David Bowie - Outside Lyrics

Now. Not tomorrow.
Not tomorrow

It happens today
The damage today
They fall on today
They beat on the outside
And I'll stand by you

Now. Not tomorrow
It's happening now
Not tomorrow

It's happening now
The crazed in the hot-zone
The mental and diva's hands
The fisting of life
To the music outside
To the music outside

It happens outside
The music is outside
It's happening outside
The music is outside
It's happening now
Not tomorrow
Not tomorrow

The music is outside
It's happening outside
The music is outside
The music is outside

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David Bowie Outside Comments
  1. David Stopford

    This album is sadly underated
    But my favourite. Got it when released in 95



  3. Boris Ortolan

    un très bon album

  4. Picnicl

    I definitely hear the influence strains of Buddha of Suburbia in this e.g at 0.48.

  5. Jose Gomez

    Tremendous intro!

  6. Gav M

    Bowie's best album!!

    Saraiva Toledo

    This and ´Low` !

    catherine di mercurio

    C est une perle oui !!

    Eron Powell

    Low is up there too for me

    Anne Lamorelle

    C'est bien plus que le meilleur album de Bowie, c'est une oeuvre d'Art. Il se distingue à part, en dehors de la géniale musique qu'il a faite, cet album est un ovni.... c'est une peinture, un bijou inestimable, un luxe inoui qu'il nous a laissé ici.

  7. Lady Grinning Soul

    Today is May 2017, my first time listening this album and I'm sure it'll be great:)


    Lady Grinning Soul did you like it??

    Nico [ Floribundo ]

    Today's March 2019, my first time listening this album and I'm sure it'll be great :) (Been binge listening the whole discography )

  8. shawn6669

    Far and away the best thing he did after the 70's.

    Georgios Papadopoulos

    35 years ahead of its time!


    >he hasn't heard Blackstar

    Eyes Of A Puppet

    @adorno_gang Blackstar is amazing for what it is, but it isn't 1. Outside ;)

    Work In Progress

    Nah that would be Blackstar

  9. TW POW

    thank you

  10. Brian

    Am I going crazy or did Bowie somewhat predict his death? He says "Martian Luther King day 2016". That's exactly 1 week after he died.

    Cory Caplan

    It's weirder than this, even. Ignore the printed lyrics and just listen. He says "Midwinter" more than once and he says "twenty fifteen sixteen" (@ 23 seconds).

    That man saw through time. Period. 'Arrival' is real, and nobody believes you when you say you see it. It can only be reflected through art and it sucks. And is terrifying. See 'Chapel Perilous.' There's more, but the more you try to describe it, the less people can hear. So it goes, Billy Pilgrim.

    Semolina Pilchard

    A psychic told Bowie in the 70s when he would die. It was exactly the date on which he died. Bowie only told his pianist Mike Garson. http://www.nme.com/news/music/david-bowie-death-1970s-psychic-mike-garson-new-book-2235765

    Omar Kayham

    Hmm, I guess you can program your death. And reprogram

  11. David BERNASCONI

    album formidable !!!

  12. Aart

    This sounds a lot like Pink Floyd's Signs of Life :)


    +Aart _ this sounds like BRIAN ENO


    +TBC1109 Well, that too of course haha :)

  13. SuzieQSailaway

    Man, I love this album. :)