David Banner - Swag Lyrics

Everybody in my city pushing keys and that’s all these kids see
That’s the only thing they hear then that’s the only thing they’ll be,
We call it swag, swag, swag
We call it swag, swag, swag
The homies is busting slugs, the women is shaking ass
The white girls call us “nigga” and we just sit back and laugh
And call it swag, swag, swag
We call it swag, swag, swag

I am no preacher, bitch I’m a teacher
More like a thinker, dreamer, believer – pick one
A thousand albums came out last year and I ain’t get one
Cause these boys looking like man-tan
I make hits like Grand Slam
Never had a problem keeping up
These boys’ songs sound weak as fuck
I ain’t thinking ’bout easing up, I’m going hard
Till my lease is up and my time will be creeping up
It’s only right that I tell ‘em (tell ‘em)
Don’t buy into everything that these rappers are selling (selling)
Thinking that they winning but really these niggas failin’
Your people and they need to feed evil to the streets who made you
Raised you on great food
My Mama didn’t raise no dummy
I’ll never let a motherfucker think for me
Tell the bitch that it’s ’bout to get ugly
’Bout to hit the game harder than some rugby

Everybody in my city pushing keys and that’s all these kids see
That’s the only thing they hear then that’s the only thing they’ll be,
We call it swag, swag, swag
We call it swag, swag, swag
The homies is busting slugs, the women is shaking ass
The white girls call us “nigga” and we just sit back and laugh
And call it swag, swag, swag
We call it swag, swag, swag

Is anybody on the next level with me?
I’m hearing niggas dissing God, y’all think it’s witty
I ain’t laughing, we don’t play in Mississippi
Even when I was broke, selling my soul wasn’t tempting
Let a white cop shoot a black kid
You’ll see a few tweets, that’s it
He’ll march for a minute, that’s it
Get a new outfit and a dance like this:
Cook! Swag! (Woo!) Cook! Swag! (Woo!)
Black kid dead and ain’t nobody mad
They won’t speak the truth, these niggas been scared
Call my flow the pudding, the proof’s in there
I say the shit they say I shouldn’t, I ain’t never cared
I been everywhere, took game spit it and left it there
I brought a couple of slugs to yo hood, pray I don’t leave ‘em there
I hope that you don’t give me a reason, double dare
I’m hard to scare, I’m what they fear, a black planet
Startin’ here

Everybody in my city pushing keys and that’s all these kids see
That’s the only thing they hear then that’s the only thing they’ll be,
We call it swag, swag, swag
We call it swag, swag, swag
The homies is busting slugs, the women is shaking ass
The white girls call us “nigga” and we just sit back and laugh
And call it swag, swag, swag
We call it swag, swag, swag

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David Banner Swag Comments

    Boy you barely got 1. Million lil b has 5 million 😂💯.

  2. Jordan Oliver

    2:01 "White girl call us 'nigga' we sit back n laugh and call it swag"

  3. soft punk

    weak shit

  4. Lil Rice Farmer

    "I owe each bit of my popularity to Lil B"
    -David Banner

  5. Beauti IsHerName

    need more visionaries like this intelligent KING

  6. Полина Родионова

    omg THAT is DOPE

  7. thom graff

    lil b killed this!

  8. Nico Ceja

    zZZ zzZzZZ

  9. Froggy 07

    this goes hard

  10. ffit_ydd

    Even when I was broke, selling my soul wasn't tempting

  11. Markus Kandrup

    Is NOT swag to hit White girls WTF is your problem


    hes prolly talking about fucking them...

  12. Sam Warren

    R.I.P. David Banner career destroyed by the Based God

  13. Hawier


  14. FullTimeSlacker

    Did Lil B speed up the beat?

  15. A.R.K Dean

    Who is this weak ass pretty bitch? Lil B destroyed him on this beat!

  16. Akim Silva

    "S W A G"
    "Silence we are gay"

    You know that???

    Breyton Lemons

    I think he should bring the aggressive sound back

  17. Kyle Bullard

    I'm right there with you David Bannner... Bannner.... but most of the youngsters don't hear what your saying bc they to tied up in worldly possessions you can't take to that next level... Cadillac on 22s is still knockn my speakers....

  18. Anthony Maze

    "bitch i own swag"

  19. Ozterkvlt

    bet this guy is a megadouche
    his voice sucks too, weakest rap voice i've heard rofl

  20. kingjafejoe1

    He's kickin knowledge.. Lil Bs version was extra garbage, he has no skill whatsoever.. Peace to David Banner true righteous Brotha

    Sean Dafny

    why he dont got no views?

    jarell Mann

    +Sean Dafny cause it's a bunch of dummies in this world that don't want to hear the real

  21. Brandon

    Lil B really did do it better.

    Sean Dafny

    yes sir

    Froggy 07

    Brandon Montez wrong

    NJ 0

    Brandon Montez Nah

    Полина Родионова

    Brandon umm FUCK NO. Lil b can't even follow the rythm... weak flow

  22. dommu


  23. UniqueThaPoet

    David Banner is right ...but he is educated...the average consumer is education consists of what they see on tv...this song for most went over their heads...sad but true

  24. malymalbasedlord

    Basedgod killt him & joe budden basedworld we ON4EVER

  25. Hans


  26. ThirdEyeEnt

    Everybody supportin lil b.... Kill ya self. Tonight.


    it would probably be better if you did #basedarmy

    Erik Flores

    Listen to Death of Rap by Lil B and tell me to kill myself after that

  27. Mr62554

    This go's so fucking hard.

