David Byrne - Never Thought Lyrics

I never thought I would fall asleep tonight
I never thought that my arms could reach so high
But now and then we find
We're walking and we're talking for the very first time
And what I am is what I want to be

I never thought that a word could sound so right
I never thought I would lose my appetite
So roll the stone away
I knew my death was coming but I wasn't afraid
A thousand words that no one ever knew
Are filling up the pages of my book

I never thought I'd be standing here today
I never thought that those thoughts would drift away
Like a million grains of sand
They're slipping through the fingers of my open hand
A thousands stars reflected in the sea
And a million drops of rain fall over me
And all the colors bleed outside the lines

And I never thought my thoughts would be alright
Yeah, I never thought my thoughts would be alright

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