David Byrne - Gasoline And Dirty Sheets Lyrics

Someone in a dangerous place
Someone got lost somewhere
Many people are locked outside
Many people lost out there

Many people they can't get in
Many people they pay no mind
Many people they leave this place
And many people are freed of time

Well now this man he could be king
This woman she's the royalty
This woman she's brave and strong
She's got no name but she is family

Gasoline and dirty sheets
Politics and painted face
She says that freedom costs too much
She says the mind is not place

This situation drags me down
They form a country in my house
On the stage and in the street
I will be a human being

I will come down off the stage
The marketplace and the shopping mall
Into the house, the rooms of war
Look at me now and recall

Vacuum-packed don't rock my world
And the money back guarantee don't make my day
And no feeling of security
They say the answer's one click away

Gasoline and dirty sheets
Politics and a painted face
She says that freedom costs too much
She says the mind is not place

Gasoline and dirty sheets
Politics and a painted face
She says that freedom costs too much
She says the mind is not place

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David Byrne Gasoline And Dirty Sheets Comments
  1. Tamar 4272

    I ❤️ DB

  2. :Mary :EVANS

    Channeling (Lou Reed and Leonard Cohen?) Can’t wait for Boston show!


    grande persona

  4. Maurice Evan

    This song is genius, as always David Byrne

  5. Gabriela Załecka

    Love it!

  6. David Soong Ellis

    Are there any songs worth listening to on this album?

    Bryce Kunkel

    All of them

  7. Jon 0

    Just awful.The 30 yr+ decline continues.Primary school Virtue Signalling, lazily sung.DB was excellent on everything he did up to 1985, then.......
    Briefly 'Awakening' on X Press 2's Lazy, then back to this type of guff.Hugely disappointing, hugely........

  8. Jeremy Walker

    I heard this on the radio and was reminded of the talking heads. Looked the song up and now I know why. Digging it.

  9. l grijalva palmisano

    This album is meant to be heard through headphones..............................
    Damn, its sweet in headphones.
    Kinda sounds like David has borrowed some background noise tracks from Bjork
    Thanks Dave, for a fresh classic album

  10. CallMeBronco

    I am continuously amazed at these older artists like him, Tom Waits, etc continuously making new content and getting better at that!!!!

    Neil Tunnecliff

    Yes I agree bro, but we're the youngens!!!!!!

  11. peter tort

    I wish he would do this song on his tour, but so far he isnt

  12. jamie wesson

    as he been listening to radioheads kid a again

  13. Eric Miller

    Can't wait to see him perform tonight! :-)

  14. Andrew Luchsinger

    The Gasoline and Dirty Sheets are going to be used for Burning Down The House.

    l grijalva palmisano

    thats Byrning down the house, my friend !

    Eric J

    People used to use gasoline to clean fabric, which caused a few catastrophes when clothes dryers were introduced to the home market. If you check, your dryer's owners' manual probably still has a stern warning not to put fabric in it that's been treated with gasoline. You go back 60 years or so, and the past is a different country.

    Andrew Luchsinger

    History is so interesting. That kind of tid bit of info is something not a lot of folks know or even remember

    l grijalva palmisano

    Well scooby my doo and give me a shticker

  15. Eric Rust

    Fucking Genius. Period.

  16. david eisenbud

    Fantastic Album

  17. Alice Coupeur

    Love you Man 💙💝💜 !!!!

  18. After Peluche

    Arte y alegría! David, sos una fuente de inspiración para nos, las cabezas parlantes del universo.

  19. Breathingmachine.

    Not huge on the album, but this song is absolutely fantastic. One of my absolute faves of the year thus far!

    Eric J

    Agreed, the album is kind of hit and miss but this song is up there with his all time best.


    The album's brilliant from beginning to end, IMO.

    guy coulson

    It is certainly a grower. The live show is just unmissable.


    guy coulson I was fortunate enough to see it a few weeks ago and it was amazing.

    l grijalva palmisano

    The baseline kicks it forever ................yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


    It sounds like a Muzak version for David Byrne - kind of like he is phoning it in. I give the album 2.5 stars out of 5

  21. Nicolette Schwarte


  22. Marcia D

    Love this

  23. Gary Hunter

    Still got it!

  24. Patricia Fiore

    David ! <3

  25. Dollzandthingz

    So good...I am lost for words.

  26. Anjalina R mL

    Daaaavid <3<3<3

  27. Patrizia Cusano

    You're always a nice surprise.

  28. Ângela Balzan

    Here comes the genius \o/

  29. Hiddden Hedge

    This album is blowing my mind!

    William Reilly

    Hiddden Hedge ,,,just as Bowies last album...love it~~~

  30. Ambient Meridian

    loooove David Byrne