David Bowie - Too Dizzy Lyrics

There's too much talking for a night drive
Too much mist in front of my eyes
I'm trying not to lose control
But you're just pushin' for a fight
You look trapped, turn the radio on
Too much smoke, air conditioning gone
But I'm helpless in love with you
But you're just looking , looking for a break

Is it love or is it what
Who's this guy I'm gonna blow away
What kind of love is he giving you
what I'm trying to say
Too Dizzy-
You can't have a lover
Too Dizzy-
It's me and no other
I'm a bad loser-I'm-a-shakin' in anger
Too Dizzy-you can't have no lover

[2nd time:] Don't come any harder
Don't come any closer

You can go on dreaming every night
But I'm not letting you out of my sight
I'm-a-ten times the man than any guy around
But you're just itchin'-twitchin'-itchin' for a break

There's too much talking for a night drive
Too much mist in front of my eyes
But I'm helpless in love with you
But you're just looking for a break


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David Bowie Too Dizzy Comments
  1. juan Pablo francisco peuriot canterini

    Toda la razón bowie no es un buen tema hizo bien en quitarlo del cd

  2. Raffine Sylvian

    I got to say, this isn't that bad actually. The song Tin Machine is much worse than this for me.

  3. vanshipman

    I saw this tour and it was great...mainly when they abandoned all of the silly theatrics and just played. It was an outstanding band, Frampton was wailing on lead guitar...I just didn’t understand all of the unnecessary theatrics, but that was Bowie for you.

    Happy ClamGuy

    This era and this album were really a sell-out low for Bowie, which is why he jumped into Tin Machine after. It was kind of a recuperation and "Fuck off."

  4. kkh369

    The absolute WORST song from the absolute WORST Bowie album.

  5. Arnold Corns

    I recently started to like nlmd more and more. Can't tell why, but happened... Mostly since he's gone 😢

  6. JJRJ 85

    this sounds like the worst vices of the Tonight and NLMD albums rolled into a single song


    Joan Ruiz Jacob Never Let Me Down is great, I just listened to it

  7. Livid Rodian

    As cheesy and generic 80s that this is, it's still got that hint of Bowie, and is still pretty good. Very catchy and fun.



  8. rmkw4291

    I can see why this song is left off his Never Let Me Down re-releases as it is a very 'cheesy 80s pop' to his standards.

  9. Chris Joyce

    Is Bowie on the sax intro? Would have been a nice bonus as a 2018 remix on the recall disc. But an okay b side track.

  10. Matt Porter

    they missed out on updating this when they redid the whole album last year - this song is just as good as the other rubbish on the original album, Not Bowies worst album ("Heroes" - God I Hate That Album) but a throw away before joining a band again and pushing through that midlife crisis

    What's the point of anything anymore ?

    they didn't miss out on it, bowie asked a long time ago that this song never be included on any reissues of the album because he hated it.
    I mean, you're entitled to your opinion on heroes (personally I love it) but at least if you dislike it you have to admit that it has a lot of effort and experimentation put into is. The problem with this album is that he didn't even care enough to try and do anything with any of the songs, and admitted much later that he was surprised he even bothered to show up to record the vocals. Its not so much a throw away as it is the reason he decided to join a band and reinvent himself
    anything else is down to each persons personal opinion. Personally, I think the album is alright. has some good songs. has some bad songs. I find this to be the latter

  11. Stan Menshic

    Sorry 1 of the only Bowie songs i truly dislike & explains why he never wanted it released!


    It's SOOOOO bad. And I've been a Bowie fan since I was 5 years old in 1974, listening to my parents' copies of DD and YA. It's HORRIBLY bad!

  12. This and That

    This is who Bowie WAS during this era- everyone talks about 'NLMD' and 'Tonight' as if they're his wilderness years- I don't understand that. To me, this sounds like an 80s take on his glam period- today was my first ever time hearing this, and I think it's QUINTESSENTIAL BOWIE. It sounds like updated glam rock.


    @This and That .... So, insulting me it's your way to disguise that you don't have anything worthy to say, regarding the subject of my original post.


    @dandinofat You are a hypocritical shitbag of the highest order. Whining about being "insulted" while you insult others? Please, bitch.


    I disagree. Even the man himself said this album sucked, and he never did a single song from it at a single concert again.

    But I agree with you that this dandinofat guy is a snobbish moron.

