David Crosby - Lady Of The Harbor Lyrics

Our lady of the harbor
Lady of the light
An immigrant like all who came before
She says give me your homeless
Your landless and your poor
Come see what we believe
Behind this open door
That all are created equal
And given half a chance
They can work out all their differences
Their distance in the dance

How many eyes, through how many tears
Saw the promised land when they saw you
For how many years
The country's got so big
We hardly know one another
It's hard to think someone you don't know
Could really be your brother

But wasn't that the idea
When we started out
In school that what they said
The constitution was about

And many good men died
Maybe more next week
So we could have the freedom
To believe and think and speak

And anyway sweet lady
I just wanted you to know
There's a lot of us out here
Who like to see your torch's glow

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David Crosby Lady Of The Harbor Comments
  1. Ralph Williams

    For some odd reason, the album that this beautiful song comes from, Oh Yes I Can, is not available on Apple Music. I don’t think it’s a conspiracy but it could have to do with a legal issue. Of course maybe it’s just a honest oversight. I would love to add this wonderful song to some of my Apple Music playlists.

  2. Cheri Pribble

    Isn't she beautiful

    Mckayla Myers

    Oh my yes

  3. Alan Mcinnes

    nice song