David Banner - Cadillac On 22's Lyrics

It's gon' be aight though (ohh)
This one's for you, yeah!
Cadillacs on 22s...
Pimp my voice and mack these beats..
Pray to the to the lord for these Mississippi streets

[Chorus - repeat 2x]
Cadillacs on 22s
I ain't did nothing in my life but stayed true
Pimp my voice and mack these beats and
Pray to the Lord for these Mississippi streets, hey!

God I know that we pimp
God I know that we wrong
God I know why she talk about Moet all of my songs
I know these kids are listening
I know I'm here for a mission
But it's so hard to get 'em wit 22 rims all glisten
I know these balls are talking
Lord I wanna do right
I tried to fight but these demons they comp at me at night
Like my momma, my daddy, my girl and all my boys
I lost Rachelle but I guess I still got the whining Roy
My couzins sweet, momma lay that Jason
Lord I'm praying for swacking my heart is still impatient
Keep 'em off them drugs, far away from thugs
He's still my hero but just a shell bed or what it was
Yeah smoking get a buzz, but God I hear ya calling
And shit wrong wit balling
But my soul is just steadily falling
And the sex and the dead, and the other jail
God I'm stacking my mail but will I end up in hell?


Lord they hung Andre Jones
Lord they hung Reynold Johnson
Lord I wanna fight back but I'm just so sick of bouncing
Lord I'm sick of jumping, Lord just please tell me something
My folks still dumping my music, bumping but I feel nothing
My heart is steadily pumping
My heart is steadily breaking
Sometimes I feel like I'm faking, man
I'm so sick of taking
Maybe hell ain't a place meant for us to burn
Maybe Earth is telling just a place for us to learn
Bout yo love, yo will and grace
Sometimes I wish I wasn't born in the first place
Maybe this first base, God knocked the ball up out the park
So we can come home this world right here is feeling so dark
Feeling so cold, Lord I'm feeling so old
I dunno if I can take this world right here no more
22 inch rims on the 'Lac
I guess that was yo footprint in the sand carrying us on yo back

[Chorus (2x)]

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David Banner Cadillac On 22's Comments
  1. Terrell Wills

    Its amazing to see you at the Top I am a Mississippi Native too so I truly feel the words you speak. I am down with your movement. Peace to you from one God to another!

  2. Winston George Music


  3. Yaboi Cus

    0:10 scared the shit out of me yeah

  4. Ashley Payne

    We need more music like this, cause I do not no what we are listening to now days.

  5. Devin markley

    Whys david banner takin off his shoes? Its supposed to be about cadillacs not david banner bringing dead people back

  6. Anthony Jones

    Some timez I wish I was wasn't born in da first place

  7. Anthony Jones

    David banner a south legend

  8. Marty McFly

    This song lame af. We all know 24s are better.

  9. LiL Mask

    Cadillacs on 22 so why is David banner taking off his shoes?! It’s supposed to be about Cadillacs not David banner bringing dead people back😂😂

  10. Rescue162

    Watching. It's interesting to know someone you grew up with making professional music vids and having a measure of success in the industry.

  11. 1964corvan

    2020 and 22's come standard on cadillacs.... my oh my have the times'o changed

  12. Loxicity

    ah this is such a gem. my childhood

  13. S P

    Bout to buy 2007 escalade on 22s😂

  14. Juan Cardona

    Not 1Lost they found not like a coward dies a million deaths a day I pray for that day!

  15. Bonnie Maynard

    Deannes Escalade is white on white clean asf

  16. Bonnie Maynard

    My uncle in hospital pray y'all

  17. Bonnie Maynard

    I told y'all about having the gold caddy package on my speakers it's on Joe's car now

  18. Lisa Archuletta

    Great great great great grandpa GF

  19. ItsJustJodie Love

    Rip Jawanza!

  20. The Inept One

    I can't take this seriously when the next song title is "like a pimp"

  21. La'keytrea Maxwell-Fields

    Sometime You Gotta Do Somethangs You Neva did to get a message across!!! 🙏🏽

  22. Mike Milly

    Big krit is the new David banner

  23. Donnie Powell

    2020 listeners where yall at

  24. Sincere 101

    Didn't know too much about the story of emmit til nothing really

  25. Sincere 101

    The SIP

  26. nigel vaughan

    David mad me proud to be from macon Ga. Yes i know david ant from GA . buy macon just like Mississippi.

  27. Wesley Byrd

    I love your song

  28. Wesley Byrd

    My dad knows you

  29. William Feltner

    Always a good song. Real as can be to me.🙏

  30. Ada White

    Never gets old

  31. Shawn Clark



    10/2/1985 251-61-2501


  32. Nekked Welder69

    Anyone know what parts of Jackson, MS this was filmed in?

    Justin B

    Looks like several different places I recognize some of the downtown areas but other parts I am not sure about

  33. Jake/jacob/j-leezy/illest Lyons

    Too badd u didn't make the line up of local talent with Elvis

  34. Dirty Slumm

    I finally understand💯

  35. Cashmere Charisma

    This my shit

  36. Pamelia Hicks

    🎶I ain't did nothing n my life but stayed true🎶

  37. Ruby iscute

    Cadillac's on 22's, why's David Banner taking off his shoes, its supposed to be about cadillacs, not david banner bringing dead people back - Afroman

  38. Theresa Haddock

    Beyond Brilliant

  39. Buzz Me Mulatto

    So the little girl is basically a zombie?

