David Bowie - Nite Flights Lyrics

There's no hold
The moving has come through
The danger passing you
Turns its face into the heat and runs the tunnels
It's so cold
The dark dug up by dogs
The stiches torn and broke
The raw meat fist you choke
Has hit the bloodlite

Glass traps open and close on
nite flights
Broken necks feather weights press the walls
Be my love, we will be gods on nite flights
With only one promise, only one way to fall

Glass traps open and close on nite flights
Broken necks feather weights press the walls
Be my love, we will be gods on nite flights
With only one promise, only one way to call

On nite flights
Only one way to fall

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David Bowie Nite Flights Comments
  1. doalwa

    Dude knew how to wear a suit!

  2. vcr_archives 1977-1987

    this would look silly on any other performer, may it be Brian Johnson or Martin Gore or Bono. I guess the pantomime past helped a lot

  3. The Perfidy of Pop

    the meanest thing that ever happened to me is the fact that he is no longer in this world. But his music, his films, his pictures give me courage

  4. Cristian Lavate Lasmanos

    Scott is dark, Bowie is light. I love both.

  5. Ahlam Ahlam

    ارجو ان يعم السلام العالم

  6. Mark Dodd

    Best song on the album and that's going some as it's IMHO the best album he ever did!

  7. Sigyn Laufeyson

    Can I have you?

  8. Ahlam Ahlam

    اللهم اهدي الغرب للإسلام

  9. Ahlam Ahlam

    اللهم اهدي الناس أجمعين

  10. Marcus Williams

    Shout out to all in video

  11. Ryan Maurice

    great intro

  12. Esther Lanau Lopez


  13. trfesok

    The original is clearly Bowie-influenced, so it's fitting that he would cover it! Both versions are in my "Bowie: covers" playlist. Thanks for the upload!

    W Hardie

    It does, but the album this comes from was a massive inspiration for Bowie and Eno during his "Berlin trilogy". Both have admitted they thought it sounded like the future and it helped form some of the sounds from those albums.


    @W Hardie Nite Flights was released in 1978, Low and "Heroes" came out in 1977, so it is impossible that Bowie and Eno was inspired by this. Lodger came in 1979, but sounds nothing like this. So in this case the inspiration went the other way.

    W Hardie

    @ivankaramasov These are the words of Eno and Bowie - I think from the Scott Walker documentary a few years ago. Both credit this album with forming their sound. Maybe they got confused about which album, however. Nonetheless they both clearly said this album was a huge inspiration to their collaboration.

  14. Tony Fox

    Favorite Bowie track!

  15. Karin Larmont

    That 123 that he did with his hands in the intro was smooth af.

  16. Esther Lanau Lopez

    David Bowie was absolutely amazing!!

  17. sausage


  18. Mike just Mike

    David looked so amazing here.

  19. Otto Greenleaf

    Never heard any songs of Scott Walker's before but when I saw that Bowie covered this one I had to check it out. R.I.P. to them both.

  20. Jürgen Naeve

    David Songs Scott and me and the world is missing both of them!

  21. Pete Hall

    Although I still prefer Scott Walker's original version, Bowie is the only person who could cover this song so well

  22. highplainsdrifter842

    Look at him, waving his arms about making hand signals, everything he does is amazing, he could stick his finger up his nose and it would still be cool.

  23. highplainsdrifter842

    Oh David, sweet David 😭

  24. Danyo Man

    RIP David and Scott. Wonderful song written by Scott and covered brilliantly by David.

  25. James Anderson

    I had no idea this was a Scott Walker song. I had heard Bowie's version first on Black Tie White Noise. I had not listened to this in ages until tonight while reading the news about Scott Walker. The direct influence was not apparent to me until now. I'm a bit speechless. Both versions are doing it for me right now. I am now going back to relisten to what I had known about Scott Walker. Bowie was my hero and Bowie was influenced by Scott. My apologizes for not being more "aware" of earlier. Today has been such a day for revelations for me. Peace.

  26. rodstewartshow

    A buried treasure indeed... I can't believe finding this today on hearing the news that Scott Walker (Scott Engel) had passed away at age 76. Legend is an overused word but it applies to David Bowie and tonight I think I will include Scott in that thinking as well.

  27. Scary Stardust

    Rest In Peace Scott X

  28. WarlockofWordsReturns RB

    #RIP Scott Walker, two legends gone from the planet.

    Chris Boynton

    and Lou Reed...


    Best excuse to discover music. Both left gems for new fans.

