David Bowie - Cactus Lyrics

Sitting here
wishing on a cement floor
Just wishing that
i had just something you wore
I put it on when I go lonely
Will you take off your dress
and send it to me?

I miss your kissin'
and i miss your head
And a letter in your writing
doesn't mean you're not dead

Just run outside in the desert heat
Make your dress all wet
and send it to me
I miss your soup and I miss your bread
And a letter in your writing
doesn't mean you're not dead
So spill your breakfast
and drip your wine
Just wear that dress when you dine


So, sitting here wishing
on a cement floor
Just wishing that i had just something you wore
Bloody your hands on a cactus tree
Wipe'em on your dress
and send it to me
Sitting here wishing on a cement floor
Just wishing that i had just something you wore

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David Bowie Cactus Comments
  1. C Evans

    A friend sent me here (",)

  2. Diana Tracy

    Wow I have know that kind of Love!

  3. Leland- BoB Palmer

    "Rawk in roll is the devil"- Unknown Hinson

  4. samantha lewin

    There is something very sexy about Dafid Bowie asking a woman to send him her sweat soaked dress...

  5. Fiona Robbins

    Sexy damn song

  6. Anna Spann

    *dresses blanket the stage*

  7. Furkan küçük

    what a nice vocal for a bass player

  8. Major Tom

    Tribute to the Pixies...

  9. Jennie Malloy

    Elemental. Can't touch that...

  10. dan thefan

    Guitar Wizard Gerry Leonard is also Suzanne Vega's Guitarist. I have no problem with Guitarist Reeves Grabels BUT would be awsome if THE CURE Would switch & use Gerry sometimes.

  11. sheila thomas

    Isn't this great, my favourite track on Heathen. Anyone else think we took Mr.Bowie for granted when he was amongst us?

    dan thefan

    ❤️ Sheila but No 🌀,🕴

  12. sheila thomas

    Isn't this great !!

  13. Vas Lek


    dan thefan

    Looking forward to when "1984" Big Brother FBk is in an iron lung, "... and these children ..." will eventually want their own MAIN different Platform, Blink Zuckerberg Blink.
    Ch Ch Ch Changes ...

  14. Editions BIOS


  15. Donna Lancaster

    I will love you and all you gave the world for my I tire life❤️

  16. phil ratcliffe

    Why is Bowie soooooooo good

    dan thefan

    The answer is in the movie~"Flashbacks of a Fool" in scene with Felicity Jones & Cool Young Dude as She is playing Roxy Music's song "If There is Something". = "... & BOWIE are Gods" (&& Godess'es).

  17. RE SM

    So sad miss you David,your music helpt me to very dark periodes,love you ,you were wonderful one of the greatest left us never will be forgotten music stay forever Caroline

  18. Bowiefan

    One of my absolute favorites ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. Lella F

    D ...A ...V... I .....D !!!!! Rip! !!!!i love you! !!!!

  20. Nik Eu

    I want on bd/DVD Lp CD

  21. kepasss

    Una grandísima canción de Pixies elevada al máximo nivel por Mrs. Bowie.

    miquel dolvan


  22. Pia Assals

    I love it

  23. Raymantico


  24. Vlad Huerta

    Definitivamente no debió haber dicho que era una canción nueva. Hay que darle crédito a los autores originales.


    El 90% ni sabe que es una canción de The Pixies!!

  25. Puerto Riconnect

    This cover is actually awesome. After hearing the abysmal cover of across the universe I was not expecting that.

  26. Moniek Bliek


  27. SuperJimmy2212

    2.08 wow!

  28. Mohamed Sharif

    The BEST basically.

  29. Tereza Charvátová

    Incredibly sexy...<3

  30. regina rapert

    I love you my starman

  31. Geo Pot

    GaIl Ann Dorsey ..... fantastic

  32. Ken Jones

    Does the Pixies justice

  33. Ale Paoletti

    I don't understand why the Heathen tour wasnt't released as a live album.

