David Byrne - Walking Along The River Lyrics

Walking along the river
In the town where I was born
There were images stretching out to the horizon
I'm adding some decoration
From the ceiling to the floor
I've been using these pictures for my medication

From the kingdom to the sofa
Little steps from here to there

Animals birds and trees are transformed
In the fire - Burning all night long
Metamorphosis monkeys and spiders -
That's the way it's done

(We'll go) Walking along the river
Putting some words together
I believe we're almost home
Floating along forever
Maybe it's now or never
I can see what we have done

Animals birds and trees gently whisper
To guide her - this is what they say
"Every transformation wears formal attire -
Unto its resting place"

I'm taking a piece of paper
I'm writing myself a letter
When the day is long I'm setting it down
Beginning my own adventure
They call me the mad professor
I keep writing - most of the time

Gentle father - who will help me?
Gentle mother - who can tell me?
Gentle children - who will take you?
Gentle people - for the table

Walking along the river...

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