David Banner - Choose Me Lyrics

[David Banner:]
Yeah He Buy You Clothes I Hit It From The Back
Yeah He Drive A Benz I'm In A Woodwill Cadillac
He Readin You Poetry While I'm Spittting This Country Game
You Want Us Just Play This Pimpin' Don't Be Ashamed
Its A Shame These Soft Pretty Boy Mean Nothin'
Since These That Comin' Through For You Then Start Busting
We Out Cussin Like Macks And Ready For Car Jacks
Rollin' Up On A Slab With Yak And Some Fat Sacks Like That, Yeah

All These Bars All These Cars All These Big Time Superstars
All These Ladies At This Bar Watch These Haters Play Their Parts
You Can't Stop Me Or My Pimpin'
Cause You Lame And You Be Simpin
I'm Like Micheal You Be Pippen'
Table Dance But Sky Ain't Tippin'

The Sight Of You
The Smell Of You
The Way You Move
Has Got Me In The Mood
You Seem So Cool
You're Style Is Smooth
My Search Is Done
Cuz I Found You
9:15 And Baby The Night Is Young Plus You You Told Me That You Were Gonna
Give Me Sooommmee...

Hey Baby Girl What's Your Name Who You Wit
Do You Do Wanna Get Down With This Pimpin' Lil' Trick
Tell Me What You Like
What You Love We Can Do No Matter What It Is I Can Make It Come True
Never Gave Da Benz The Ferrari Or The Lac Tell Me What You Wanna Drive And You Got It Like That
I'm Givin You The Chance Dis The Opportunity
You Can Have It All But Ya Gotta Choose Me

Came In Theresa, Michelle And Felicia, Jackie And Rene', Raquel And Shey Shey,
Erica And Kiki, Shimiki, Shone, And Mi Mi, Beverly, Byina, Teritone And Hottie,
Aww Janae And Jane, Mocoa And Blue Flame, Carolyn And Marilyn And Angie And Shamane
Brandie And Aleyah Shamari And Nakeisha, Shawna And Janelle, Lucy, Mona Lisa

The Sight Of You
The Smell Of You
The Way You Move
Has Got Me In The Mood
You Seem So Cool
You're Style Is Smooth
My Search Is Done [x2: While Chorus Repeats In Background]

[David Banner:]
Choose Me Big Banner The Back Beater
The Dubz Can't Fit On The Truck They Caught Fevers
25 Inches I Can Clear The Benches Or We Can Go Up And Down Like Them Rug Bitches
Let Them Hatin Witches They Gonna Wish For Hate
But They All Scream Damn While Ya Masturbate
The Worm On The Hook I Can Whip And Cook Hit The Block With Chunky Socks While You Hit The Books
I Make That Sacrifice Like Jesus Preachers On Them Lames
I'm True With How I Feel, No Fingers Crossed Dis Ain't No Game,
But You A Pimp Mayn I Promise Yall That I Can Change
Like A Chameleon The Colors On Your Rings N Thangs

You Can Have What You Want
If You Give Me What I Need,
I Know You Have A Lot Of Options {So Many Other Ways}
But Baby You Belong With Me Ohhhhh Ohhhhhh


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David Banner Choose Me Comments
  1. Colten Sherrill

    "Big Banner the back beater" Underrated bar

  2. Benzoo

    I wish more people knew about this.

  3. Maurice

    Still here in Summer 2K19, will be back for 2K20

  4. eric oneofkind lewis


  5. Sheila Barnes

    Still listening in 2019!

  6. Alexandria Haynes

    Yo my brother played me this album back in 03 and this is my FAV song ....you can haaave what u waaaant if you give me what i neeeed the bridge is my ish

  7. Tiona KFive

    2019 🔥🍓

  8. Jason Yates

    Man this thang smooth! Timeless classic. Beat hard as fuck

  9. chainlace2

    Use to ride my Chevy with the t-tops off late nights on the highway to this maaaaaaaan my shit!

  10. D. White

    2018 yup✌😎

  11. EL Dawg

    This beat is hittin. Got a lil bit of everything in it

  12. Arthur Hosey Jr.

    You can't stop me or my pimpin cause you lame and you be simpin. I'm like Michael you be Pippen.lol

  13. FireGizzle

    Lil Wayne So Smooth

  14. Piyush Singh

    2018 anyone

  15. Derek Chapman

    2018and beyond

  16. Derek Chapman

    Underrated track also artist

  17. lioninarobe

    Still going 2018!

  18. don skeezy

    I never paid this song much attention at first until my bro in law down the street in Georgia kept playing it. Great song. Thanks cuz.

  19. 2009shyannemarie

    In 2018 like..... 9:15 & baby the night is young...... plus you told me that you was gon gimme sooooooommmmeeee

  20. Brittany Napier

    2018 still fuck'n with this song 👏👌

  21. Rich Rants

    I swear to God this song.....the whole album was great we carried the shit around...but man..this was the good times...this was quads of good coke for 160 cuz I knew the plug...this was every other night running on the railraod tracks through neighbors yards from the police..this is so drunk idek where I am but I'm singing this song to some random slut....ahh good times lmao

  22. Rich Rants

    I pulled so many females with this song....ahhh..I sucked

  23. Huztle Mane

    The real pride of the South with that Southern feel to it the most gutterest song I ever heard mane Southern Pimp shit

  24. Q Oscar Jenkins

    screwed n chopped.. just amazing

  25. Darryl Almond

    Black or Hispanic

  26. Prince Clowers

    great fucking music

  27. Derek Chapman

    I heard pop that thang sort ofsoound similar after all these years but two great tracks

  28. bluface boss

    when i heard this in the early 2000s it brought chills to me

  29. Christopher Sevig

    Girls with big noggins girls with big heads women that are loggers make my breakfast instead women that are swimming in Oceans by the shore women that are hollerin they always want some more, women that are satisfied and lay there eating eggs, women in those pirate ships that have those big peg legs, women that were girls just a few months before and everybody knows that some people tell them they are whores but when they come correct and lovely we love them no matter what they do and if you don't like my kind of women, motherfucker, bitch, fuck you! but I will tell you very clearly I make friends with all the folk, everyone knows I love women and that is not some kind of joke.