    Just Me

    @kkh369 Thank you! I appreciate your comment, you're a gem! ;)


    That was the problem though, This and That. He mixed glam, Beach Boys-style at their slick but empty 80s nadir, and stuck in loads of drums and cymbals. Day in Day Out and the title track were good though.

  13. Ilio Nutricati

    Niente da fare (e ancora non afferriamo bene il perché) "Too Dizzy" non ci sarà né nella versione rimasterizzata 2018, né, tanto meno, nel nuovo album di Never Let Me Down 2018. Sicuramente aumenterà la stima commerciale e il valore di chi possiede l'originale del 1987 con la vera tracklist di NLMD.

    Ilio Nutricati

    le polemiche su NLMD non finiranno mai....

  14. Virtual Boi

    I actually like it, but Bowie's voice is obviously the standout element - having said that I can TOTALLY see why he decided not to include it on future re-releases.


    I'm not surprised. Mario J. McNulty, who produced this upcoming remix, stated that he will be retaining any parts of the original instrumentals that he felt were too distinct to remove, such as the sitar in "Zeroes". However, if "Zeroes" is any indication, the retained portions of the original instrumentals make up only a tiny sliver of NLMD 2018's backing tracks.

    This and That

    @Rudy Overlord weird behaviour, especially considering the rest of his output around this time wasn't exactly stellar! There isn't a thing he could do about it though, he recorded it and wrote it and sang it!! So he had noone to blame but himself! It isn't the WORST song on 'Never let me down'. The problem with NLMD is the hideous cover and his 1987 image. He looked great for 'Tonight' and throughout 1985 and 1986. '87 however was free fall, at least lookwise!


    @Shannon Smith It makes perfect sense, actually. It sucks, plain and simple. There is no salvaging this dreck.


    @This and That I disagree. This is the worst track on this horrid album.

  15. Cal

    the fact bowie made an album as generic as this is almost unbelievable, if it weren't for the fact that almost every creative artist of the 70's went downhill in the 80's

    Ross Power

    I like that Leonard Cohen bucked that trend. If someone had to not suck in the 80s, I'm glad it was Leonard.

  16. Steve McF

    is it any worse than some of the dross on Tonight?

    Matthew Smith

    Very true. I've always wondered why this was the album Bowie singled out for condemnation. I guess NLMD is at least memorably awful, whereas outside of "Loving the Alien" and "Blue Jean" Tonight is totally forgettable.


    My guess is that it's down to how both albums were produced. Tonight was lazily slapped together by Bowie and Iggy Pop because Bowie felt pressured to follow up Let's Dance as soon as possible despite struggling with writer's block; the resultant album more or less speaks for itself, and as you said is quite forgettable.

    Never Let Me Down, meanwhile, was an album that Bowie earnestly wanted to be good, attempting to return to his rock roots following the poor reception of Tonight. However, his indifference towards NLMD's production meant that EMI were free to overload it with bombastic synthesizer flourishes, resulting in an album that could best be described as "ambitious, but rubbish," to quote Jeremy Clarkson. It was a potentially decent album that ended up ruined by executive attempts to conform to late 80's trends, and it's probably because of that that Bowie looks back on it far more harshly than with Tonight.

    JJRJ 85

    @The join R. Gabrels himself have said in many interviews that many songs of the NLMD album were the embryo of Tin Machine: Day-In Day-Out, Beat of Your Drum, Julie, '87 and Cry, NY's In Love, etc.


    Tonight is WORLDS better than this. So I guess the answer would be YES.


    @Matthew Smith I disagree. I actually like most of Tonight. NLMD is literally the only Bowie album I don't own and never have a desire to listen to. I still pull out the old Tonight vinyl occasionally.

  17. Bends95

    Not a great song,but still listenable in my opinion!

  18. liam murphy

    Pretty generic sounding for Bowie.

  19. Ethan Hill

    This IS garbage.


    +Ethan Hill You can see why it's not included on re-releases.


    +Ethan Hill Beck wouldn't exist without this


    Bowie had the single publicly recalled. Understandable why. Sounds like it could be the intro to Full House.


    @emiliobatiste Hardly. Try VALID comments.

  20. jonnivvvvvvvvvvvv

    non capisco perche' too dizzy sia stata eliminata nelle riedizioni di nlmd... c'e' tanto da pulire in quest'album...ma questa' canzoncina a mio avviso e' molto accattivante...