David Crosby - 1974 Lyrics

Let my love beat on (Like your blood, my friend)
All of my love songs (Send them out again)
Revel in music, let it take care of you

If you don't like the story or end, well then pick up your pen
And we'll write it again

Listen, the voices you seek
Are singing out in the street, crying out
Come there with me

Let your love beat on (After you are gone)
All of your love songs (Plant them 'neath the sun)
See how they sing on even when the seed is gone

Spreading out and catching all
Taking a hold of another one

Listen, the voice in your head
All you wish you had said when they were listening
Sing it for me

Will our love beat on (After we are gone?)
Traveling beyond (What do we become?)
Is there a reason love and song go on and on?

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David Crosby 1974 Comments
  1. ike kissel

    Love it! Thank You!!!

  2. David Aldridge

    I love David Crosby's late albums - and this is a particular treasure.

  3. JM H


  4. Marta Gonçalves

    Does anyone know the chords to this song?

  5. Steve Niksich


  6. Louis S

    pretty damn good.

  7. Commercial Communication

    Great song. I could see Todd Rundgren doing a cover of this song.

  8. James P

    6 dislikes for this wow eBay's taking trade is on TONE DEAF ONES

  9. Jerry Falzone

    David Crosby is one of those truly rare musicians and especially songwriters who got amazingly better as he got older. Now well into his 70s he is making the best music of his life. This stuff makes CSN obsolete.

  10. Royston Taylor

    Saw him in London this sept..magical

  11. Ian Kiss My Axe


  12. Mmm dmm

    Too bad there isn't more music and talent like this out there today.
    Unfortunately there is now a generation that thinks "Pitbull" is a "Talented" musician....Sad

    Steve Smekar

    Furthermore, "musicians" these days don't even play instruments.

  13. Briar Goodrich


  14. Ron Garton

    This song was first created in 1974 ... by David Crosby as just a demo ... and retooled by the Lighthouse Band this year - almost 45 yrs later. If this doesn't LIFT you - I don't know what will.

  15. dopeatlas