    Nikola Demitri

    Pamela I’m familiar with a couple of Scott’s more recent albums and collaborations (which are great), but have been meaning to explore his back catalogue for quite some time. Unfortunately, it has taken his passing to remind me to go back and listen to his earlier albums, but I quite look forward to them. RIP

  29. Alexander Thomas

    Wonderful as fresh as when this came out in 94

  30. B. MTo

    Cela fait plus de 20 ans que j'écoute Bowie et assez peu de temps que j'ai réalisé à quel point ce morceau est putain de génial.

  31. Hari Steinbach

    A Haunting interpretation of Walkers song with immaculate Elegance InStyle and Performance

  32. Martine1love

    Just love love Bowie!

  33. Ron34

    With "Let's dance" my fav' song from Bowie, So classy....

  34. Benjamin Hooper

    Where’s the catwalk for this one? Built for 90s models to get their strut on to!!

  35. Andrea Prodan

    Awful video

  36. Andrea Prodan

    Great Scott! (This is pretty good, but...)

  37. Lella F

    Bello dentro e fuori.beautiful!!!😁💫💙💙⚡⚡RIP!!God bless bowie 😘

  38. Elenilson Barbosa

    He alone in front of a camera was already a show...

  39. Gott würfelt nicht

    Er weiß um seine Macht... S

  40. William Grubbs

    Best solo performer ever

  41. Sonny Fausel

    This music video would be boring by any other artist. The advantage this video has is David Bowie.

  42. NounourSOAD

    Black Tie White Noise was a good album imo. Lots of electronics interesting stuff.

  43. User

    He was not a human... I miss his presence on the Earth.

  44. Alvaro CAro

    such a shame he had to go

  45. hobbies spiele

    The Austrian version...

  46. Love Sro

    Uk king

  47. hottramp

    This whole album is such a treat.

  48. anzatzi

    Best song on album

  49. Fabien H

    The best of Bowie...is from Scott Walker in the end :-) And God knows Bowie's work is the top of the top to top. But even then... :-)

  50. Love Sro

    ان اعيش سعيده يا الله

  51. hanumania

    I don't have enough thumbs to put up

  52. Comp

    This song and Jump They Say are my favorites in this album

  53. Olive Eisner

    Bowie being impossibly cool here. In fact this is probably the coolest thing I've ever seen.

  54. Milan Jackson

    Yeah the suit music period. I wore it out

  55. Hades Kid


  56. Lomb Mate

    Twitch City might not be interesting to me, but THIS SONG IS A BANGER.

  57. Chief Smokey

    Director: "So how many lights will you need?"

    Bowie: "Yes."

  58. Tim Collins

    David Bowie defends himself from a gang of rabid cameramen with fashion moves.

    Charles Price

    At his command. He ran that

  59. callemos los brutos E


  60. ChildOfTheSun32

    Bowie was one of the coolest motherfuckers around, man. I'd love to have seen what he was like in his School Days.

  61. Gary Rae

    Not a patch on Scotty's masterpiece.

  62. KuroiHato69

    Always amazed how David did not need anything except to be himself. He was a living work of art.

    Eileen O'Sullivan

    KuroiHato69 music creative genius indeed his vocals flawless

    Eileen O'Sullivan

    Sure creative genius sure flawless vocals a man who who was an artist also. I am glad D.B. Did give up his music

    lola dell

    KuroiHato69 truth!!!!!!☮️❤️⚡️


    Except he.’s being Scott Walker, here

  63. crowsbaneful

    I cant believe it's almost the anniversary of losing the biggest love of my life

  64. crowsbaneful

    Just dropping by to see my love..and oh yes to let it be known he was is and always will be on my mind I notice everyone's gone quiet like it was just a phase, I was sick of the sycophants when he died and that hasn't changed.

  65. Nark Aymerich

    Unico e inimitable... Magic Bowie!!!

  66. Blue Sky

    I'm very happy for you for the price that you've received. You certainly deserve it.

  67. Helen Fein

    How did I miss this gem? David had the ability to wear whatever he wanted and sing what ever he wanted. David was gorgeous. Thanks for posting a beautiful song.

  68. martin cerri


  69. Barbara A. Labinsky

    Even after more than a year, it is still hard to accept he is gone. And now I've just lost my beloved husband as well! I hope they have met in heaven and are talking about what a hardcore fan I am of both of them! I turned my husband on to Bowie and he really liked him, but not as much as me. Bowie saved my life at age 16 when I heard "Space Oddity" on an underground radio station. He changed it forever when I saw him from the tenth row at the Tower Theatre in Philadelphia a couple of years later for the Diamond Dogs Tour. Like nothing I'd ever seen in my life and like nothing I've ever seen since and I'm sixty-two years old now. I will love them both until the day I go to join them. I miss them both terribly. Bless them both, oh universe!