  28. Eric Campbell

    Lil B smashed this beat, david banner is a fuccboy lol

  29. Jesdel Villanueva

    Kyrie irving

  30. ForeverNewEnt

    Let me explain some shit. I don't got a problem with lil b he's making his money good for him but his version wasn't better. David banner is actually trying to say some important shit in his music. Don't get it confused there are lil b songs that he actually raps and says some important real shit, but his remix wasn't one. David banner is talking about issues in today's society that need to be addressed that few artist talk about cause they won't make money, but lil b isn't dumb he knows shit like that makes money and his actual rapping about INTELLIGENT shit doesn't make as much money nor is popular to today's youth. We rather hear ignorant ass shit about partying so don't knock somebody for trying to boost your iq and teach you something. Just cause it is educated doesn't make it suck so shut all the way the fuck up.

  31. Lil Tezzy-T

    BasedGod Kilt yo ass lol u Garbage he kilt u on yo own beat

  32. Brian Jasko

    Lil B ended him.

  33. LemonsSilky

    Banner got fucking wrecked at his own beat #lilb #task #imonlyherebecauseiwantedtotalkshit

  34. Cornrow Kenny

    This music video is horrrrible. Especially after listening to Lil B, you gotta be based, Based God loves you even if you hate him.

  35. J Cottrell

    Lil b is trash, not spitting knowledge like banner


    This is ass compared to lil b

    Tyler Curtis

    Lil b is ass

  37. cannibistalks


  38. Puegnhos

    wtf is that???? bleah

  39. shwinky789

    lil b makes this guy look like a joke. he might as well give the rights to the beat to lil b and thank him for not ruining his entire career.

  40. Mr Berry


  41. John Gorgis

    Lil b murkd his old ass

  42. xavigu91

    Darien swag approves

  43. Amadeus

    Based God ended this mans career with I own swag


  44. Aaron Madrigal

    Basedgod dd jts justice

  45. EnaVerena

    best song! *-*

  46. iFailatFeedz

    This nigga can't rap for his life but the beat is nice as shit

  47. Dustin Wright

    David banner needa die wit her rasict ass this is 2014 danm.

  48. luis D


  49. Yung Polo Based

    Lil B da only true rapper

  50. Jimmy Russels

    Very kind of David Banner to give Lil B a beat to murder.

  51. Prod. by D

    Sol-T Shine!

  52. samsilvaluebinder

    "Lil B fuck my Bitch. Please Basegod you're my only hope"- David Banner

  53. TheInfamousWolf

    Your mommy did raise a Dumb Ass. Swag swag swag...(woop woop)

  54. Hahahgay

    "Black ken, nigga!" Ok -lil b

  55. Hahahgay

    "Wow based god, you really killed it"

  56. Rich WhitMan


  57. Blake Z

    Based God fucked this beat in the ass.

  58. ANTEX

    Kyrie <3

  59. Kiara Kay

    I honestly haven't listened to it. Have to look it up


    For real, there is no need for beef


    Respect the opinion. How do you like his semi-new mix tape "Sex, Drugs and Video Games?"


    Download his mix tape. Sex, Drugs and Video Games. Nothing but BANGERS

  63. Aythen9

    Lil b is garbage and only somebody who is part of this fake ass rap culture would think lil b could end David Banners carrer. to you dumb fucks do a swag dance off the top of a building.

  64. Aythen9

    After hearing this song Im definently going to support david banner more, because he aint out here promoting death culture, this could actually give life to some young kids minds.

  65. Kiara Kay

    Clearly it wasn't about who "killed the beat" or which rapper is better than the other but simply about the message David Banner is trying to get out to our generation -- I'm terrified for our generation future. but No Diss to anyone. everyone opinion differs.

  66. Kendall Fach

    guys stop. lil b and david ended the beef. lil b's version is still better but lets end the beef. taskforce we must protect basedworld from fake based!

  67. rr0724


  68. Лубомир Фенык

    evil ass video but like it

  69. Jmac062

    Lil b really did kill this beat. I'm not fuckin with this shit

  70. ???x

    Lil b destroyed this beat

  71. delvin cross

    who is lil b?

  72. KJ, The Gawd


  73. Lord Wolf

    Son of the based GOD the father of SWAG the creator of love and weed
    Best rapper and best religion in the world

  74. Shalek Colon

    Its a goddamn shame...Lil B not only killed him on his own beat, but sped it up and spit on it faster. Lil B must be charged with murder for this DAMN!!!

  75. TheNinjaLettuce

    Protect Lil B at all costs.

  76. PanKOzel

    Lil B > Dat Nigga

  77. trabian kendrick

    Lil b got knocked out? Bud look at the vid one more time dumb fuck

  78. Maydrick Simmonds

    nigga dont know how to spit

  79. zaneboyj

    Lil B killed this beat and killed banners career #BASED

  80. hidef3680

    Wonder how they say Lil B end this guy career? David Banner produce music for Gatorade and Capcom and many more... Lil B got knocked out by a little dude. He ain't nowhere near David Banner success. Dude can't even get on the billboard.

  81. Jerm Sorrentino

    Lil b killed this fool. He has no career.

  82. BlxckieChxn47


  83. emman johnson

    I think people don't respect david baner cuz he speak the truth

  84. emman johnson

    beez in thetrap came out way after this

  85. Lea A

    All I'm seeing is people talking about the beat are you not listen too what he's sayin lol David banner is right I'm this song

  86. dylanbigvanilla


  87. Steva Visokoletac

    "i call it a rip off"this is a nicki minaj song "Beez in the trap"

  88. Anthony Ortiz

    LIL B TASK FORCE REPORTING IN BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT I think David Banner got the wrong person for saying swag. LIL B THE BASEDGOD promotes being positive. HE doesn't take all of what he says seriously. It's all for a good laugh.

  89. blastoi5e

    lil b fuck your bitch and your life #taskforce

  90. Ralph Pootawn

    lil b made this nigga retire

    protect lil b -Lil B