David Bowie - Drive-In Saturday Lyrics

Let me put my arms
around your head
Gee, it's hot, let's go to bed
Don't forget to turn on the light
Don't laugh babe, it'll be alright
Pour me out another phone
I'll ring and see
if your friends are home
Perhaps the strange ones in the dome
Can lend us a book we can read up alone

And try to get it on like once before
When people stared in Jagger's eyes
and scored
Like the video films we saw

His name was always Buddy
And he'd shrug and ask to stay
She'd sigh like Twig the Wonder Kid
And turn her face away
She's uncertain if she likes him
But she knows she really loves him
It's a crash course for the ravers
It's a Drive-in Saturday

Jung the foreman prayed at work
That neither hands nor limbs would burst
It's hard enough to keep formation
amid this fall out saturation

Cursing at the Astronette 8
Who stands in steel
by his cabinet
He's crashing out with Sylvian
The Bureau Supply
for ageing men

With snorting head he gazes to the shore
Which once had raised a sea
that raged no more
Like the video films we saw

It's a Drive-in Saturday [repeat]

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David Bowie Drive-In Saturday Comments
  1. Gene Clark


  2. stunman1000

    My first album I bought too and still my favourite Bowie album xx

  3. John Hallam

    Takes me right back great times and epic music

  4. luc luc

    I was 16

  5. Nechole Cordova

    love it

  6. David Williams

    Puts me back into my bedroom with a vinyl record player in the late 70s listening to vinyl - what an album, what an artist. Sing the lyrics out now as I did then - annoy the fcuk out everyone!

    f m


  7. Stephen Green

    I was introduced to him by Top of the Pops in 1972 and saw him live in 1973. Nobody better

  8. Steve Ellis900

    This album smacked the arse of the donkey jacket miner's strikes. Billy Elliot anyone ?

  9. LeoSantos

    I love the bassline.

    the womble

    Trevor Bolder, HUGELY underrated bass player.

  10. Neide Franca

    love love love...

  11. James Short

    I played this song in my music appreciation class my jr year of high school. I dont think anyone but me and my best friend ( he played 7 Screaming Diz-Busters) appreciated it.

  12. Duarte Pessanha


  13. multinez

    One of my favorite bowie tracks

  14. nala trebor renoclaf

    Robert Smith has a point

  15. Chrìstoρhεr

    Robert Smith sent me...


    Interview right? Lol

  16. Patrick Shute

    Love this song from the genius of the late great David Bowie.RIP

  17. jessica stardust

    Amazing as always ♡♡
    Would have been cool to meet him

  18. Paul Stevens

    First album I bought, my dad said "are you queer", no but I know good shit when I hear it, RIP. Love is a strange thing.

    Steven Wood

    Love is the drug, I'm thinkin' of ... Eno and Bowie were the bomb


    @ Paul Stevens
    Maybe your Dad was queer ?
    And he was trying to come out to
    you ?

    Harry Cooke

    Take it he was a Yorkshire man my old man was rip same ha ha

    ron foley

    As a hetero male...there's something admirable, in the uninhibited expression, of Bowie, Jagger, et al....cafk...in my humble opinion..

    Gene Clark

    @2msvalkyrie LOL

  19. Anne Milne

    One of his finest

  20. jupitorman

    The layers in this masterpiece

  21. Adam Neill

    God what a genius

  22. Giuseppina Sanna

    Forever and ever David. You'll never die

  23. Lord Cow-Tart Bungleturd

    Gee, it's hot lets go to Dark Star!

  24. paraselena

    Love the sax

  25. Randall Leonard

    I wonder if they had drive ins in the UK.

    Lord Cow-Tart Bungleturd

    afraid we did'nt

  26. Sebastian Michalis

    R.I.P David I loved you 😪.
    Edit:it’s actually Saturday and I’m being driven home by my dad!

  27. Jacky Lee

    Got this album for 10 at a charity shop in 1982

    Jacky Lee

    That supposed to be 10p

  28. kaylynn L

    It took me 20 years to find this song, I'm ecstatic!!!! He was so beautiful, such a perfectly sculpted face

    Alexander The Great

    It took you 20years???the fuck how? Are you actually real? Jesus!!

    We're all doomed!