  30. Keidra Martin

    this my shit💯 I always listen to it

  31. lilrog0909

    2017 still bangin this

  32. Rocky Vela

    took me years to find this shit !

  33. Steve Ker

    still bumpin it

  34. ChiNoble100

    Man I'm from the north and never really listen to south artist but Three Six Mafia at the time. When I went to school I'm NC I feel in love with this song...somebody had to put me on to it first because they heard me bumpin "Pop That Thang" first. I was already hook to that joint until they was like you David got another joint almost just like that...hell you can call it a remix! lol

  35. marcus.

    my nigga sky

  36. Petria Payne

    THIS IS MY SHIT!!! I swear I used to play this song everyday on my way to school. Love this song !

    Leon Staten

    Hell yea me too lol

  37. Chebon 89

    Dope ass song.I use to bump.this n Tulsa screwed up!

  38. Deven Ulmer

    I am a Mississippi native . 601

  39. Feels McGee

    Favorite song from Mississippi. Revolutionary.

  40. YoCulprit

    song so good David Banner couldn't fuck it up

  41. Jonathan Smith

    I love this song. Sky most definitely did his thing. Stayed on repeat in 03 04 and it still go in 15, it's certainly timeless.



  42. Tyrique Bryant

    I need to take a trip to mississippi this summer !!!!!!!

  43. Beautiful Bee

    This is my shyat! Got me too turnt! Where did David Banner go??? This song wangs in the box Chevy!

  44. cabalofdemons

    I heard this song on my way to Mississippi in the summer of 2004. I was 17 years old. This song brings back memories of hot weather fine chicks and good times.

  45. Nelson Cartier Gaming

    this beat gives me chillls,nice work from both side thumbs up if you agree

  46. Danmicsan

    Used to bang this when I got back from Iraq in 03!!!!!!

  47. China Maine

    harder chopd and screwd..can't find it though...i had this album screwed YEARS ago and can't find it. Must've not been official

  48. Obi Won

    i disagree, it doesnt have that bounce affect screwed up, but it is dope screwed up.

  49. V-Way

    This song is wayyyyy better screwed and chopped.

  50. geoff brown

    this is way to fast the screwed version is better

  51. Adolf sac

    @Mystikal504 i got a sister?

  52. Adolf sac

    @Mystikal504 none.

  53. zlollie25

    i love this

  54. Simone Baker

    Love this song......heard it for the first time 6 years ago

  55. Juse Jamez

    @JuseJamez yeah yeah.. erebody keep saying that.

  56. Reason over Dogma

    @JuseJamez pippen, not pimpin bruh lol.

  57. kevin mitchner

    loved this song-still do

  58. ox52

    One of my favor songs ever!!!! Never knew the guy who song until know. wooow.lol

  59. Czar Lesleo

    this was my ish back in 03 all up in tha strip club, wow this song used to me loose lol

  60. Juse Jamez

    @adclark100482 oh snap.. Thats what I meant.. I wasn't thinking.. You got me! slippin!

  61. HOLYfiyah

    @JuseJamez like michael u be Pippen! lol

  62. Juse Jamez

    sky does leave a stain in ya brain.. IM LIKE MICHAEL U B Pimpin!

  63. Jezza Gage

    This Song Go HARD

  64. sam2stu

    summer of 03 this all i played

  65. Timothy Heang

    i been searching this song since jr high omg
    took so long to find this song
    i even had to type out the lyrics
    to know wat it is

  66. brizeey


  67. cabalofdemons

    Takes me back to May 2004. I was 17 and and my family took a trip to Mississippi to visit my friend's family. We rocked this CD the whole trip there. Lotta fine girls in the Sip.

  68. akumaomega08

    @akumaomega08 oh yeah, im black also, but I got a Bachelors Degree. How is working @ Mc Donald's coming along for you.

  69. akumaomega08


    Oh shoot. That nigga can read but he can't type. Damn!!! Go back to school kid. Stop smoking that weed and you might actually learn something. OH SHIT!!! You got a J-O-B. Damn son. Congratulate yourself for not being another statistic and being in jail.

  70. Aaron Stewart

    @akumaomega08 u funny!!!! MAD???? LLS im at work lunchin of your screen name champ..Get some real mail nd like a say the chopped version go way hamster nd i dont even fuc wit banner.

  71. akumaomega08


    My job here is done. YOU MAD!!!

  72. Aaron Stewart

    @akumaomega08 fuc off you african whoremonger

  73. akumaomega08

    @1tyme4urmindG this song sounds great the way it is now.

  74. Aaron Stewart

    this song sounds better chopped

  75. DoubleUp Dizzy

    i remember when this shit first came out...this was my shit!!!!!

  76. Dennis Blossom

    Him and Big KRIT need to do a song together. This song was the shit

  77. DJAPK

    mane someone need to upload the whole album i wanna hear "really dont want to go"

  78. ScrewedupTraiconvict

    @killa825kaz i got that version and i listen to it all the time

  79. macaronitony91


  80. spoon313

    damn,,,this was my shit

  81. cabalofdemons

    takes me back to 2004 in Mississippi.

  82. CeddieCed

    This takes me back to 03 in Da Sipp