todd

    @ZombieSlayer1942 no DCB did the cover, Flyleaf was the original

  66. Bailey Redmond

    beautiful :)

  67. stoughlikethat

    @gear24x hahahahahahahahahaha that's funny that you know Flyleaf for being more of a Christian band when David Crowder wrote songs like, no one like you, never let go, SMS Shine, O Praise Him, and Everything Glorious! Some of the most popular worship songs. Flyleaf is good but part of being a Christian is being able to sing someone else's words and praise just the same. God deserves it all and then some and Flyleaf wrote a great song that David Crowder seems to really like. I love you!

  68. gear24x

    David crowder band sucks. Flyleaf is way better, and they are a christian band. Lacey (from Flyleaf) sings this as a love song to jesus christ. LOOK IT UP

  69. alyssa selby

    @xSixBillionSoulsx flyleaf is a christian band....it was written as a christian song...

  70. alyssa selby

    wow...love the original flyleaf version...i guess I like that version so much that this version sounds just horrible....and the original version-flyleaf's version- they're a christian band...it's a christian song...

  71. Omegafall

    @xSixBillionSoulsx I think that's how a lot of Christian music is written these days, especially by the artists with a lot of talent like this band. It appeals to a larger crowd[er] (Sorry! I had to make the pun).

  72. xSixBillionSoulsx

    Never really thought of this as a Christian song. Then I listened to this version. It really CAN be taken that way. For me, it has multiple meanings; romantic, Christian, friendship, family, etc.

  73. DJ Roberts

    not too bad DCB. I like this version way better than Flyleaf's.

  74. Danielle Coleman

    I didn't think about this being a Christain song until I listened to this version. I can really hear it the words now. I love it even more

  75. liljoneeb

    i think everyone who is arguing over comments on youtube needs a maturity check on top oft he check of your hearts for letting a disagreement take precidence over what god has done through this song. its people who do these things who are indeed the ones with a need...=/

  76. ProWreckAudio

    @LoveSikWarrior | Are you replying to my reply?

  77. ProWreckAudio

    @LoveSikWarrior | Remember to not follow your, as it is deceiving, but rather, lead your heart.

  78. ProWreckAudio

    @djking2d | I am more than humble enough, but I do not yield to those who directly attack God, who already seem to have a grudge against him. I suggest you apply your own word to yourself. It would behoove you to learn to humbly correct someone, rather than calling them prideful. Especially on the computer. Nevertheless, your incumbency doesn't concern me.

  79. The Third

    I'm sorry, but this is the better version of this song. i love it way more.

  80. DanielSon1996

    wow i didn't no this was a christian songs until DCB made it!? respect to Flyleaf for reaching out to the none christians through there songs!! God Bless u all!!!

  81. SweetZombiJesus

    @AbsolutelyAlise5732 A lot of atheists are fine with Christianity but not the organizations that "govern" them. The music is usually free of any aspect of organized religion and adheres more to the raw emotional power a believer has for his faith.

  82. ProWreckAudio

    @LoveSikWarrior |

    Jesus also said:

    "You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell?" Matthew 23:33 NIV ... Read it all. I read to chapters every day, then proceed to write my favorite passages into an elegant notebook. I calll it my devotional. Chew on this, and try it out. After all, I'm not insulting the person, but the one who influenced the persons stupid remark.

  83. ProWreckAudio

    @LoveSikWarrior | Choosing to challenge without solid research is truly sad. I am well aware of that passage, but perhaps you should take in to account that of which you ask me to mimic. After all, did Jesus not call the pharisees a "race of serpents"? Sons of the devil? If you must retaliate, I beg you to please, read the entire bible, and not just for reading, but to make sure to understand every single chapter.

    Regards, SueRecords

  84. ProWreckAudio

    @708Y9 | I must comment, as your stupidity is truly intolerable. She speaks of the presence of God, which is in all good sense overwhelming, thus making it hard to breathe. And quick fact: thickening the air adds pressure, but doesn't make it harder to breathe. Thinning the air makes it harder to breath, as it removes oxygen. I suggest you revisit school, as well as work on your deducing skills. Idiot.

  85. ProWreckAudio

    @ishan2945 | It's because it's a simple chord progression. With one chord progression you can play millions of songs.

  86. Aurora292

    Starts off like that Amelie song! I really like this :) His voice is beautiful. I'd love to hear Flyleaf do it this way actually. I just have to say, if someone wants to know what this song is about, Lacey has talked about it in interviews, so surely thats the best place to find out?

  87. Andrew Isom

    @bumblebeebay1 hmm...I guess I would never have seen it that way. The way I see it, worship music is in a "box", that needs more creativity. Not that I don't like this band, I do. But all the good bands like the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Elton John, and stuff weren't Christian and they have amazingly awesome songs. I suppose it depends on your music preference.

  88. raina bishop

    Wait...so this is christian music? I really didn't pay attention to the lyrics >.>

  89. cloudhatake

    @jesuaflores Remember to live is just and E.P. of songs that the preformed live but never wanted to record until the fans asked them too. They're old songs from the past and it's suppose to be a nostalgic to the listeners that knew them as "Passerby." :P Besides, What the heck are you talking about anyways? "Okay" from remember to live is all about God xD

  90. incubusluvertwo

    @123callofdutyguy how so?

  91. Charlie Mellinger

    @AbsolutelyAlise5732 It's because once everyone hears the truth, they want more of it and they can't get away from it.

  92. cloudhatake

    @123callofdutyguy O_O What do you mean by that? They made a whole album dedicated to god. Check out Beautiful Bride by Flyleaf. It talks about how as one body of christ, we make a wonderful and beautiful community that shall never fall. :P

  93. Miles Stella

    I love this version!!!
    David your voice is awsome! <3

  94. 123callofdutyguy

    flyleaf but they were christian but they went bad

  95. cmdrcheswee M

    @Nacko96 Flyleaf ...

  96. cmdrcheswee M

    @AbsolutelyAlise5732 because the music is good ... just that they dont follow there faith ...

  97. APUfan11

    @LoveSikWarrior Amen! God Bless You

  98. ashley e

    This is a really awesome cover...

  99. Ishan Nayak

    The piano is like a rip off of yann tiersen's song