  70. Ellen Wolf

    I'll never stop missing him.

  71. David Moody

    First heard this about a week after I first saw the movie 'Passenger 57'. So now every time I hear this song I think of Charles Rayne on a plane lol

  72. Francois Sarhan

    still scott walker´s version of this song (walker´s song) is ...

  73. Ksg_so _lit

    David. Bowie saved my life when i was 15 and saw him on the Midnight Special

  74. Esval

    I love this song. It is one of the least remembered, though

  75. Michael Wosslert

    Wonderful !( Listen also to the original verson with Scott Walker.)

  76. Jerlin Vinso

    The Walker Brothers version is far superior. This is soulless.


    Jerlin Vinso

    BULLSHIT. ✋🏼

  77. Zlorgeblub

    Un Hommage de Bowie en 1993 et la version de 1978 de Scott Walker vaut vraiment la peine d'être écoutée (https://youtu.be/T9uIHjbt8zw?list=RDN-zgdGQB4S4)

  78. freshmozz

    Love Bowie but Scott walker's version is much better

    Aourell Bzh

    freshmozz not better, just different... they are no karaoke singers!


    Truth I guess a better phrasing is that I prefer Scott walker's version probably due to the tempo, I am a huge Bowie fan too!

  79. Yam Carotta

    Is that a baseball bat in my trousers? NO. I am just watching David Bowie

  80. Voltron Defender of the Universe

    I can see Prince dancing to this.

  81. bionicbigfoot

    Wow. He was really handsome.

  82. 8675309

    i was really excited to hear this cuz i love both bowie and scott walker but geez, compared to the original this is extremely disappointing. but it makes sense, bowie's early 90's material was his worst.

    TK tonedead

    Different strokes. I prefer his version and it has become a favorite for my Bowie play list. I consider the 80's to be his lowest point where he sold his creative soul for chart success with Let's Dance and then was punished for it by floundering with the awful Tonight album (with the exception of the brilliant Loving The Alien). The 90's to me was when he made his way back with songs like Pallas Athena,Strangers When We Meet,A Small Plot Of land, Miracle Goodnite,Jump They Say,We Prick You,Seven Days etc etc etc Which led to one of the most brilliant albums he ever released. Heathen.

    David Dunderdale

    illpa agree


    The side ones of Scary Monsters and Let's Dance are pretty classic Bowie. Tonight is awful, except Loving the Alien and I like Blue Jean. I just can't get into his 90's stuff. Heathen is amazing, huge comeback, but thats 2002.

    Aourell Bzh

    Outside and Earthling are terrific! I can't stop listening to Outside!! Amazing job!

  83. Ethan Hill

    This song soars on an album that has several potholes. The video could had exploited images of planes on runways and tarmacs, but this is one of my fav db songs.

  84. Flowerboy 94

    Bowie had semi-covered it already with Look Back In Anger

    TK tonedead

    It's called being influenced. Semi-covering is not a thing

    Flowerboy 94

    I'd call it tunesmithery!

  85. Michel Tangy

    This song has such big balls

  86. Shushan

    Be my love, we will be gods on nite flights
    With only one promise, only one way to fall...

  87. ThefightingCelt

    I thoroughly recommend Scott Walker's album of Jacques Brel songs : an artist that Bowie and Walker greatly admired and whose thought provoking songs they both covered .

  88. MaBelleone1

    Happy 70th birthday David Jones...

  89. Francisco Jose Villanueva

    great song and video

  90. Linda Reichle

    like butter

  91. Discoenex newway

    love all.

  92. Discoenex newway

    only oneway to go .

  93. Stephen Otoole

    I think this version is fantastic- scott's is beautiful and haunting -  but this has a driving, galvanising sound that is amazing and the great droning middle 8 is just perfect - don't compare with Scott - they are both awesome in their own way.

    zach weyde

    great way to put it

  94. Manuel Ramírez

    he ruined scott's brilliant song, this is not poweful at all, not like the original version

  95. dar cooper

    Remarkable ! There will never be another Bowie ! My God ! okay David Jones

  96. Redcoats Hampton

    Mr Bowie always looks absolutely stunning just love him and so talented miss him and his music not so many musicians left like him

  97. cyber Materialism

    that musical arrange was way ahead

  98. Duke de PallMall

    Vocals are great (of course), but as a cover version it's strangely lifeless and too mechanically groovy. , I actually prefer the more hard edged Fatima Mansions versions


    Yo Toshe