David Bowie - The Hearts Filthy Lesson Lyrics

(Heart's filthy lesson)
There's always the Diamond friendly
Sitting in the Laugh Motel
The Heart's filthy lesson
With her hundred miles to hell

Oh, Ramona - if there was only something between us
If there was only something between us
Other than our clothes
Something in our skies
Something in our skies
Something in our blood
Something in our skies
Paddy, Paddy
Who's been wearing Miranda's clothes?

It's the Heart's filthy lesson
Heart's filthy lesson
Heart's filthy lesson
Falls upon deaf ears
(Heart's filthy lesson)
It's the Heart's filthy lesson
Heart's filthy lesson
Heart's filthy lesson
Falls upon deaf ears
Falls upon dead ears

(Heart's filthy lesson)
Oh Ramona, if there was only some kind of future [x2]
And these cerulean skies
Something in our skies [x2]
Something in our blood
Something in our skies

Paddy, Paddy?
Paddy oh Paddy,
I think I've lost my way
(Heart's filthy lesson, Heart's filthy lesson)
I'm already five years older I'm already in my grave
(Heart's filthy lesson, Heart's filthy lesson)
I'm already (x3)
(Heart's filthy lesson, Heart's filthy lesson)
Will you carry me?
Oh Paddy, I think I've lost my way
Paddy, what a fantastic death abyss (2)
(Heart's filthy lesson)
It's the Heart's filthy lesson

Tell the others
(Heart's filthy lesson)
It's the Heart's filthy lesson
What a fantastic death abyss
Tell the others
(Heart's filthy lesson)
It's the Heart's filthy lesson
what a fantasic death abyss
(Heart's filthy lesson)
It's the Heart's filthy lesson
Tell the others

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David Bowie The Hearts Filthy Lesson Comments
  1. Summer Bunbury

    End credits from the movie "Seven"

  2. Eric Zook

    dont the play this during the ending credits on s7ven? im afraid of Americans pretty badass along too and trent and mr. cheek bones murphy's reptile fuken badass too

  3. Bruno Gomez

    Closer + The heart's filthy lesson.

  4. John David Hart

    DB Open Eye Universe will live forever. Created Mp3 swapping in DB Gallery unmastered music on Youtube or cdbaby. Masters stolen. Lord Vishnu Publishing ascap NY

  5. Stephen Kissane

    I heard this before I heard David's more classic stuff

  6. Pablo Lisandro

    The world is a fine place and worth fighting for...

  7. Ken Gray

    Anyone here from "dancing in the street"?...oh, just me?

  8. RAEL

    👁 El ojo

  9. Wobbly- Headed Sebastian

    "Kevin Spacey as John Doe"

  10. Earlene Guthrie


  11. legalize homicide

    Ooh... This is quite lovely

  12. mrubbish1

    features and produced by Brian Eno

  13. A Alan B

    Someone should make a Kevin Spacey video with this song now that he’s creepier than John Doe. It’ll be this song, and the scene from American Beauty where he asks Mena Suvari if she likes muscles on loop.

  14. Chris Greene

    Awesome song. Great production, Hey Drake this is what a real artist sounds like

  15. Ric J

    Only a true genius could come up with a work of art like this video



  17. Dan Danson

    Pretty sure Marilyn Manson saw this before making the Beautiful People vid

  18. Patrice Closin


  19. Tony Tafoya

    Art's filthy lesson

  20. felipe roa


  21. Stacey Tahiri

    Dont know why they took the original video off I mean its bowie come on .

  22. Kolin Evans

    The other mixes are as mind blowing, on the expanded edition of this album.

  23. shaniqua johnson

    WiG's Filthy LEsson!!

  24. Nuclear-Skull87

    70 people haven't learned the heart's filthy-lesson!

  25. Lesia Umanets

    Mike Garson's piano always works great in any music genre

  26. Steven Morrison

    KoRn, Tool? Nope just David Bowie :D

  27. Jose Eduardo Patricio

    This more crazy than black or death metal jejejejee

  28. Irene Schachtel

    I LOVE BOWIE, my favorite changeling, forever

  29. Paul Staker

    Man heard this come up while the credits roll UPWARDS at the end of Se7en was such a tremendous cap off for such a bizarre movie.

  30. lady Buggy

    Renaissance Man

  31. Steven Boniface

    67 people are arsholes

  32. Togo Burrows

    this video alludes to the s&m cannibal cults in europe
    that’s why utub is censoring it

  33. Jason Sphinx

    Z○S○was here~

  34. Oliver Aton

    Who listen in 2019 ?

    Leydis Fuentes

    Yo jajjajajaja pero ya la conocía desde hace aaaaaños... es sólo que extraño a Bowie😢

    callemos los brutos E

    ME, EVER.

    Dante V

    I listen Bowie every single day even when I'm a metalhead Bowie is the greatest ever

    Paul Burgess

    Me. Always. Bowie is the greatest ever, and Outside is one of his most underappreciated works.

  35. Jason Blount

    Go tell the others!

  36. Sanjay Bakshi

    He's alive! Sloth

  37. GoodMrDawes

    Genius Loops

  38. John David Hart

    David and I constantly spoke of not doing what is the norm and rising above this creatively. It becomes simple mathematics after a while. after all, 3.14 is simply a magic number and we are made of it and so much more

  39. AJtheory

    *OAHW* Wy*NOWN*ah

  40. Thomas de Quincey

    Just for the record, it's available on Best of Bowie (2002) 2xDVD9 compilation. They should've at least added this info if they don't want a free lunch on youtube.

  41. Nuclear-Skull87

    This looks like nightmare-fuel imagery from a Silent-Hill game. But that is why I love it though.

