David Bowie - The Man Who Sold The World Lyrics

We passed upon the stair,
We spoke of was and when
Although I wasn't there,
He said I was his friend

Which came as some surprise
I spoke into his eyes
I thought you died alone,
A long-long time ago

Oh, no, not me
I never lost control
You're face to face
With the man who sold the world

I laughed and shook his hand,
And made my way back home
I searched for form and land,
For years and years I roamed

I gazed a gazely stare
At all the millions here
We must have died alone,
A long-long time ago

Who knows? Not me
We never lost control
You're face to face
With the man who sold the world

Who knows? Not me
We never lost control
You're face to face
With the man who sold the world

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David Bowie The Man Who Sold The World Comments
  1. matthew garcia

    San Antonio Texas 2020

  2. BRAIJA Younes

    Since1999 i listen to this song , and only today i know it’s a David Bowe song

  3. George Olivarez

    I feel like that picture is staring into my soul


    Puta musica de 🤒💩💩💩💩💩

  5. Miglior Store

    If anyone would be enough stupid to buy it.
    Any offers? Let's make some special promotion. The world + the moon for a S&W Model 36, loaded.

  6. lil peeps baby

    His version sounds like shit that why I like Kurt he can turn shit songs into better ones plus Kurt is a fucking legend and has a beautiful voice and don't like like a damn witch off a video game

  7. Mari è la

    I love David, but Kurt made his own this song

  8. Constantine lehara

    i feel sorry for those teenager that thought this song was made by nirvana 🙄😂

  9. milte


  10. David Jimenez

    El big boss metal gear

  11. Caius Iulius Caesar

    Before hitting this one, i didnt even imagined the one played by kurt was a cover

  12. leo zarazowski

    R.I.P and Happy birthday

  13. Salixis

    Happy Birthday ❤️

  14. Pawin Hemmin

    HBD David

  15. Debora Fiorati

    Eu nem sabia que a musica era dele

  16. Kick Santos

    "Eu David Bowie fiz essa música"
    -Kurt Cobain

  17. Carl Johnson

    GoOd NiRvAnA CoVEr its fun

  18. 悲しいƬнєSƖσcƘ

    big boss

  19. Michael Platter

    Curt Cobain has stolen David Bowies "The Man who sold the World"
    Bowies Original is still much better than Cobain's Version.

    Sayren Nani

    He didn't. At the end of the cover, he said "This is a David Bowie song." Kurt didn't steal anything, simply did a cover.


    Dude making a Cover isn't stealing are you dumb?

  20. Felipe Quintero

    U que cucs esta bacana

  21. Fatih arıkan

    Walter bishop-fringe s05e07 💪🏻

  22. Michael Platter

    The Man who sold the World is written and composed by David Bowie, our real Starman.

  23. Guillermo Salvatierra

    like si viniste por Nirvana

  24. Apentoral Macalidade

    Kurt Cobain version >>>>>>>>>>>


    Cobain wish he wrote this song

  26. Andrein kundrea

    The Man who sold the world ⚡ David Ziggy Stardust Bowie super icon

  27. Mr. Pink

    be honest you feel like you did sell the world while listening to this song

  28. The Hawk 2114

    Why did I just realize that this song wasn’t made by Kurt Cobain?

  29. led light

    RIP David 💝❤💝❤💝❤💝❤💝❤💝❤

  30. Alain Tlemcen

    Suriner...are you the Joker himself ? LOL...in fact, when Bowie started again to sing it live (cause it was not one of HIS hits), people came to congratulate him for his cover of Nirvana...Then he sometimes presented it as a Nivana's cover...This man had more sense of humour than most people here...thanks, man

  31. Мария Дежнова

    и "пепел к пеплу"-не-за -буду!

  32. yBbI HeTy

    Кобейн сделал эту песню нетленкой..

  33. Dallas Lashmet

    Solid Snake defeated Sahalanthropous to this song.

  34. Sodium Chloride

    *m e m e s c h o o l*

  35. Infa Red

    One of the Very, VERY rare occasion that the cover surpassed the original..

  36. Tim Neumann

    2.8k have bad taste in music

  37. War Inc.

    This is the Masterful Original which surpasses all covers.

  38. Grubby Grubb

    Ziggy, using his Martian time-travel technology, heard the highest selling unplugged album ever and took this song and recorded back in 1970. Coming full circle Nirvana sang this live and gave due credit to Ziggy's alias, Mr David Bowie.

  39. Suzim


  40. Kisu Lee

    Thank you Bowie, seriously.

  41. sei lá

    Imagine Dio stand being the man who sold [T h e W o r l d]

    eu memo

    an underrated comment.

  42. Stoneybrook Bear

    6.66k subs....

  43. Markus Niepmann

    Great Song ever thanks

  44. dudicrous

    Looking for Nirvana's version on Napster I encountered the Bowie
    original. Rarely I prefer the second version I hear (original or not)
    but Bowie can't be outdone apparently.