    Play Loose

    Ale Paoletti it’s easy to copy the audio from the Heathen concert on YouTube....

    Leland- BoB Palmer

    I think it was & a dvd...wait I think that was "Reality"

  34. unevenspleener

    Wow, who is that bass player? Anybody know the back-story? She's awesome!

    magdeleen van Eersel

    You mean Gail Ann Dorsey? Yes, she's amazing! Had a solo career going (remember "Where Is The Love"?) but got a Call, and never looked back.

    Centro Médico Veterinario de Victoria

    She is Gail Ann Dorsey, a Godess from outer space...

  35. dan thefan

    Gail @ 2:13..

  36. unevenspleener

    Great song written by Black Francis and originally recorded by the Pixies decades ago. So why does Bowie introduce it as a "new song?" Bowie was notorious for failing to give credit where credit was due; much of his success can be attributed to the contributions of artists much more talented than himself. (Case in point-- Mick Ronson.) Yeah he's dead and we're all supposed to be in awe of his legend, but so much of that legend is smoke and mirrors. If you're all about guys with cool hair and a big dick, Bowie's your man. RIP, David Jones!

    leonardo h

    unevenspleener He meant it was a song from his then new album, never before played live.

    Ramon Hernandez

    Yeah, he never knew something like youTube would expose him


    @dave790 Could simply have said... "This is a new one, well, a new one for us anyway."

    R Gvl

    fully agree with your comment

  37. TheBilly336

    <3 Pixies best Version...


    Yes the pixies made it better, Bowie made it in his own style

  38. Icarus

    Great song completely ruined by her shrieking

    Androzani Critic

    Are you mad? Gail Dorsey is a fantastic vocalist.

    Shady Nasty's

    Icarus Trippin lipin I think it sounded great synchronized with Bowie

    Puerto Riconnect

    Agreed. Her vocals sound kinda generic, for lack of a better vocabulary.
    And she completely drowned out Bowie when she sang.

    Matthew Lacey

    True that. I think even he looks at her and regrets agreeing to that arrangement. Verse one works well - very kooky and the audience picked up on it especially given most of them will have never heard it before and won't know the Pixies - but it's all downhill thereafter as she wracks havoc on the vocal. I know Gail is a goddess etc etc but this 'duet' sucks.

  39. regina rapert

    you sexy man,

    viva la sophie

    I think that so much I don't have words except the words just wrote

  40. Terri Kim Bowyer The CBD Warrior

    Good god..my heart. Sex personified. This song makes me have a crooked smile. <3 RIP to a genus of our time <3

    Kyle Dieterich

    Ya know it's a Pixies song, right? Love me some Bowie (RIP), but just wanted you to know in case you didn't.

  41. Gisele B

    Gostoso demais

  42. Abir Tarafdar

    Absolute badass


    his hair just look chris cole lol

  44. Zoe Phoenix

    Please, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all

    Vicki Hayward

    i have something nice to say.I love this.🎤🎵💙

    Zoe Phoenix

    +Vicki Hayward
    Thanks I don't think that YouTube is the place for unpleasant comments. Have a nice evening

    dan thefan

    ThankYou Zoe!

    samantha lewin

    I love this track.

  45. Icarus

    I wish that loudmouth bitch would shut the fuck up so we can here the legend


    +Dave. Oh silly old me....poor old David Jones would have been nothing without her right? She should stick to guitar and leave the screeching harpie routine for her lezzo girlfriend

    Sofus Rischel

    +M Poore I agree she's too loud in the mix, but seriously go fuck yourself dude


    +Sofus Rischel ohhh do I have to again?

    Sofus Rischel

    @M Poore So you have already fucked yourself? I won't stand in the way for your sloppy seconds.

    dan thefan

    Don't feed the hard wired Trolls but ""Icarus" Is the "loudmouth bitch" here! David & Gail were a Perfect Fit!

  46. ledachiressi

    just pure bliss 😍

  47. Crob ASMR


  48. shaxan

    Apotheosis of musical performance art.