  42. kristivadiva1066

    The 1990's were an interesting time,bith in Music,and in everything else.recall,the album Outside followed Black Tie,White Noise,and the album Earthling followed. Three very different,very complex styles.all beautifully done,by Himself,the band,everyone involed. I had front row center,for the Outside tour,in 1995!

    Balázs Török


    Paul Moseley

    Black Tie White Noise 1993, Outside 1995, Earthling 1997.

  43. Precious DeVere

    I want to see the original video for some reason it's no longer on here and its brillient. Miss you Mr Bowie x

    shaniqua johnson

    I Was Also Sad When They Took it Down :,(

  44. Togo Burrows

    ...and I say I’m dead, and I move

  45. Johnny Kealan Mould Morrisons

    Gethin is doing the shooting breaking crazy frog Axel died yes I will do that

  46. Johnny Kealan Mould Morrisons

    First cabin in strike you in their break a gill die

  47. Johnny Kealan Mould Morrisons

    No no no frogs

  48. Johnny Kealan Mould Morrisons

    No no crazy

  49. Johnny Kealan Mould Morrisons

    David Bowie where are we set David Bowie

  50. Steven Boniface

    63 unlikes arseholes lmaof ...........................bowie vision will live for a long time

  51. IanGettings

    Wow!! Great song. One you don't often hear on collections etc.

  52. MrSingh’s Kebab Store

    Greed, Gluttony, Wrath, Sloth, Pride, Lust and Envy.

  53. Jay Gee

    Sure it's murder, but is it art?

  54. Paul Staker

    A David Bowie song to cap off an amazing David Fincher movie feature Det. David Mills.

  55. Ivory Milk

    This is just PERFECT for the end of SEVEN!

  56. David Sánchez

    The way that people adore the figure in the video of this song is very similar to the way that womens adore the skull in Blackstar.

  57. Kenny _

    Kevin Spacey as John Doe

  58. John David Hart

    we talked about this...why do we have such deep emotional pain from our attachments... we need to fly home free

  59. Nathan Smith

    It was cool he teamed up with Eno again

  60. Nathan Smith

    It was teamed with Eno again

  61. Nathan Smith

    Outside was a good album considering he had a lot of lame ones in the 80s and early 90s

  62. Johnny

    This for me is the Most electrifying song by Bowie.

  63. Mitul b

    World is a fine place and worth fighting for

  64. guidomille

    i miss him so much

  65. Prentice978b L

    Why the original video isn't allowed on youtube? I mean, NIN's Closer is way scarier and vulgar than this. Maybe Industrial Bowie is too much scary for mainstream audiences?

  66. Diane McQuade

    Don't think I will ever get over him being gone! It's too much...

  67. Diane McQuade

    "If there was only something between us, other than our clothes.."

  68. Zachariah Darko

    Put the fucking real video online for Christ (and Bowie's) sake...

  69. 23ChrissaysFAREWELL

    I remember seeing David Bowie as Nikola Tesla in Christopher Nolan's ”The Prestige”. Amazing performance! R.I.P David Bowie.

  70. User

    DB was blowing minds.... still is. He was from another dimension. Who remember "Starman"?

  71. User

    I also landed here by Se7en! SPlendid masterpiece! DB R.I.P. R E S P E C T!!!

  72. Fertt Vlogs

    Why the video looks like that?

  73. lynn m washingtonjr

    SEVEN nuff said

  74. Laughing Lark

    Love the eyeshadow. He is beautiful.

  75. Jõsé Nuno da Silva Pinto

    I honestly cannot stand the goddamn commercial that starts this David Bowie piece, it is gross, it is Pedophile clickbait. Shame uTube! Loosers. You're, the clay feet that crumbles America.🇪🇸🇬🇷🇵🇹😎

  76. graham mafham

    omg see the official version here why this is on no idea https://vimeo.com/216805906

  77. scott hoenig

    "Patty? Who's been wearing Miranda's clothes?"


    scott hoenig Hillary Clinton

  78. Carly Laughlin

    He sure looks good in this video...

  79. warchief ultradeath conan barbarian terminator....

    fuck david bowie

  80. Karma Houghton

    UNKLE 1998, psycience fiction

  81. Karma Houghton

    God Lives Underwater

  82. shiv_ring

    Inspired by NIN's "Closer"? If that came out before...

    Nameless Pseudonym

    It's by the same video director in any case.

  83. Brad Beach

    David was right - stop watching the video!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Brad Beach

    its not ok



  85. Brad Beach

    This make me cry


    Brad Beach need a tissue paper?

  86. Tara Christopher


    Just In Case & For Those Who Are Interested.

  87. Donna Smith

    Where’s the proper video!

  88. shaniqua johnson

    Y'd they take the video down?

  89. Parasmunt

    What a fantastic death abyss (Abbess).

  90. Vratisłav Ślężny

    event horizon by david ;>

  91. Jim Cameron

    Why David not moves in this video?????

  92. Royal Tracy

    Miss you my soul brother from another mother.. Se7e n brought me this song

  93. Daniel Grimes

    there's beauty in Darkness ...

  94. Femistopheles

    homage to closer

  95. Crimson Kng

    I love how - starting at 4:46 - he goes from complete happiness to complete despair. Great acting.

  96. Tymon the Łajza

    Paddy, Paddy? Who daf4q is Paddy? And why somebody's been wearing Miranda's clothes:D Damn, i love this song

  97. Procommenter

    And still you resist...
    It seemed so easy, so long ago.

  98. Krissszzzaaa van der Kreeft

    Does someone have the clip? Please contact me!!