    Almost as nice as my face 😉

    kaylynn L

    @Alexander The Great I couldn't remember who sang it, then I stumbled across it

    the womble

    @Alexander The Great Calm down Alexander, You died of malaria 2,000 years ago!

  29. Hexis

    And try to get it on like once before...

  30. Tracy-Paul O' Brien

    Fuck all u new cunts and u boy, non man. Well I would'nt really it is just your jealousy you see wot us lads + girls had back in our day, ey? Just as your very own Will Young, oh dear i let the cat out the bag, did he? I tried as i might to tell Enoch Powell that his speech was wrong. When I phoned his seccretary to enlighten him she asked wot I wanted to say to him then the wo man put the phone down. I just wanted to tell him there were darker more evil forces at work . the majority of these naughty men are now on the wing in prison or on some psych ward. o wo wo wo they sing on their instructional tellhees these days. what of our girls, that right 'Money for nothing and your kicks for free' as Dire Straits pronounced. Can anyone tellme who is this wo where does him/her live, is it a book or a film, cos i dunno i have not looked at a tellhee in 45 yrs so i dunno i'm out of the loop as it were except for the occasional blimps i have seen whilst in mummies on her tellhee as i wait for the kettle to boil for my tea drug of choice before retreating from the scene to the bedroom. lets cut to the chase, hey face, is wo fuckable, cos i wanna know, and anyone local please serve me up the nearest Ecstasy dealer and do they sell Ketamine too?

    Tracy-Paul O' Brien

    Nice in the test tube what can be done with just a hint of polish, that to u blue is the shiner, not the country. All the Rebel Rebel girls genes have been destroyed in the lab. So get over your paranoid fears you all have nothing to fear, for yours. Polished faces are not an attractant to me. 'I bore in the boat with my enemy, I'm taking the boat the long way home' innit great us all one big humungous homogeny with our androgony. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT REPLY. as per your usual, dose.

    Tracy-Paul O' Brien

    Ah mean, Brian has not even hit the scene yet.

    Tracy-Paul O' Brien

    Thou, est, Art groupie that's hooked.

  31. culwin

    Me too, Robert

  32. Roberta Battisti

    David miss you so much 😢

  33. brian goodwin

    takes me right back to tying up my purple / red platform shoe laces

    Steven Haywood

    brian goodwin , I had platform shoes too in those days. They were blue slip ons This was the,follow up single to Jean Genie, and a hit,in early 1973. I loved it and so did my Dad. It was one of his favourites.

  34. Stu Da Man Duncan

    when I first heard this I thought it was heaven.Yeah,still do....

    kaylynn L

    I concur

  35. Gene Clark

    still ther perfect song...Thin White Duke....we miss you

  36. emrys

    i remember wen this came out how old is that. he is still great my lovers

    llewellyn williams

    1973 i got it when it come out an still play it

  37. emrys

    my first girl give me this album i still have it but she is lost in time happy trails

  38. Steven Wood

    Twiggy StarKiller

    Tracy-Paul O' Brien

    Lulu too, lol eater, he did.

  39. the womble

    only Bowie could have written the words in the second verse, sc-fi mixed with mythology and dressed up in fifties be bop. please don't try to convince me that there are ANY comparable artists these days. I don't believe it.

    Dave Bartlett

    Despite the surrealism of Bowie's lyrics during the Aladdin Sane period, has anyone noticed that he seems to be predicting the arrival of Viagra and other similar medicaions?
    "It's hard enough to keep formation, amid this fallout saturation" is a thinly disguised reference to erectile dysfunction, but "He's crashing out with Sylvian, the bureau supply for ageing men" is unmistakeable.

  40. beboploo

    love the sax were it kicks in

  41. MrCSRocker

    Love that honking sax

  42. chaniqua smith

    I am a black women but I like his music not bad.

    Agustin KSP

    la musica no es racista, porque comentas algo asi?

    mark weston-wilson

    all that matters is that you are a dude , ,and you are girlie xxx

    kaylynn L

    Why would it matter that you're black? Bowie transcends race/religion/ethnicity, his wife was Somali supermodel Iman......come on!

    We're all doomed!

    Simpleton alert!