  40. Will Eskridge

    I love it when I hear music from my state I live in Iowa but Mississippi I love u girl The Sip up

  41. Kevan Yang

    damn madfcka got a badass backyard LOL

  42. Kyle Saxon

    Hey tall

  43. Walter Brown

    This is a sad but very good song

  44. Lamont Harris

    How did we go from real Hip-Hop to drug addicted promoting rappers??? Like what the fuck? Hip Hop(if you wanna call it that) today is PURE negativity! No heart, no soul, nothing real, but whatever makes money I guess smh...

  45. ezridax

    Damn. Mmmmm David BANNER! GAWD!

  46. Misty Myers

    Good MF Days

  47. M Love1

    I used to love this song

  48. Mr. KnowBuddy

    If a time machine played a song for me while I was going back in time I would pick this song

  49. Chyann Mitchell

    This song gives me cold chills

  50. Jessica

    RIP William Malloy Smith...

  51. Kc Quintana

    Strangers rodeo

  52. Jimmie Carter

    My bloodline starts from Yazoo Mississippi and I am proud of that!!!!!

  53. Ekspoze 2020

    Classic...Nov 2019 still a hit

  54. Osman Pena

    Did she get hit by a Cadillac on 22s?

  55. Christopher Parker

    BIG BRO BANNER has been deep since day one! Now he's even DEEPER. That's how a man grows💯💯💯💯!

  56. blackcobra95 ___

    It surprise you where this sample came from.....


    I just so happen to come across this listening to old MJ and Jackson 5.

    Never EVER thought to check or even knew this song had sample in it. This my favorite David Banner song.

  57. Bonnie Maynard

    2019 RIP aunt J

  58. Mike Madman

    520 mixtape kell gutta

  59. Tamera Evans

    I was a kid crying to this video 🤧🤧🤧😪

  60. Chelsie Southard

    I’m from Mississippi 😊

  61. Ethan Ellsworth

    In my brothers memory

  62. Spreading The Word Of God Christian Youtuber

    God bless the dead.

  63. Kederrick Parson

    601... all day.. vburg

  64. Shauna Tate

    Anyone knows if the video intro was based on a personal experience of Banner's?

  65. Bello Pantera

    Mad Respect To My Gds In Fort Gibson Showed Me A Thing Or Two My Type Of People 2019 !!!!! Corona Cartel

  66. thegreatwhitenorth

    I thought that was kevin heart that came through the door and started rappin...

  67. Ditty Gritty

    2.7k that thumbs down ride 16in stock wheels. this song is a classic.

  68. Desmond Davis

    Classic. He was the openong act for DTP. In Chicago 2002 or 2003. Chicago theater. The man was in the crowd and walking on the chair seats. So crunk and a great performance. Chingy came next that show was weak females saved him. Last DTP Hoilday save Chingy because of Ludacris and we was hopeing for snoop.

  69. mac bro

    I still love the song. Classic.

  70. CoCo Coldy

    One of the first to ad lib in southern trap music

  71. dewoneb

    This track is still good in 2019 much respect to Banner and what he does

  72. UmbreonTwinkle

    That begining was so sad.

  73. CheeselessCrust

    Thay tens but they clean tho

  74. Kerizma Rolle

    My childhood is wrapped up in this song..now it's 2k19.. I feel that David banner is underrated..

  75. Dick Johnson

    This shit so solid. Keep it G and keep moving

  76. Adrian 702

    Greatness 💯👌🏽 miss this banner

  77. Lisa Archuletta

    You it's up to all of you to protect those beautiful baby's cause my grey eyes are red and blue from crying and trying

  78. ashley clonts

    Make ya wanna cry frfr

  79. Cannabizmo _kc

    Who here in 2019-2020.....classic

  80. T T Junior

    Sad song

  81. Hali babyyy perkins

    2019 baby listening like 👍

  82. E. C.

    Love this song!!

  83. Arrow Crusher

    Tulsa Oklahoma USA

  84. bay eskimo

    If you in 2019 slappin like

  85. Suki Cruz

    Cool man.wish it was like that rising the dead.

  86. velisha frazier _

    Miss that old David Banner music

    velisha frazier _

    @Worlds#1 VILLAIN 😁

  87. Jordon Johnson

    Am I the only one that thinks that young David banner and young big krit looks alike?

  88. Duality Firm

    That was sad. Nice acting, though.

  89. Markus Spencer

    R.IP. Raynard Johnson
    I did not know him but I was a young black guy in Mississippi that lived only 80 miles away from where he was killed and I was shook when I heard of his death becuz he was around my age. I always kept him in my memory after all these years. I remember telling my co workers and my boss at work that I didn't believe he committed suicide and thought that it was an intentional criminal act.

  90. Wes Cash

    I play this song 3-4 times a week, I hope folks bump this at my funeral , real talk