  45. Beau Papin

    David was inspired by Syd. So many of you can not even conceive

  46. Liam Jake

    Nirvana did it better

  47. Emilio Pena

    I like this version but I prefer the midge Ure version


    Siggy Stardust.☺

  49. Keyc94

    Nice cover.

    Vladimir Rasplicka

    does cover mean original in your bowiectionary?

  50. Petr Volynsky

    Midge Ure=80s
    MGS 10s

  51. Özgür Çelik

    FRİNGE <3

  52. Gabriela Orth


  53. Niels Daemen

    Why does Nirvana's cover have so much more views? The original is way better

    dont uWu me

    I know right? Huge Nirvana fan but David Bowie's version just screams iconic.


    Because taste is different dude deal with it

  54. pinky


  55. - Omerus -

    İts 2019 If you listening this :
    You sold the world

    Gioco Giacobbe

    - Omerus - what does this even mean

    Solid Snake

    Some will understand

    Liquid Satan

    It is now 2020, the world will dance another day.

    Gustavo Camargo

    Its Übermensch

  56. SODAMANIA COM #GraciasPorVenir

    Me asusta pero me gusta

  57. El Jalisqueño

    Cobain did it better. That's my opinion.

  58. Tim Scabnib

    Understand, Nirvana/Cobain honored Bowie by playing this song. No comparison necessary.

  59. TatianaTrovatoski

    The instrumental reminds me of True Detective's intro


    because the same instruments composing that

  60. Byron Leonard

    Nirvana did it better sorry not sorry.

  61. Baki

    I know it’s disrespectful, but I prefer Nirvana’s cover more. It sounds more emotional and expresses the true meaning of the song. This sounds like they wanted to include all popular sound tones of the 70’s in 1 song

  62. Ahmad Abugullo

    Gay son of a whore


    Meaning yourself?


    @Salixis OOF

  63. Hugo Fajardo

    Good Nirvana Song

  64. Tyler Baker

    Big Boss

  65. Saul De Anda


  66. Patryk Piotrowski

    Schmock und Niemeyer, wer sonst

  67. A'n'B Gaming

    *Hands down the best cover of A Man Who Sold The World... Kurt Cobain will be so proud.....*

  68. Matt O

    Any other diamond dogs here?

  69. Global Nomad

    Who knows? It's not me. We never lost control.

  70. Bogart Mondragon

    Bravo 6, going dark

  71. Emerald Nickel

    It’s stupid that this has less likes than nirvana’s version

    lisa Horan

    Fuck you you idiot!!!!!

    4ever EndlessX

    Just because is the original doesnt make it better by default...just tastes

  72. Kayswurrld

    i personally liked nirvana's version but this sounds dope as well

  73. TheRebelliousHeart

    Yeah you were actually there david bowie you dumb shit

  74. Mehmet Saran

    best song i ever heard..!


    Rem Rem La Rem Do

  76. greg agnello

    Thank you Kurt cause this version sucks.

  77. Toronto 27

    Thanks to Gilmore Girls for introducing me to this song.

  78. Tanish Adarkar

    Wow dude never knew that bowie did a nirvana cover.

  79. Pokesmile

    Bowie: You took everything from me
    Nirvana: I don´t even know who you are

  80. Ecordiolex -

    Multiracial multimedia sexual

  81. Ronnie Ballard

    We seek fortune and fame, and its already been sold.

  82. Chris MCMLXXXII

    is he a space being?


    Yea of course

  83. Revengeof Thepanzers

    You see I’m big boss and so are you

  84. Mixtap3 Mast3r

    Ure's cover of the song sounds more like Bowie than Bowies verson does lol

  85. Ricardo Meelos

    70s Bowie
    80s Ure
    90s Kurt

    Mana twennytwenny

    You missed out Lulu!

    stonecold derp

    @Mana twennytwenny and some guy called Richard

  86. NoBop2000

    I hate that the Nirvana version shows up on google before this. The original is infinitely better

    lenis lenay

    aguante nirvana gato

    Daniel Mclain

    That's just your opinion.

  87. Ofon

    I love classic music, but I love Nirvana's rendition way better. The vocals on this sound terrible to me to be honest.

  88. Helen Bostock

    this song lives on

  89. Ooooo01

    Great nirvana cover Bowie


    This is the part where i get wooooshed

  90. bagpipez

    Thumbnail is fucking nightmare fuel ngl

  91. Patula - sama

    The Real Song, The Real Snake.

  92. Julio Acosta

    Cuando todo tiene un sentido, la música es la válvula que equilibra nuestros sentidos, y con el maestro camaleonico buenas cosas resultan!
    Saludos desde México Ciudad Capital

  93. Mały pies w wielkim mieście

    Dawid-thank you for the best cover of Nirvana ❤️

  94. Dylan klebold

    Essa música me deixa calmo, tanto a versão original, quanto o cover do K.C.

  95. Big Rig

    David Bowie is dead, Kurt Cobain also dead too .
    Why I am still breathing?