    Alan Strom

    OMG!! If a white man said that, it would be viewed as racist and patronising and condescending.
    Have a listen to the lyrics of " Black Fella, White Fella" by Australian Aboriginal band called The Warumpi Band.
    " It doesn't matter what the colour, as long as you a true fella, a good fella"

  43. manuel ponce

    silly story - ill in bed one day when i was in the 70 s - much better then - but i m biased - there was one bad bus that had toilet rolls hang ing out the windows - what area was that - can you still write a message even though the clock is ticking and your life is up against the wall - anyway the bus turns up on time - but i wasn t aware of it - i was listening to boddhisatvna by steely dan in my bedroom which was really cool because it looked onto a road - playing air guitar to steely dan in staddiscombe and the whole goddamn bus is looking at me - take a dive


    just say no to the drugs my boy happy trails

  44. Sebastion Phantomhive

    i love this song

    Bernard Flately

    Sebastion Phantomhive it's not as good as panic in Detroit iggy

    Dr. Fabritzio Van mong

    Sebastion Phantomhive so do I got it on loop it reminds me of me x

  45. Viejo Morales

    His name is always Buddy !!

  46. Leslie Arnell

    Planet earth is blue. RIP Starman.

  47. Lu Vi

    my love Eternal........................................................

    kaylynn L

    Me too, FOREVER

  48. terrypussypower

    Total Pish !


    the drugs ones more /////////////////////////////

    Anne Milne

    Maybe to you

  49. finocrivelli

    esta es probablemente la canción mas linda que escuche en mi vida

    Ian Zanshin

    Bowie was miles ahead of Bolan.... Shouldn't be mentioned in the same breath

  50. marina joe taylor

    what amazing memories of a lost love singing this to me

  51. GriefTourist

    orange RCA label

  52. ruby

    Without Bolan, Bowie wouldn't exist

    Martin Henderson

    Bolan was a one trick pony. Can't say that about Bowie.

    Derek Vernon

    Absolute idiot . Bolan was a Fantastic but a one trick pony

    Terry Carthy

    Bolan did some great stuff ; but, gee, he was little more than a bloated subject of ridicule by mid '70's. He yearned for the global fame, respect, influence and adulation of Bowie. To have any other perspective is, to be honest, to be oblivious of both careers.

    noel campbell

    Actually they wouldn't have existed without each other. I love Bolan but he copied Bowie ala 71 Man Who Sold The World. Nothing imo wrong with that because Bolan was a huge talent.

    Alan Ramsay

    @Alexander The Great he wrote ,produced and directed for iggy pop , hardly a rip off , Lust for life,some weird sin ,tonight,successs,turn blue,fall in love with me and neighborhood threat were all written and produced by bowie for the Lust for life Album

  53. Pete Murray

    The first video recorders went on sale in 1979, so in '73 "video films" were a product of his fertile imagination.


    8mm, Super8?

    Mikael Sjödin

    You´re speaking about video machines for consumers. But videotape technology had already been in use much earlier.

  54. xCowsCanFly

    thats great! my favourite singer mentioning my favourite model in his song XD

  55. MrMajorTime

    You're too kind. Ronson had as much raw talent as anyone in the industry, MORE than most really, only I don't think he had very "industrial" inclinations. One of Bowie's greatest and much overlooked talents was charming (ultimately, manipulating) the hell out of unsuspecting people into getting deviously planned results. They actually needed each other's strengths to get as far as they did. The resulting Spiders is a shared legacy we are still speaking of all these years after—and rightfully so!

    From Trinidad

    MrMajorTime thanks for your insightful comments. Wish you’d share more if you have anymore!

  56. MrMajorTime

    Oh— it's good to here from you! And thanks for the compliment. Always willing to argue a good point on the subject (hell, I'll argue about a lot of things if I'm in the right mood). Regards,

  57. MrMajorTime

    Mick Ronson does deserve as much praise for the music—sort of, almost kind of. Bowie was sneaky here. He played mind games to make Mick competitive, not really worried about it, but pretending to upstage one another— pushing each other to be their best! My gut feeling is that Ronson wouldn't have been so ambitious (though equally talented) left to his own devices. So, I have to hand the successful mind-fuck to Bowie— for bringing out the best in Ronson despite his ordinarily relaxed disposition.

    charles gilmore


    Tracy-Paul O' Brien

    @charles gilmore hollyocks i say, swearing is for naughty adults, the haughty haughty haughty.

