David Bowie - Black Country Rock Lyrics

Pack a pack horse up and rest up here on
Black Country Rock

You never know, you might find it here on
Black Country Rock

Some say the view is crazy
But you may adopt another point of view
So if it's much too hazy
You can leave my friend and me with fond adieu

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David Bowie Black Country Rock Comments
  1. rafanellys

    9 people need to lighten up, have some fun, hang loose and be with a woman....... ;)

  2. margus kiis

    The band was Hype.

  3. Gabe Caggiano

    Pearl Jam should cover this.

  4. EmWitzcrackers

    16 and loving it

  5. Chuf Don De Juan

    Ronson absolutely shreds on this record...

  6. dy120481

    Honest question, does anyone have a more eclectic catalog than Bowie?

    Zach Johnson

    Perhaps Miles Davis might come close, but his evolution from style to style was a more steady one.


    dy120481 the Clash began as true 3 chord riff punk and evolved into something that incorporated reggae, dancehall, Irish folk, and at the end-80s synth stuff. They have my vote.
    Some things that really helped Bowie was he A) didn’t die young so he had a 50 year career, and B) did lots of solo stuff so he could be as creative as he wanted with changin’ times.
    Some groups like the Beatles were on pace for that much variety but washed out in 7 years (?).
    In short, I agree DB has epic variety and his reinvention and creativity set him apart. You’re right

  7. nympholeptic monkey

    Hints of Bolan and The kinks, but still fantastic :)

  8. Charnelle Ford

    2 people can go fuck themselves

  9. Jay Are

    This one for my friend puppy who has David Bowie face tattooed on his arm

  10. jcBurton2094

    Some say the view is crazy, but you may adopt another point of view

    Thomas Flegeau

    Greetings from psychiatric hospital, lol !

  11. Tony Bates


  12. randall scott burress

    yer telling me*

  13. ElektroBlues Project

    Mick Ronson deserves his credit here...

  14. Richard Holmes

    I always think that black sabbath must have taken some lessons from this album

    ElektroBlues Project

    Well spotted... mainly Bill Ward.. fills are so similar :)

    Leonard Yuhas

    geezer as well,........


    Or vice versa??????????

    David Waterhouse

    Considered as 'THE BIRTH OF HEAVY METAL'! dx

  15. lady stardust1972

    I bet Marc got the right hump about this bless him


    Big Bowie Fan Check Out My Brand Inspired By Him www.soundplusvision.us

  17. Lady Grinning Soul

    why the albums before Ziggy didn't hit, they're fabulous

    Dawn Salois

    England was very close about what made the airways,so this was forced underground-not "poppy" enough. In the USA there was NO way this would get airplay so again underground. Here mostly east side and big city midwest. Too dark for most hippies. Black Sabbath and such were mostly working class choices, not so much college campus material. AND there were the gender bending pictures on some of the releases-young men were the main record consumers in the early 70s and would not want to purchase--just in case someone else saw! HAHA
    Bowie----way ahead of his time!

    Talorc MacAllan

    handy when you've an extensive library

  18. Audiotrap

    Adieu Bowie.... it was Great to listen to all your work.

    Robert Shields

    Audiotrap :(....


    What a legacy tho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Rob Hansult

    One of my top 1/2 dozen Bowie tunes ... this whole album is Fucking Brilliant!

  20. moby boy

    so good to listen to this kinds of songs - not just his predictable hits

    girl food

    its the best

  21. Weirdbald

    Bowie doing his best Bolan impression. The dawn of greatness.

    Zach Johnson

    You're on the internet you turd...Use it.

    thomas Day

    what the fuck is a turd

    Lily Billy Goat

    Also reminds me of Bryan Ferry.

    Christine Harrelson

    I know I love it! Bolan/Ferry shades to be sure.

    Robert Ommundsen

    @Christine Harrelson could have been bolan.he was on prettiest star-but ok

  22. rAndom light

    you mind find it here


    You never know....

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