  58. Pespike

    and? I hate the "I'm young and I listen to Bowie" comments. There are a lot of young people listenin' to good music. You're not cooler! I'm young, too! But I'm not gonna say I'm cool. This music is great and just that. People who listen to Justin Bieber, it's their life! They can't ruin our likes, so we with theirs! We're from different worlds.

    PS: Long live to David Bowie and Queen and The Beatles (the list continues xD)

  59. mauerbluemchen0

    This and 'Young Americans' remind me of losing my virginity....

    "She's uncertain if she likes him, but she knows she really loves him"
    "It took him minutes, it took her nowhere..."

    Ha - I'm so bitter!

    Tracy-Paul O' Brien

    the bitter comes out better on a stolen guitar, comes to mind.

    Tracy-Paul O' Brien

    please please me, too. by the Beatles. Heaven forbid. she'll take anything.

  60. xCowsCanFly

    is 'twig the wonderkid,' twiggy?

    Tracy-Paul O' Brien

    just like, blue blue electric blue, was Lulu.

    the womble

    @Tracy-Paul O' Brien Really, How so?

  61. John Kavanagh

    Nice guy Mr Jones. Met him in a pub near Bath in England while he was at Real World studios nearby. Answered all the usual dumb questions. Wound up talking about football and in particular West Ham.
    One of us owes the other a pint. Can't remember which.

    Doubting Thomas

    Mr. Kavanagh, note the first line, second verse: "Jung the foreman prayed at work, neither hands or limbs would burst...". This is in reference to Dr. Carl Jung, 'the father of synchronicity'. I'm presuming you know what that is. I was actually in the very studio where this song was recorded (RCA studios, New York City); 'The Jean Genie' also being recorded there. This was the late spring, 1973, and my brother and I had just driven into (on Saturday nonetheless) New York to record an album for RCA with, among others, a Tina Turner backup singer (she previously had been an 'Ikette'). 19 years later, my brother was introduced to Bowie at another New York recording studio while he was working on the 'Black Tie, White Noise' album. I asked him what it was like to meet David Bowie. He said-"I couldn't believe how nice he was. He was really nice!"

  62. Nanker Phelge

    Another under-played Bowie tune.

  63. YorkistWhiteRose

    Isn't "Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence" wonderful?

  64. Peter Hannah

    simply a genius at work...adore this track
    just had a weekend of Bowie movies ;
    Man Who Fell to Earth and Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence
    love all his work especially the futuristic post apocalyptic stuff
    Bowie and Jagger....best we've ever had !

  65. rex kramer

    I am so glad that I was only 13 when this came out. I loved Bowie immediately and was a Bowie freak in high school. Everyone liked Bowie except the "cool stoners" who thought he was just glitz and glamour. They didn't get him. There were many good bands back then. But Bowie is up there with Sinatra, Davis, Holiday, Michael Jackson, Jim Morrison and Nat King Cole. What a genius.

  66. philly delphia

    Bowie is so interesting and unusual that you have any choice apart from loving him. He seems coming from another planet.

  67. Jessica Brown

    totally classic stuff pity he is a recluse in the us and doesn't tour, oh well he's done it and has worn the t-shirt

  68. bowieluber

    you're a fucking special snowflake.

  69. sallyfieldrequired

    Ive seen 10 year olds going on about how much they love Bowie, he has universal appeal

    jessica stardust

    I'm 17 and I love him! ♡

  70. divinedgar

    "knob cheez"!

  71. Tamsin Warlow

    Bowie needs to do another tour. I am loving all of the anniversary stuff for Ziggy. Aladdin Sane is arguably the best of his work tho!

  72. MrVeggieburger

    thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

  73. stolencar100

    only forever

  74. danceswithcritters

    how many years do you want ?

    Neko Jayy

    danceswithcritters 5

  75. stolencar100

    he should still be producing stuff as good as this , i blame that prick igg stooge for fucking with his head

  76. Tomasz Zając

    Great song but the album is a mess and I don't really like it

  77. Popdivision

    Control lol.

  78. MrMajorTime

    He could suddenly AFFORD to tentatively relax a little, be sardonically ironic (great sense of humour) within his own image, a premonitory casuality of his unique position, due to confidence in his abilities finally equalling public acknowledgement, appreciation. He WAS Garbo, afterall! People just wanted to see/hear HIM. What he was doing was even secondary to appeasement of his avid fans. That the material on the Album was superior, and his voice was in superb form, was a tribute to integrity.

  79. MrMajorTime

    Aladdin Sane is ICONIC. If one were to pick a moment to make a Bowie figurine, a poster, an animated tv show, a time when Bowie was at his career potential, if not its peak, it would be HERE. The future (hell, he WAS the future of rock at this point!), lay ahead of him. And, in retrospect, he MORE than met expectations! This was Ziggy/Bowie and, like the beginning of any great movie, could go almost anywhere. And NO one knew at the time how much we would depend on Bowie for creating that decade!

    Mila Fontes

    Kvkdggkn de la óptica kjhcjñkghbr jkjfcgn nc

  80. MrMajorTime

    Aladdin Sane IS Bowie, at HIS leisure, the blueprint, suspended at the top of his game, briefly, temporarily UNCHALLENGED! He knew it. His fans knew it. Posterity will see it. It's really so casual in its immediacy. Ziggy Stardust strived, left his mark, clinched the fame. Aladdin Sane left Bowie to become relaxed in his abilities. He was so quick to realize that now he was already the old pro. Recording industry, notoriously fleeting, he was betting he had more time than most. And he was right!

  81. MrMajorTime

    You sweet talker, you!

  82. TwixSaer

    @gottalovemymovies fuck you

  83. MrMajorTime

    Wisdom of self-preservation allowed him to realize he could not continue as Ziggy. Although he acknowledged gratitude to that character, with its vital career boost, he also knew that he would literally go insane if he knuckled under pressures to remain there. There were so many other facets to his artistry yet to be discovered, that he wasn't ready to become another rock and roll suicide. One genuine character DID remain constant however, uncompromised though often dormant, betwixt: Major Tom!

  84. MrMajorTime

    Fans went apeshit over Ziggy Stardust. But Bowie, not wanting to get typecast in one role, soon (wisely) decided to disband a great band in favor of new avenues (Diamond Dogs, Halloween Jack, Orwell, "plastic" soul, Young Americans, et. al.). His next real, complete persona was to be Thomas Jerome Newton, bringing as much to that role as the writers. The Thin White Duke became a theatrical extension from THAT alienating experience; just as Aladdin Sane was a reflection of Ziggy after THAT high.

  85. MrMajorTime

    This album is archetypical Bowie. Time stood still (for a moment). Unlike Ziggy Stardust, which was a character he was intentionally exploiting, Aladdin was more a comment on David's experience in America, and not nearly as much about a new persona as it was about reactions. It's a moment reflecting on his newfound success. Interestingly, even more than his great music, a greater fascination is Bowie's unique poise of balanced entity, and how it came to fill that void in culture's consciousness.

  86. Jeanne Griffin

    it's a crash course for the ravers..

  87. India BowieintheTARDIS

    I love the lyrics to this song! I will never understand them, but still!

  88. India BowieintheTARDIS

    David Bowie the Thin White Duke Ziggy Stardust Jareth the Goblin King a Lad Insane...
    and the spiders from mars.


  89. Martin Eaglesham

    On the second album that I could do all of the words from. First was Ziggy. Sad old git!

  90. Rauno Juutila

    In 1973 I had already heard Starman and Jean Genie and they had made me curious. Then I noticed Drive-In Saturday single in jukebox in local bus station . Put a coin in, listen ... and I was sold for life. Next Christmas I got Aladdin Sane as a C-cassette. It was my first ever LP, and it still rules above all others.

  91. Drope182

    don't laugh babe it'll be allright ;)

  92. PutrefactionRecords

    Control <3

  93. MrMajorTime

    The casual genius of this album was never matched. Bowie was riding high on Ziggy fame, knew he was worthy of putting out his offhand burlesque, what a grande vacation for the Lad! All the talent was there, but he wasn't trying to push it too hard. Bowie was Bowie here, perhaps for the shortest and longest moment. Here he just was doing his talent, on top of his game, biding his time, projecting himself, but not really worried. He'd done something to confirm his legacy, now he was just cruising.

  94. Thebe Bashaleebee

    "with snorting heads he gazes to the shore" Nobody can write lyrics like David Bowie.

  95. MrMajorTime

    @slurm33 Not nearly enough, apparently.

  96. Jeremy Rawling

    He also called his sax the sme